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Weekend News Roundup for Oct. 31- Nov. 1, 2009 GOTV Weekend Edition

Blue Jersey Road Runner in NYC Marathon

  • Running club started by a Blue Jersey reader has Joey Novick in the marathon today. He’s raising money for Hole in the Wall Gang, which helps kids dealing with cancer & AIDS. #joeynycmarathon  Join GSE’s Steven Goldstein and partner Daniel, Jason & Jeff to contribute to the kids. NJ runners in Joey’s marathon corral: Voting Corzine 6-4.

    The Yankees did what the Yankees do

  • Beautiful batting. Yanks up 2-1 now, with Game 4 heading back to Philly, where the South Jersey fans rule.

    44 hours out

  • Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey poll: Christie & Corzine, neck and neck with Daggett fading.
  • Why it’s tight.
  • Presidents don’t visit SJ that often. And we’ll be covering Pres. Obama’s visit later today.
  • Corzine reaches for the Obama surge.
  • Obama lends star power to Corzine & Weinberg. And that won’t work with everybody.
  • Morris County GOP GOTV: It could be massive.
  • Final registration numbers & how many have voted by mail?
  • Star-Ledger refreshes & bumps up its Daggett endorsement.
  • Mulshine takes issue for ballot access law, on behalf of indie candidates. And Daggett’s talking ballot placement too.
  • What Tuesday’s results could mean for other political players.
  • Daggett to Guiliani Stay out of NJ politics.
  • Star Ledger says: Vote no on Open Space.
  • It’s all GOTV now. And where do you go for that?
  • Big 3 criss-cross the state.
  • White House managing expectations for Tuesday’s election day in NJ/VA/NY-23.

    Endorsements, or the lack of them

  • Newspapers urge defeat of 16 incumbent legislators.

    Local News

  • Morristown: Council president is charged with aggravated assault after stricking a cop.
  • Lambertville:Long-time Dem mayor – and former County Chair – who’s sometimes run unopposed, is challenged by retired state trooper.
  • Gloucester County:Don’t look for county election results on Comcast.
  • Newark: In the South Ward, Rep. Payne outlines the stakes for Obama in the Governor’s election.
  • Medford: Party control at issue.
  • Sussex Borough & Wantage: In a merging mood? Or, not so much?
  • Rahway: New law for selling gold slows things down.
  • NJ Family Policy Council sends anti-gay mailer for Christie

    Governor Corzine’s made it clear he’ll sign Marriage Equality if it gets to him, so Christie’s after that block of the electorate that freaks out at the idea of equity, and loves the idea of smaller government but wants an Amendment to keep that government in your bedroom. Here’s the anti-gay mailer that’s hitting the mailboxes of Christie supporters right now:

    anti-gay christie ad

    #2 side anti-gay Christie mailer

    In case you can’t see the text on the back side:

    Jon Corzine and Christopher Daggett say they would legalize same-sex marriage. Chris Christie says he supports a Marriage Protection Amendment that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Jon Corzine and Christopher Daggett say they want to convert all same-sex unions to marriages. Chris Christie opposes that plan.

    When you vote this Tuesday, please vote for the candidate who shares your values.


    News Roundup & Open Thread or Friday, Oct. 30, 2009 Yankees Battle Back edition

    Four days out

  • Fairleigh Dickenson University poll: Corzine leading by a statistically insignificant 1 point. But it’s really all about how you ask.
  • Bobby Kennedy, Jr. now attending that Women for Victory 09 Democratic Rally, that’s along with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Loretta Weinberg and the Governor. Free event, light dinner served, tonight 6pm in Elizabeth. RSVP here.
  • Strictly inside baseball stuff, but fascinating: How a jittery White House angled one of their own inner circle into a key strategy position in Corzine’s campaign.
  • To deal with economic realities: Corzine says he may revisit a controversial proposal, and Christie says he can no longer fully restore property tax breaks for homeowners.
  • Jersey Journal endorses Corzine.
  • How you can still vote by mail.
  • NJ’s mock student election has correctly predicted the outcome of the last 2 governor’s elections. Guess who cleaned who’s clock? Call it a 60,218 respondent poll.
  • New York Times reporters: In-depth conversations with Corzine & Christie.
  • Strong talk from Corzine on Christie’s charge that he “enabled” Ferriero: Corzine talls to the Hackensack Chronicle managing editor.
  • Sometimes it’s all about the Bergen, baby.
  • A look back to Florio-Kean, 1981.
  • Next governor will reshape the NJ Supreme Court.

