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Hillary Clinton– Lowering Teen Pregnancy

As a woman, a voter and a conscientious citizen, I feel Hillary Clinton is the only Democratic candidate who will ensure my generation brings children into this world only when they are ready to undertake such an enormous responsibility.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control issued a report that stated:

The birth rate among teenagers 15 to 19 in the United States rose 3 percent in 2006, according to a report issued Wednesday, the first such increase since 1991

The federal government spends $176 million annually on [abstinence-only] programs. But a landmark study recently failed to demonstrate that they have any effect on delaying sexual activity among teenagers, and some studies suggest that they may actually increase pregnancy rates.

In It To Win It!

So a week from now, the polls will officially be open and I will cast my first November vote. Exciting, no? What’s more exciting is the fact that we are going to WIN this year…and win big.

From this morning’s Congressional Quarterly Politics Roundup:

New Jersey 7 — Mike Ferguson (R)
2004 vote for winner: 57 percent
Democrats say Bush’s 53 percent showing in 2004 suggests that this suburban New York City territory can be taken. Veteran state legislator Linda Stender has raised well more than $1 million with the help of feminist PAC EMILY’s List, and she hopes that Ferguson’s social conservatism will be his undoing.

FANTASTIC!!! The GOP is in trouble and even DC bigwigs know it.

Reality is Pretty Awesome

This has been a pretty good week for us. Foley-gate just seems to be getting deeper by the second. The disgraced former congressman’s actions REALLY pissed off everyone- from not only blue states but also red.

Not suprisingly, Linda Stender was the first candidate from Jersey to call Hastert out for covering Foley’s butt. I’m sorry, but HONISTLY you just don’t look the other way when someone is taking advantage of a child. When you find out about it you, a)punch them really really hard right between the eyes, b)report them to the authorities and c)make sure it never EVER EVER EVER happens again. Hastert basically disgraced the office of the Speaker of the House by trying to make sure he distanced himselves from the massive investigation once the story broke. He needs to resign. It also says everything about Congressman Ferguson’s charactor by his refusal to say ANYTHING publically about Foley’s BIG screw up and Hastert’s inaction.

Stender’s race also seems to be getting more attention from DC. Congressional Quarterly- one of the most trusted sorces for all things politics- thinks she has a real chance to pull it off next month. Send some cash her way and help make it happen. Stender is by far one of the most genuine people I have ever met and her voice along with her clear conscience are needed to help change the state of things down in DC.

Plus, do we really need someone who is going to resort to cheap, sign-stealing tactics to represent us?

I think not.

So, the award for BEST WEEK EVER–NJ POLITICS EDITION goes to….

Linda Stender.

Keep it up, guys.

Because We Deserve Better

Roughly 100 days until the big E. Election Day ’06. Who’s ready? I know I am. I have been saying all along that if we are going to take back Congress, this is the year to do it.

2004 downright sucked. When it comes down to it, we got our butts handed to us on a silver platter by the oil-loving, war-mongering GOP. All the candidates had their heart in it, but the Election Gods that we so fervently pray to (don’t deny it, you know you do) weren’t on our side. It was not meant to be. We made some pretty profound mistakes, one of them being that we just didn’t raise enough money. But the biggest mistake we could make now would be to dwell on the past and not look to what we have right in front of us.

This year, we have amazing candidates who have not only the vivacious attitude that I feel all politicians must have to attract the public, but the brains to back it up. For instance, in NJ-7 we have Asw. Linda Stender . The Star Ledger , who endorsed Mike Ferguson in 2004, said Sunday:

There’s a growing sentiment, at least among veteran Democrats, that she can defeat incumbent Rep. Mike Ferguson. In fact, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently announced it is committing funding to the race, something it has not done in the past.

Rebel Flag Forcing Hatred On The New Jersey Shore

So… with the inevitable onset of summer and all the goodies that go along with it (95 degree heat, humidity, detours all over the place because of often unnecessary vital road construction, parkway traffic…), I felt compelled to join the masses and make what will hopefully be my first and only trip to the shore.

But when I got to the cultural wasteland that is the shore (and I am purposely not saying which beach I went to, to save the non-bennies who live there some embarrassment), I was honestly disgusted. It appeared that every single souvenir shop along the boardwalk was selling items featuring the Confederate “Rebel” flag. Now it’s not just my hyper-intense attention to detail that would make it seem that this is true, FourFour saw this phenomena as well.

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Menendez vs. Kean- War of Words or Dollars?

