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The Faces Behind the Numbers: New Jersey’s Un- and Underemployed Speak Out in New Report

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Like other groups that focus on the economy, we at NJPP closely follow the ups and downs in the labor markets and use the data to paint broader pictures of New Jersey’s well-being. Now, thanks to a new report by national nonprofit USAction, we can also share the human face of the state’s ongoing employment problem.

Four months ago, USAction asked its members to share their stories of un- and underemployment. More than 1,000 responded, including a handful from New Jersey.

We take a look at a few after the jump:

Fewer Jobs, Lower Wages & More Poverty: A Picture of New Jersey’s Economy After a ‘Lost Decade’

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Do you feel better off today than you did in 2000? Your job, your home, your retirement – do you feel more secure about all that? If you answered no, you are certainly not alone in the Garden State.

New Jersey’s economy in the 2000s did very little to improve the lives of working families across the state, despite income growth during the early part of the decade. As a result, many people are worse off today than they were as we entered the new century.

That’s the top-level message in the newest report by New Jersey Policy Perspective, which we released this morning.

More on New Jersey’s ‘lost decade’ after the fold.