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Trenton Mayor uses Emergency Contact system to lobby for selling the waterworks

Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer is described as “Nixonian” by Trenton residents for using the city funded emergency robo-call system to sell residents on the $80 million sell off of the city’s water works.

TRENTON — Mayor Douglas Palmer’s use of an automated calling system to urge residents to oppose a citizen petition came in for more criticism yesterday, while city officials continued to defend his action as proper.

At a lively City Council meeting last night, several residents addressed the council on the petition, the water utility sale that the petition aimed to block, and the city’s larger budget problems.

Among them was Mill Hill resident and petition signer Kevin Williams, who described Palmer’s robocalls last Saturday via the city’s Connect-CTY system as “disgusting” and “Nixonian.” He said the city shouldn’t use the system for non-emergency purposes.

“We signed up to hear about emergencies, not to hear about jazz festivals and to be politically pressured,” he said. “It’s unbelievable they would do that.”

“It is bad enough when the city uses the emergency notification system to tell me that my trash won’t be picked up, but this latest is a purely political use and should be condemned,” resident Ellen Casey wrote in a letter published in yesterday’s Times.

This news on the heels of the Mercer County Superior Court dismissing a petition to block the $80 million sale of the water works

New Leadership Lights the Way in Edison

Edison Mayor Jun Choi hosted a star studded event Tuesday night with Governor Corzine and former Governor Florio.  At $1000 VIP and $100 per ticket, the event raised several thousands of dollars into the Jun Choi for Mayor campaign account.

The event was very high profile yielding a triple shot of press in the Home News & Star Ledger in only 2 days, attacking Mayor Choi’s consultants, introducing a nemesis, and potentially leading up to a recall election in Edison Township.

While Mayor Choi is not up for election until 2009, there are four council seats up for grabs in 2007 and talk around the campfire is that Choi is gearing up for another battle in Edison.

Two of the council members up for election in 2007, Joan Kapitan & Charlie Tomaro, attended the Mayor’s event.  While Councilmen Sal Pizzi and Peter Barnes III did not attend, and have been profiled in the papers as possibily supporting the idea of a recall election.

It looks like 2007 will be another fun and exciting year  of elections for New Jersey’s 5th largest municipality.

Happy Birthday Howard Dean !

November 17th is Howard Dean’s 58th birthday. In honor of his birthday and OUR success
with the Howard Dean 50 state strategy plan, we are asking progressive democrats to make a contribution to the DNC to show our support for Chairman Dean.

We believe in the 50 State Strategy, we know it works and we want to support the Howard Dean plan. That is why we are asking NJ for Democracy members to donate $58.03 to the Democratic National Committee for Howard’s birthday.


NJ for Democracy wants to remind the DNC of the contributions that New Jersey Democrats make to the national committee. Our suggested donation is $58.03. Whatever your comfortable donation level is, please add .03 to your contribution, in honor of New Jersey’s admission to the United States as the 3rd state.

Thank you for making NJ for Democracy a success and for returning Senator Menendez to office for 6 more years.


Congratulations all around!


NJ Citizen Action Endorses Carol Gay

At a Press Conference this morning at the Statehouse in Trenton, NJ Citizen Action PAC annouced their 2006 endorsements.

Carol Gay took the opportunity to talk about the issues

I am working to ensure that government responds to the needs of people rather than the interests of those with money and power.

but also went on the offensive against Chris Smith:

Chris Smith has not debated his opponent in 20 years.  He doesn’t debate because he has a shameful, embarrassing record and he doesn’t have the courage to stand on a stage and defend his failed policies.

Republican leadership has failed.  Chris Smith has failed.

She also called for the resignation of Republican leadership implicated in the cover up of Rep. Foley’s perversions:

Smith is protecting a party which has seen the indictment of the previous majority leader (Tom DeLay), the indictment of the chair of the House administration committee (Bob Ney), the imprisonment of a member of the Appropriations Committee (Duke Cunningham) the federal investigation of the chair of the House Appropriations committee (Jerry Lewis) and, most recently, a federal investigation of a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee (Curt Weldon).

(full speech below the fold)