    Clinton’s Asylum of Terror

  • Hunterdon’s yearly haunted mill extravaganza angers mental health advocates. Is that crazy?

    Nah, we were um, washing our hair that day.

  • A bullet struck Lou Dobbs’ Sussex County house a few weeks ago in broad daylight.

    Public safety: Can we make sure 911 is working, please?

  • Minutes before a beloved Catholic priest was murdered in his Chatham rectory was killed, he dialed 911 from his cell phone, but help never arrived. State Police got the call, but dispatch was unable to determine his location.

    Letting criminals know we’re taking the city back

  • Engaging residents in crime caravans of ordinary people rolling through Newark’s rough neighborhoods in vehicle packs, led by off-duty cops.

    Hinchliffe Stadium

  • Paterson: Future of a piece of African-American history now in the hands of voters.

    Camden’s mayor’s race

  • State control is a signature issue of this race.  
  • 2009 Candidates endorsed by DFA-NJ

    DFA-NJ is the Jersey homebase of Democracy for America, the nation’s largest progressive political action community. With local groups meeting monthly all over the state, DFA is a grassroots engine to change the Democratic Party from the bottom up.  We provide campaign training, organizing resources, and media exposure so our members have the power to support progressive issues and candidates, up and down ballot. We’re proud of every one of these candidates, they’re our progressive standard-bearers. And some of them might be local to you. Full disclosure: Jeff Gardner & I both serve on the DFA-NJ executive board.

    3756160657_1fa430bf53Jon Corzine & Loretta Weinberg

    It’s enough that Jon Corzine’s running against a candidate as unacceptable Chris Christie. But above that, we find Corzine an admirable governor struggling uphill against a national economic downturn (read: George Bush). Expanding health coverage for NJ kids. Paid family leave. First-in-the-nation economic recovery program, ditto return-to-work. Ready to sign Marriage Equality. Expanded early childhood education. Choice. Ends the death penalty. Corzine stands with Obama, and that’s the future. Christie’s a product of Bush, and we don’t want to go back. But for us, when Corzine chose that corruption-busting, pro-transparency, no-nonsense progressive hot chick Loretta Weinberg, this race took off. She’s our ally. There’s nothing tempered, or guarded about the way we admire her. Website.

    Doug_Singleterry_RGBBirgeDoug Singleterry & Cecilia X. Birge for Somerset Freeholders Cecilia was born in China and spent part of her childhood in Chinese labor camps where her Western-educated parents were sent. As a student, she was in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, then came to America for college. She put her Wall Street background to work on Montgomery Twp council. And in 2007, she became the only Asian-American woman mayor in NJ history. Cecilia & North Plainfield Councilman Doug Singleterry focus on DFA core issues: transparency, accountability, fiscal responsibility, pay-to-play. Website.

    MAR walk piece Chan walk piece shotMarianne Rampulla & Chan K. Leung for Raritan Twp Committee Raritan Twp’s the center of one of the toughest GOP strongholds in the state. Every race is uphill. But this year, the Dems already have one of their own on committee, so if Marianne & Chan both win, the population center of red Hunterdon swings to Dem majority. Running for the 2nd time, they started early, came on strong. They’re both very well-known in the community, both professionally and in high-level municipal and volunteer capacities. Website.

