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Survey USA poll shows Corzine-Christie locked

Survey USA poll is just out and it shows Corzine and Christie still locked in a dead heat, but with a post Star-Ledger endorsement bump, Daggett’s 4 point leap seems to have been mostly at Chris Christie’s expense.

Survey USA poll:

Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll released one week ago, Christie is down 3 points, from 43% to 40%; Corzine is down 1 point, from 40% to 39%; Daggett is up 4 points, from 14% to 18%. Daggett was endorsed by the Star-Ledger on Sunday, 10/11, one day before interviewing began for this poll.

I wanted to get this up quickly. More as we take a look at the some of the internals.  

Nuestro Gobernador

El cuidado médico de calidad debe ser un derecho, no un privilegio … Así piensa nuestro Gobernador Jon Corzine.

La campaña de Jon Corzine tiene un anuncio de televisión en español que se aproxime al tipo de comunicación de la campaña que me gustaría verlos hacer más. Sólo una mujer, un votante, hablando directamente, acerca de por qué está votando por Corzine – por el programa Family Care que proteja a los niños – cerca de 600.000 niños de Nueva Jersey ahora – y lo que significa para ella. Por favor, envíe esto a sus amigos que hablan Español-, y me interesaría saber qué piensa del anuncio.

Naughty by Nature wants you voting from home

Naughty by Nature, who hail from East Orange, just made a high-spirited video to encourage you to vote from home, and vote Democrat like you did when you voted for Barack Obama.

I really kind of love this. For a few reasons. The Corzine campaign’s making an effort to engage the surge voters who powered Barack Obama’s win last year. The video’s not tied in to the Yes We Can 2.0 project (which does lots of cool stuff), but reminds me of it. Many of those surge voters were voting for the first time, and were largely young and non-white. They’re a special group, and we need them. They saved everybody’s bacon last year. And if they hadn’t been engaged before then, that’s our fault and not theirs, so I’m enthusiastic about any effort to reach them again. Among Naughty by Nature’s fans are young people and black people, and both run a higher risk encountering trouble at the polls than, say, I do. And among likely advantages of voting by mail is cutting down on roadblocks at the polls.

I like this little 30-second reminder of how we all felt last November, with the guys’ Keep it going, New Jersey! Watch:

News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009

President Obama, You’ve just won the Nobel Prize! What are you going to do now?

  • I’m going to New Jersey!

    Cardinale files a complaint with AG over Corzine contributions

  • Asks Milgram to investigate contributions connected to Dune Capital Management for pay-to-play.

    Republican Chair Jay Webber says Corzine rigged unemployment figures for his campaign

  • But Department of Workforce and Labor Development Commissioner David Socolow says that would be impossible.  

    Corzine defends that job creation memo obtained by Star Ledger

  • Says he wouldn’t have used the same language, but also that, “I don’t think it’s a newsflash that this administration is focused on jobs, jobs, jobs.”

    First you do the scavenger hunt, then if you can get through the maze and learn the secret handshake …

  • Ledger Live on a ballot system that makes it as hard to find Chris Daggett as the “Frank Sinatra guy.” [VIDEO]

    GOP goes after Daggett

  • With Daggett taking a bigger bite out of Christie’s numbers, the Republican Governors Association is hitting back with a radio ad. [AUDIO]

    Some environmentalists are ticked off

  • In 2009, unlike 2005, economy dominates, not environment.


  • “I am not guilty.”

    Upgrading NJ infrastructure

  • NJDOT announces a whopping $104 million for road projects.

    Former AC official denies he was trawling for sex

  • “I was waiting for God to send me the one that’s supposed to be my Christian wife,” he said.

    NJ has a new United States Attorney

  • Paul Fishman is sworn in.

    How the next governor plans to help your town

  • Comparisons of the plans of the Top 3.


  • Dem incumbents Herb Conaway and Jack Connors favor a constitutional convention to address NJ’s property tax system.

    Joe Albright looks at the 2009 Governors race

  • And thinks Edgar Allan Poe.

