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Pelosi Visits Princeton, Friday, February 29

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be in Princeton on Friday, February 29. She’ll be speaking at a 12:30 pm fundraiser for Congressman Rush Holt at the Princeton Marriott Forrestal Hotel on College Road East, Plainsboro. Here is a copy of the flyer announcing her speech:

Pelosi Princeton Flyer

For more info, please contact:

Which Way Did the Wind Blow?

Can someone please explain to me the way a NJ senator’s mind works? Last week, Menendez and Lautenberg voted in defense of MoveOn–a vote we all applauded; yesterday, they voted in favor of the Kyl/Lieberman amendment giving Bush support for taking on yet another Muslim country militarily. It’s the last thing I would have expected from two legislators who voted against going to war in Iraq but given their vote, almost exactly a year ago, to deprive detainees of their habeas corpus rights, perhaps it was entirely predictable.

Is it too much to expect some consistency from our representatives in Congress, or better yet, some overarching vision that upholds our founding values and points the way to lasting peace and justice?

Reckless on the right, feckless on the left–our government in a nutshell.

Voting Machine Hearings in Lawrenceville This Week

As previously posted, the NJ Division of Elections is holding public hearings this week on the Sequoia and Avante voting machines that are currently used in the state.
The location is in Lawrenceville at the New Jersey National Guard Armory, 151 Eggert Crossing Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
The schedule is as follows:
  9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. – Voting machines available for public demonstration.
  10:00 a.m. – Committee hearing commences. 
  Voting Machine Examination Schedule 
  7/24 – Sequoia AVC Advantage
  7/25 – Sequoia AVC Edge
  7/26 – Avante Vote-Trakker
  7/27 – Date open for hearing overflow 
Sign-up for Public Comment: 
  Advance sign-up via email at:
  Use “Comment Sign-Up” as the subject.
  At-the-door by 9:00 a.m. on the day of the hearing. 
Speakers will be given a limited time to speak, within the discretion of the Committee Chair. 
More info at:…

How Do You Spell Impeach?

With thousands of grassroot activists, of course!

Come to the State House in Trenton, Saturday, April 28th, 1-4 pm, where we’re spelling out: I – M – P – E – A – C – H! Events like this are happening throughout the USA on National Impeach Day! We’re asking everyone who comes to wear blue and help form a human mural of our I-word on the street in front of the capitol. This historic event is to tell our legislature and governor that we want the Resolution to Impeach Bush and Cheney introduced and passed now! We’ll have speakers and even a plane towing a banner that gets the message out to thousands more across the state.

The State Police are kindly providing a parking area for 200 cars, and there are additional lots nearby. The rally itself takes place in front of the State House at 125 West State Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08608.

Saying the “I” Word at Princeton

When was the last time you gathered petition signatures and people actually lined up to sign their names? That’s what happened at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School on Thursday after former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman finished presenting the case for Bush and Cheney’s impeachment. Holtzman didn’t merely say the “I” word, she trumpeted it loud and clear as only a seasoned, passionate prosecutor could. Had her remarks been the closing arguments of a trial, and audience members the jury, an immediate verdict to convict would have been reached without anyone leaving their seats!

Holtzman, a graduate of Harvard Law School, sat on the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon impeachment hearings, and wrote one of the articles of impeachment. One of the points she stressed was that it took a groundswell of public outrage for Congress to initiate proceedings against him. Bush and Cheney have already egregiously violated their oaths of office and our laws: what further damage to lives and our system of government must they do before this Congress rises up to stop them? As Holtzman writes in her February 12, 2007 article in “The Nation” linked at the end of this diary:

Bush in Surprise Visit to Kean Headquarters

It hasn’t gotten much publicity (for obvious reasons) but W. recently paid a stealth visit to Junior’s headquarters.

Curiously enough, NJ’s Republican candidate for senator was less than welcoming to the Commander-in-Chief. Check out the video, courtesy of the AFL/CIO and also posted at Daily Kos and Perfectly Wrong:


While other states have ballot questions this election dealing with such juicy issues as abortion, drugs, same-sex marriage, eminent domain, stem cell research, etc., New Jersey presents us with three rather dull-sounding (and barely intelligible) ones that had unanimous legislative support. Anyone care to weigh in on how a good progressive should vote on them? Seems like some of us think Question #1 is too vague to have any meaningful effect on property tax reform and may in fact hinder it. Question #2 has broad support among environmentalists. Question #3 sounds logical enough but I’d hate to see the majority of funds spent on new roads and automobile transportation rather than public transit.

The League of Women Voters feels strongly that tax revenues should not be constitutionally mandated and discusses other pros and cons at:

Since the state budget is just a huge shell game anyway, does any of this really matter? Any light that wiser folk can shed on this will be greatly appreciated.

Two Words that Say It All

Here’s a flyer I made for a GOTV table in Princeton that BlueJersey folk might enjoy. Please feel free to appropriate it for any use. If you need a high-res file for copying and printing, just e-mail me and I’ll send one along as an attachment. 

Click on thumbnail to see larger version.
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I Am in Shock

It appears that Menendez and Lautenberg voted in support of the detainee bill that the Senate passed tonight. Can someone please explain to me just what these two were thinking — or not thinking?

This bill, one of the most abhorrent, shameful pieces of legislation in this nation’s history, had the support of both New Jersey Democratic senators — who will no doubt continue to seek our contributions. I am speechless, I am in despair, I am enraged, I am in mourning, I am in shock.

On 9/11, we lost 3000 of our fellow citizens; today, we lost our collective soul. It’s worse than I ever could have imagined.