    Naomi B. Collier for Mayor of HawthorneNaomi B. Collier for Hawthorne Mayor First woman ever to run in the general election for that position. An attorney, Naomi is sensitive to issues that face families, both young and old. Serves on the Executive Board of Woman Lawyers in Bergen County, & Trustee/Treasurer for the Jean Robertson Foundation. Volunteers for Alternatives to Domestic Violence. Instrumental in bringing the hugely successful farmers market to the borough. Priorities include developing a sustainable economic plan, revitalizing downtown & improving services to seniors and families. Website.

    bio_picDan Benson for Mercer Freeholder

    Dan Benson was appointed March 2008 as a Mercer Freeholder to an unexpired term and won a special election later that year for a 1-yr term.  Dan’s priorities are to expand on his progressive record of fiscal responsibility, open space preservation and job creation through infrastructure investment, and ensure Mercer County has a progressive voice in government.  He is running for a full 3 year term. Website.

    3674888217_0953d6e896Tammeisha Smith for NJ-23 Assembly First time Hunterdon DFA members heard Tammy speak, it was on the need for health care reform, with a strong personal story and concern for her elders. It was a surprise that she works in the insurance industry. But there, she manages outreach programs to bring access to affordable medical/prescription coverage to the community. Health care reform is her passion. Website

    Randy BishopRandy Bishop for NJ-11 Assembly

    Randy is a Neptune Township Committeeman and the 3rd openly gay Mayor in NJ history. Randy believes that service to your community is one of the highest callings.  His community background includes time serving on boards. He’s been the local  Chamber of Commerce President.  In his professional background, Randy has both corporate experience, and is a small business owner. His priorities: job creation, meeting resident’s health care needs and stemming the flight of families and businesses spurred on by our tax and regulatory structure. Website.

    Jeff GrayzelJeff Grayzel for Morris Twp Committee Elected in 2007 with the help of many DFA members, he was the first Dem elected to  Morris Twp. Committee in 34 years. Since Watergate. Jeff works hard for open & participatory government and citizen involvement, against pay to play & for improved land use.  His grassroots efforts have won him the support of many Independents.  Seeking a second three-year term. Website.

    Corzine/Weinberg Victory Party & Open Thread

     Want to party down with Loretta Weinberg and Jon Corzine?

    The Corzine/Weinberg Victory Party, which is also called a Yes We Can 2.0 and DSC Victory ’09 event, is Tuesday night (duh) at East Brunswick Hilton Ballroom. That’s at 3 Tower Center Boulevard in East Brunswick. And if you’ve ever worked a Democratic campaign before you can just put your car on autopilot because you already know how to get there. But in case you don’t, here are the directions. Doors open 7pm.

    The Christie and Daggett campaigns … well, they haven’t shared their victory party details with us.

    So, Blue Jersey, you going? And what are your thoughts as we careen towards GOTV weekend?

    News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Oct.29 2009

    World Serious

  • Congratulations to all you deliriously happy Phillies phans. Phillies crush New York 6-1.
  • Governors Ed Rendell (PA) & David Patterson (NY) have made a bet on who wins the World Series. Let’s just hope on the way back and forth to the games – through New Jersey – they stop and do a little canvassing or at least hit the phones.

    Five days out

  • Women are rallying for Loretta Weinberg, who got top billing for this one, and Jon Corzine with special guest Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida. Friday night, in Elizabeth, light dinner served and it’s a free event. Details/RSVP.
  • Corzine targets a radio ad to Atlantic City.
  • About 24 people showed up at a forum for the “other” candidates for governor, hosted by a Seton Hall law professor and Paul Mulshine.
  • Get out of the race, Daggett said he was warned.
  • Closing strategies.

    7 single-payer advocates set out to be arrested

  • Blocking entrances to the Newark HQ of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, they were protesting, among other things, compensation to top insurance company executives. Bob Braun has the color commentary on the day and its action.

    Kansas idiots tour ‘o Jersey

  • Here’s the math: 6 Kansas idiots. 1 campus Hillel. 200 students & others defending their turf. 14,000 facebook friends for “Rutgers United Against Hate.” [VIDEO]

    Swine flu

  • H1N1 virus is now widespread in NJ.


  • Woodbridge, Clark & Rahway: Mayors say: Give us control of the sewerage authority.
  • Jersey City: Swearing in Phil Kenny’s replacement.
  • South Jersey: Two political consultants doing business in Philadelphia under the name of a SJ political consulting company, Dan-Silo, charged with tax evasion.
  • Jersey City:  City emploees union urges no furloughs.
  • Camden County: A contract dispute between the county and some of its unionized employees will go to mediation.
  • Morris County: More freight trucks.
  • Montclair: Supporters and opponents of elected school board spar in Montclair.
  • Trenton: Mayor Palmer asks Obame for more aid for cities hit by unemployment.

