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Roy Cho and the DCBC according to PolitikerNJ

The article in Tuesday’s politickerNJ** regarding Roy Cho based on insider opinions was nauseating, disgusting, and reeked of jealousy Or perhaps a hint of anti -Korean feelings amongst some of the insiders (who are also political influences on what the DCBC does).  Many of us who are considered the “grassroots thorn in the sides” already know that such feelings exist within our party, and it is time for our Chairman to stop being such a nice guy and expose the person(s) who leaked this nonsense and fire him/her.  Because some of us can pretty easily figure out who it was.

I know that I am sick and tired of the nonsense that exists within the party of small minded people, who covet supposedly important positions or think they do, that wouldn’t get past the pearly gates no matter what they promised the guardian at the entrance.

Reading the article showed how petty these democratic insiders appear to be.  The fact that some of the democratic leaders or former candidates  appear to be considering running in two years because of the great inroads Roy made should he lose- is the best example of a person being chicken livered that I have seen in recent times.

If they didn’t have the guts to run this time, I sure as heck–read real carefully what I am saying- -I and a lot of other people sure as heck wouldn’t support him/her in 2016 especially knowing that the DCBC has insiders working against their own candidate.

I am so tired of the DCBC undermining the best people to run for elections and backing party favorites who don’t have a chance in winning.  It’s time that real Democrats find a different line to run on in 2016 because if you are really a good candidate who can’t be bought in one form or another, you don’t stand a chance of getting real support from Bergen County, unless Roy pulls it out of the box in November and helps to change things-

It’s vitally important that we support Roy Cho in November because he is one of the few candidates out there who has a real chance of defeating Garrett- He is knowledgeable about how Congress functions, understands the importance of reaching out to those who have an opposite view on an issue, and he understands fiscal responsibility.

We all need to get behind Roy Cho now, this year!

So Let’s go, Mr. Chairman and fire the person(s) behind this undermining of our own candidate, and by doing that, hopefully you can stop the Bergen County Dems from being the laughing stock of NJ and the Nation once again.


When A Sense Of Humanity is Lost

In my opinion- In order to address how to stop the continuation of the mass murders that are becoming more and more frequent in this country, we have to look at it from all sides of the argument.

One of the solutions for gun control would be passing laws stopping the wholesale selling of ammunition over the internet and at gun stores.  Laws should be passed that states that a person cannot buy bullets for their guns without showing that their gun is registered and that the person, himself or herself, is licensed to own/carry the gun for which the ammo is being purchased.  Yes, there will always be a black market for ammo- but the massive amounts of illegal guns would diminish because of the lack of ammunition.  Eventually it would effect a large number of the unregistered guns out there.

Yes, I know that the guns used in this tragedy were registered which brings me to the next point of discussion.

Within our schools (right here in NJ) are children who as early as when in elementary school show strong signs of having violent psychotic tendencies and/or sociopathic behavior.  I have heard stories from teachers about children who they know will probably become criminals because they will do a violent crime and the parents are in denial or the school doesn’t want to get involved because there is only so much the school can do.  If it is a private school, that school can always tell the parents that their child is not doing well in their school because of their behavior and really needs to go to a different school.

These parents tend to put their child(ren) back into the public school system where these children will fall through the cracks, along with all the other children like them, because the funding to help these children isn’t there as it once was.

These kids exist in every culture, every race, and every religion in America.

Unfortunately, our Governor here in NJ and all the other leaders who believe the way he does, has cut back Mental Health funding and funding for education so that schools are unable to provide the necessary environments for these children.  Many need to be sent to private schools where behavior mods and other intervention can be given.  But we don’t have funding for that.  Also many need mental health services through hospitals and clinics which no longer can provide Mental Health services because of the cut backs here in New Jersey.

Another aspect that needs to be addressed are the video games that children play and TV which makes the children desensitized to death and killing.  These violent games have to monitored and parents have to become educated to the harm that these games do.  The parents need to use their judgment, but some of these parents are in la la land.  They don’t want to admit the harm that can be done because they, themselves play the games or watching the TV shows that their children should not be viewing.

To me, once a State or Country cuts back on providing services for the mentally disturbed, the drug addicted, the handicapped, or cuts funding for alternative education for children that need more than what public schools can provide- that State or Country’s leaders have lost their sense of humanity and compassion.

When leaders of a country lose their sense of humanity and compassion, eventually, in this case it was sooner than later, children will die.  

What happened in Sandy Hook will become more commonplace (what a horrible word), more little children will die, more people will arm themselves to protect their loved ones until sanity prevails and the leaders realize it is not the arming of more people that will stop the violence, but limiting the sale of ammo and making certain that everyone who has a gun must be licensed and have ownership.  Also that the person must alert authorities if there is someone who is emotionally disturbed living in the house with the gun and must show proof that the disturbed individual is under a doctor’s care and cannot get to the guns under any condition.

Also how we address the mental health issues of our country must be addressed and funding must be made available to provide solutions, treatment and education.