Even though NJ voters still have 148 days (but who’s counting…) until they go to the polls to help take back Congress, the war of words has begun between U.S. Senator Bob Menendez , the incumbent, and Senate hopeful Tom Kean JUNIOR.

Although both candidates can be portrayed by their opposition to represent the extremist views of their respective political parties, Menendez and Kean share a similar stance on many of the issues that will dominate the voters’ minds as they cast their ballots. Both candidates agree that Iraq is on track to be a horrendous quagmire beyond that of the Vietnam War Conflict, believe the study and implantation of embryonic stem-cell research is a feasible way to help find treatments for debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In addition, both candidates feel that something must be done to ease the burden we feel at the gas pump.

However that is where the similarities end. Menendez, being a former congressman, has a long record of political experience within the Beltway. He knows how Capital Hill works and what it takes to get a bill passed, in addition to having a strong repertoire with leaders on both sides of the aisle.

5/8/06 News Roundup

  • Tom Kean Jr., is focusing on local issues to help him pull of a win against Menendez for U.S. Senate.
  • The Republican-lead Congress’ low approval ratings could be the biggest obstacle to hard-line Republicans. Watch out Fergie! We’re coming for you!!!
  • Scott Garrett also should be watching his back. Both Paul Aronsohn and Camille Abate are putting up a strong showing for the Democratic nomination. Regardless of who gets it, Garrett is going to face a tough challenge come November.
  • Tomorrow is Election Day in Newark. The race, as this point, is between Cory Booker and Ron Rice is as much about Newark’s future as a revitalized metropolis, as well as the issues.
  • The Army Reserve center in Hamilton that houses troops from 462nd Transportation Battalion, the 445th Quartermaster Company and the 1st/385th Regiment Detachment got a makeover, including a new fence, a redesigned entrance and a fresh coat of paint.
  • The color-coded terror alert system is being called a waste of time by lawmakers, as it has rarely moved from “yellow” (elevated) status since it was created post-9/11.
  • 5/7/06 News Roundup

  • Governor Corzine is going to be facing some tough opposition while he tries to create the post of state controller. Both Senate President Richard Codey and Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman don’t see any need for this new statewide elected office.
  • EZ-Pass users this month, while opening their statements also received offers for Geico car insurance and Citibank credit cards. This touched a nerve with chairman of the Assembly Insurance Committee, Assemblyman Neil Cohen, saying that he doesn’t like the impression it gives that the New Jersey Turnpike Authority supports these companies over others.
  • John Ginty, uber-conservative opposition to Tom Kean jr , recognizes that it’s an uphill battle to win the republican nomination for U.S. Senate. This is forcing state Republican Party officials to run damage control on the belief that Junior isn’t “Republican” enough.
  • As the deadline for passing a budget nears, Governor Corzine’s honeymoon is over. Legislators on both sides  promised to cooperate, but several missteps including supporting the idea to switch to self-serve gas and cap speed limits at 55 mph have left Corzine in the dust.
  • Cinco De Mayo News Roundup

  • In response to Linda Stender’s amazing buzz, Congressional Quarterly did an interview with her and found out what it is going to take to finally send a woman to congress from NJ.
  • Bad news for our state’s revenue. We’re not bringing in enough money to cover our debt.
  • Premature babies in NJ have a better chance of survival as a result of the March of Dimes campaign’s efforts.
  • Both Menendez and Kean jr are turning Darfur into the campaign issue de jour Both sides are committing funds and manpower to stop the genocide while saying the other isn’t doing enough. Maybe if they spent half the time they do arguing about who is doing more to stop the atrocity to actually working towards a solution, we would have one by now.
  • Karen Golding, disgraced lobbyist and Assemblyman Joe Cryan’s stalker, doesn’t have to go to jail, but has to seek therapy and stay away from Cryan.
  • 4/28/06 News Roundup

  • Governor Corzine is proposing that along the Turnpike, motorists pump their own gas . The Governor thinks that by having motorists get all disgusting while trying to figure out how to work the pump, it will cut the cost of gasoline in the state. 
  • In the latest poll, the race for U.S. Senate is at a dead heat between U.S. Senator Bob Menendez and State Senator Tom Kean JUNIOR. With nearly seven months until Election Day, about 20% of voters are still undecided. 
  • Ron Rice, Newark Mayoral candidate, has called for federal election monitors to insure the legitimacy of the race. After what happened in 2002, this might not be a bad idea. 
  • A day after announcing that Hoboken has begun negotiations to aquire St. Mary Hospital, Mayor David Roberts is saying that he will need $26 Million, if this is to become a reality.