    ROUNDUP UPDATE: This just in

  • Quinnipiac University poll finds NJ voters favor 2-1 merging local services to cut taxes, with a slim majority backing state worker furloughs & layoffs


  • Teaneck: Bergen Grassroots & Ethical Culture Society plan Governors Forum. Daggett will attend,

    Paul Aronsohn subs for Corzine.

  • Neptune:  Claims NJ DEP abandoned Shark River dredging.
  • South Jersey: September foreclosure numbers improve.
  • Plainfield, and uh … Dover: Dover’s former administrator, who resigned amid controversy, is working under a different name as Director of Administration & Finance in Plainfield, where there is again some controversy.
  • South River: Parks & Rec Director arrested and charged with theft and conspiracy for submitting documents for work not done and allowing her daughter to be paid for it.
  • Parsippany: League of Women Voters offers a debate when it learns most voters won’t be able to attend the only debate now scheduled.
  • Cumberland County: Citizens group Millville First hosted a forum with all 11 people running for Freeholder, plus 2 clerk candidates, and still managed to finish 15 minutes early.
  • Christie continues his Outraged Tour on Morning Joe

    Jon Corzine’s been on Morning Joe quite a few times during this campaign, taking his good-natured grilling from host, and former Republican congressman, Joe Scarborough. And Joe’s been pretty loud in wondering why Christie’s been avoiding the show, and whether Christie could even stand up to a morning show interview, after turning down repeated invitations.

    So, this morning Christie was on, and he used the opportunity not to outline for a national audience any details of an economic plan for New Jersey, or clear up why his medical mandates position shifts so much. No, he grabbed the national spotlight to whine that Corzine called him out on his size. It’s too much to expect him to answer the substance of that ad, that Chistie used undue influence and bad faith to manipulate a cop to let him off punishment for unsafe driving.

    Helping Christie out on message was Morning Joe regular Jim Cramer, the sputtering host of CNBC’s Mad Money, who specializes in going postal on a whole host of perceived outrages. Cramer said Corzine’s painting Christie as fat sleazy guy with a corrupt family who’s against mammograms and “Satan incarnate.” Watch:

    Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

    News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009

    Dead heat

  • Quinnipiac University poll: 41-40 Christie-Corzine, with Daggett polling at 14. Two weeks ago, it was 43-39-12.

    Wind at his back and a canvasser at your door

  • Having unionized working people behind him gives Corzine a huge boost.

    Jersey teachers have a suggestion for Mr. Christie:

  • Read your own education policies.

    Wonder why those FOIA requests on Christie’s record are stonewalled?

  • This might be a clue.

    Christie, Daggett, and a chair

  • Corzine didn’t go to Gannett, he was in Elizabeth.


  • Was an Oct. 5 email by Corzine Deputy COS Mark Matzen, obtained by Star Ledger, simply an effort to tell the story of how a state is coping with a national economic crisis, or an inappropriate mixing of campaign and administrative efforts?

    Paper or plastic?

  • Democratic Sheriff candidate George “Bob” Armstrong is campaigning at the supermarkets of Ocean County.

    America’s Favorite Playground

  • By the bright lights of Atlantic City, unemployment.

    A couple Jersey farms, going solar with federal dollars

  • Only 2 farms in the Garden State are getting USDA funding for renewable energy projects. They’re both in the same county.


  • A police detective who has investigated major crimes for 11 years as part of an FBI task force in NJ is charged with using a cooperating witness in a fraud scheme.


  • Jersey Shore:One-fifth of all the federal beach-fill money allocated nationally is coming to NJ, $20.7 million.
  • Jersey City: gains 1,600 finance jobs off of Manhattan.
  • East Orange: Why did a 21-year-old man end up naked and dead in a police holding cell?
  • Camden: Going into debt by nearly $1.2 million to settle a lawsuit.
  • Dover: Paid an administrator $250K to go away.
  • New Brunswick: Rutgers is suddenly more bike-friendly.
  • Livingston: School wants to make money off the sun.
  • Essex County: Volunteers just planted 46,000 flowers, bushes, plants & trees at South Mountain Reservation.
  • Somerset County: Shifting and tilting towards the Democrats.
  • Warren County: Human Relations Commission looks at homelessness.
  • Ewing: Angry council members override a Mayor’s veto.
  • Corzine, Booker & the Blue Jersey Road Runners Club

    Republican LG candidate and Monmouth Sheriff Kim Guadagno made headlines and a kerfuffle a few weeks ago when she said she was afraid on the streets of Newark. A softball lobbed directly at white suburban voters, particularly the women. But when Christie/Guadagno seemed to start its slide down the polls, it was the very public stumble on the state’s mandate on mammograms for New Jersey women.