    What else is happening?

  • Had to post this in the middle of the night. If there are news stories that get filed in the morning, please use Comments to help keep everybody up to date, and sassy.


  • Want to rally with President Obama?

    Jon Corzine is banking on the fact that Barack Obama’s impact is strong enough with Democrats that he’s willing to let committed activists take a chunk out of GOTV weekend to see him. It’s a good bet, and rallying with this particular president is one hell of a good time.

    Rally with Pres. Obama in South Jersey

    Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden

    Doors Open – 10:30 a.m.

    Request your tix for Camden rally here.

    Rally with Pres. Obama in North Jersey

    Prudential Center, Newark

    Doors Open – 11:30 a.m.

    Request your tix for Newark rally here.

    These rallies both come with a request to bring canned food to donate to our hungry neighbors through food banks in both areas. Details on that are at the ticket links.  

    News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009

    6 days out

  • Quinnipiac University Poll: Corzine pulls ahead by 5 points: Corzine 43, Christie 38, Daggett 13 among likely voters. Half the 10 undecided voters who participated in a Monmouth University-sponsored focus group in Edison said they’re leaning toward Daggett. However, they may change their minds because they don’t think Daggett can win.
  • Bill Clinton returns, 2nd trip in a week – fundraiser for the Essex County Dems, and with Corzine at UFCW Hall.
  • Codey on Corzine, at last night’s Clinton rally: In July, he was dead man walking. Now, he’s Lazarus.
  • Corzine courts Hispanic voters.
  • Bergen County strategies for the Big 3. which has more registered voters than any county. Weinberg territory.
  • 19-year-old Rutgers student warns Chris Christie to get himself some big-name supporters, because he sees fellow students energized by Obama and Clinton and freshly leaning away from Christie. When Christie told his supporter who’s coming for him, his eyes “glazed over,” unimpressed.  
  • Phillies-Yankees Yankees-Phillies Phillies-Yankees Yankees-Phillies How World Serious coverage could hurt the governor’s race.
  • If Republican Chris Christie is being outspent by Democratic incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine in New Jersey’s down-to-the-wire gubernatorial election, independent Chris Daggett is being swamped.
  • Christie compares his education reforms to Obama’s.
  • Pete McCarthy: Gubernatorial candidates talk economics with Gloucester County Times editorial board.

    All hate could summon was 7 idiots from Kansas

  • Religious nutbirds showed up in Hoboken with signs reading: “God Hates You” and “You Will Eat Your Babies.” I don’t quite understand that last one, but the point is even though Mayor Zimmer & a local rabbi asked people to ignore the visit, more than 4 times that many showed up to counter them, most – and this is lovely – teens from the local high school Gay-Straight Alliance.

    Stop arresting patients for medical marijuana

  • Senators Nick Scutari and Ray Lesniak are asking Gov. Corzine to pardon a Franklin Twp (Somerset) man from charges he faces for growing marijuana to alleviate symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

    Open Space ballot question

  • Tom Moran: Open space question is an “ugly choice” for voters. Vote yes and send us further into debt, vote no and miss bargains and live with overdevelopment.


  • Newark: Cory Booker gets a $26K campaign donation from Michael Bloomberg’s accountant.
  • Gloucester Twp: Zoning board chair arrested for wielding a small knife – which he claims was a pen, not a knife – against the Public Works Director. Expect countercharges.
  • Morristown: Mayor Cresitello accused of violating campaign finance laws.
  • Trenton: Citizens’ group pushes the city to reduce its vehicle fleet.
  • New Providence: Votes to let police enter homes to break up teen drinking parties.
  • Morris County: Democrats call for a an actual 2-party system, likening the county to the Soviet Politburo.
  • Camden: Candidates meet at forum to debate issues.
  • Branchburg: Plans for historic district of North Branch, still murky.