    This morning, in a coda to both Republicans’ missteps, Gov. Corzine joined Cory Booker for a run through Newark, and the chance to talk about the importance of mammograms, right now during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


    Joining Corzine and Booker, both regular runners, were about 40 Newark Police Academy members, a bunch of Corzine staffers, and a group of breast cancer activists with stories to tell.

    It was also the Blue Jersey Road Runners Club’s inaugural run with the Governor, with 8 members showing up for the early morning run in Blue Jersey tees, with I’m Jon’s running mate stamped onto their shirts. The Blue Jersey Road Runners Club is a bunch of mostly-progressive, mostly-Democrat folks who like a little politics with their exercise. The club was named after the homeblog by its coach, Passaic DFA member Joe Osborne. Our Jeff Gardner (Passaic DFA leader) is also a member and ran this morning along with Osborne, Glen Rock councilman Byron Arnao, Haledon Mayor (Passaic Freeholder candidate) Domenick Stampone, Hawthorne Councilman Joseph Wojtecki, former Glen Rock councilman Tom Ludlum, former VP NJ NARAL Heidi Ehman, Garfield committeeman Bryan Walensky and Andy Darezzi, a recently returned vet of the War in Afghanistan.

    BJRRC’s always looking for new running mates. More fun pix after the jump.


    News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009

    Jon Corzine’s running mates

  • If you’re driving in to work this morning in Newark, you might see Mayor Cory Booker running alongside Gov. Jon Corzine on a fun run through the streets of Newark to raise awareness for the need for NJ’s mammogram mandates & women’s health. Running with them will be 9 members of the Blue Jersey Road Runners Club, progressives all. Kick off is Military Park at 8am.

    NJ Citizen Action endorses Corzine

  • Citing longstanding commitment to expanding health insurance and passing paid family leave.

    Christie would rather there were two

  • With Daggett apparently taking more votes from Christie than Corzine,the Republican can be heard downplaying the Independent.

    Babs Casbar Siperstein, at the D.C. gay rights march

  • Babs, president of NJ Stonewall Dems, first-ever transgender person to sit on the Democratic National Committee, and member of the Blue Jersey community, spoke at yesterday’s Gay Rights March & Rally. Video, here & here.

    Corzine would consider gas tax hike for transportation projects

  • In his second term, the Governor would consider hiking NJ’s fourth-lowest-in-the-nation gas tax, or diverting money from other projects to keep the fund for transportation projects solvent.

    US: Ferriero-Oury firm overbilled Bergenfield

  • “This is a money and property fraud, as well as an honest-services fraud,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Rachel Honig said during the trial of the former Bergen County Democratic chairman.

    GOP Assembly candidate sells sex toys

  • And she’s running against Donald Norcross.

    Corzine signs EnCap into law

  • Heavily amended.

    Weinberg bristles about the LG debate format

  • And continues hard-charging on Christie’s record.

    Steve Sweeney & Cleste M. Riley talk open space

  • Harvesting cabbage on a crisp fall day, and speaking out with farmers in favor of Public Question #1.

    Talking property tax alternatives

  • Celeste M. Riley and John J. Burzichelli in NJ-3 advocate tighter spending, streamlined government and consolidating services as they face two Republican challengers who are not running together.


  • Today is the last day to register to vote for the November election. How & where to register.
  • Vote by mail rocks. And check out the Dems snazzy voting tools.


  • Mountainside: Robert Viglianti, Mayor of Mountainside for 21 years, dies at 68.
  • Paterson: Resurrecting Hinchliffe Stadium, home to a Negro League team.
  • Monmouth County: Dad involved in international custody battle, to testify before Congress.
  • New Brunswick: Rutgers is still waiting for its swine flu vaccines.
  • News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Oct. 12, 2009

    Hey, NJ: Not so much for the square dancers and dentists

  • Got plenty of specialty license plates, so please can we have one for Gold Star Familes who’ve lost a soldier in one of our wars? K, thx.

    Corzine, Christie

  • Tracking where some of their campaign cash comes from.

    Profiling Christie as US Attorney

  • Brazen, bold, but sometimes on cases that didn’t pan out.

    Labor (hearts) Jon Corzine

  • How unions love the Governor again and why Christie lost them.


  • Star Ledger may have violated state regulations prohibiting debate sponsors from endorsing before the debate. In their application to sponsor the 10/16 debate, Star Ledger agreed not to endorse till the debate was over. Wally has it.

    He’s wonkish & sober, but Chris Daggett is stirring up the election

  • “It’s like the ’73 Mets,” he says. “Ya gotta believe!”
  • Daggett, focusing on details.

    Jon Corzine

  • In his history, confident, but never preoccupied by the matter of personal popularity.

    NJ & VA

  • What does a win or loss in these 2 states mean for Obama, and for the Democrats? An embarassment to the White House? Jolt of energy to the Republicans as rebuild their party and raise funds for new candidates still to be recruited.

    Consumer protection for Jerseyans

  • Making it easier for consumers to file complaints.


  • How it can happen and how it’s hitting South Jersey hard, like a ton of overleveraged bricks.

    Cleaning up the river

  • Phase One of the Hudson River cleanup of PCB’s wraps up.


  • River Edge: A crop of freshly-minted, brand spanking new Americans.
  • Ridgefield: Will Mayor Anony Suarez’ – only mayor in the summer corruption sweep not to resign – arrest really affect anything?
  • Passaic: Funny, you don’t look a day over 90.
  • Bergen County: Dem Freeholder candidates outraise 3-1.
  • Wayne: Liking some of the traffic light cameras.
  • Weekend News Roundup for Oct. 10 & 11, 2009

    Star-Ledger endorses Daggett

  • Endorsement appears to be largely a rejection of both major parties.

    Christie vows he will do all he can to block marriage equality

  • Possibly even going so far as pushing to amend the state constitution.

    Poll shows Obama link helps Corzine

  • Corzine gaining among Obama supporters. 72% of likely voters supporing Obma say they will vote Corzine, up from 66% a month ago. Christie’s losing support from Obama backers, dropping from 22 to 17%.

    Anti-Obama protest called for Burlington Twp Monday

  • Ooh, I bet that Nobel prize really steamed them. Uh, more, I mean.

    Corzine opposes electronic gambling at race tracks

  • Atlantic City casinos fear it would eat into their revenues. Under a 2008 deal, the casinos are providing $90 million over 3 years to help the struggling horse racing industry. In return, a guarantee that no Video Lottery Terminals will be permitted at the tracks while the agreement is in force.

    Civil rights leader & attorney Ray Brown, dead at 94

  • “If you don’t fear anyone you can accomplish anything,” Brown Jr. recalls his father telling him and said his father adopted a tenacious approach to civil rights that would bring him around the country defending black clients, oftentimes at his own expense.

    Jersey City man sues bank over overdraft policies

  • Accuses PNC Bank of violating NJ’s consumer fraud act by manipulating the order in which it subtracts charges from accounts in order to maximize overdraft fees.

    Linden challenges Kearny heliport plans

  • Cites a danger to Jersey City.

    Residents shaken by Swastikas found on Edison playground

  • More than a dozen of the ugly marks, found by a child. Fourth anti-Semitic incident during the Jewish holidays over the last several weeks.

    Meet the leader of an attempt to oust the Point Pleasant Beach mayor

  • Leader of recall effort testifies in Superior Court in a hearing about the efforts legitimacy.

    Ninos de la Amazonia

  • A very cool piano teacher picks up a camera.