This is not limiting the rights of a person to own a gun or guns- but it is making the majority who possess a gun have to be more responsible about their ownership. It is to make a State and/or Country stand up and say that any and all ways to address this tragedy must be addressed and ways implemented across the board to make every effort that this tragedy, this loss of innocent lives, shall never happen again

Candidates Forum for 5th Congressional District

promoted by Rosi

With the redistricting of Bergen County, many residents are being confronted with having to choose new congressmen/women to represent them in the newly configured districts.  Both Congressional Districts 5 & 9 are confronting this situation.

On Sunday, May 20, three democratic hopefuls will be present for a debate/forum in Teaneck, NJ.  The candidates, (listed in alphabetical order) Jason Castle, Adam Gussen, and Diane Sare will be attending as they vie for the Demiocratic votes in District 5.  Whoever the Democratic Primary winner is will be the Democratic Committee of Bergen County’s (*DCBC) candidate to run against Garrett.

Jason Castle is a political newcomer.  The DCBC’s candidate, Adam Gussen, is deputy Mayor of Teaneck, and LaRouch Candidate Diane Sare, has 20 years experience spreading the political beliefs of LaRouche.

The Candidates will answer questions from the audience and will have the opportunity to debate one another.

This debate/forum begins at 3 PM and is open to all citizens of Congressional District 5.

(*DCBC – The Democratic Committee of Bergen County was formerly called the Bergen County Democratic Committee.)

5th CD Reality Check

Hello everyone! Now that I’ve finally come from under the awesome crap that had been thrust upon me by Congressional redistricting, I want to comment on posts made on Blue Jersey regarding the BCDC and Lou Stellato and their efforts to find a strong candidate in the 5th CD.

But first there are some points that everyone has to understand as to how I view things:

1. What has happened in Bergen and how it affects Democrats would be happening to the Republicans if we had a Democratic Governor.  But we don’t. So we’re left with a gigantic mess on our hands.  Also what’s happening in NJ is happening in every state that has had major shifts in population.

2. What’s occurred as a result of redistricting has caused a series of events to take place that one would expect to see only in horror movies.

3. I don’t know how many of you had a disdain for what the BCDC stood for before Stellato, (then known as the BCDO), but mine was out of this world as my town was deeply affected by the bull crap of Ferriero and the damage he caused.  Not to mention that I have a real problem with the unethical behaviors of leaders and had been trying to oust Joe long before I even became a member of his BCDO.  I am a Democrat who is a loose cannon, not a die-hard loyalist to the party and certainly didn’t want Joe at the head because he reminded me of Boss Tweed.

4. After Ferriero left, the then BCDO found out that he really wasn’t such a great leader nor a great fund raiser after all and had left the organization with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

5. Then came Mike Kasparian who didn’t know what to do, and things went from bad to “you have got to kidding me, right?”  During that time, it appeared to me that the then BCDO was in a more confused state then when Mike first came on board.  To me it was “who let the inmates out and how did they get control of the institution?”   So I put my feet up and watched the lunacy, remaining the loose cannon and every now and then taking a cannon ball and throwing it when I felt the need.  I even let my displeasure show over the choice of candidates as they were nothing more than Ferriero puppets and let the powers that be know that I had a hard time endorsing most of them.  The most amusing aspect to all of this- was that I became known as a “TRAITOR” to the Democratic Party all the way down to Washington, DC!  Seriously, that’s what happens when you buck the party line: YOU are labeled a traitor!!!

6. Exit Mike and enter this new guy, Lou Stellato.  By then my reputation within the party was- “Laura Zucker is the biggest thorn in the side of the Bergen County Democrats and the Democratic Party.”  Maybe being labeled a traitor by some of the powers that be had something to do with it, but I was still here and Joe and Mike were gone!

7. My first impression of Lou was, “OK, we have another inmate who has stepped forward and got nominated to be the head of the inmates.”  Seriously that’s how I felt.  So I again put my feet up on my desk to sit back and watch the fun. However, I soon received a call from Lou- something no other Leader of the former BCDO now known as the BCDC had ever done -and an open dialogue occurred between us.

I still have a lot of grievances with the BCDC that I will make known when the time is appropriate- like when I want to drop a “bomb” at a meeting when I think it’s needed.  However, I really need to ask many of you: What in the name of sanity are all of you thinking when you attack Stellato about candidate selection in the 5th CD?

Good God, people, have you all lost your mind?  Look, the reality is that this has been one major screw up after another having nothing, NOTHING, to do with Stellato or the BCDC.

This has been a comedy of errors from the beginning, starting with Connie Wagner.  You couldn’t write a movie about this and think it would be believed because it’s just too ridiculous!

In my opinion, Wagner didn’t fit the profile of what we need in a candidate.  Whoopee, she’s a liberal, so big whoop! She didn’t stand a chance in a district with republican leanings like the new fifth.  Exit Wagner Stage Left who probably figured out the same thing. Then there was Harry Carson, who was running, and Jim McQueeny who was interested but didn’t want to run against Carson.  Then we had Terry Duffy, who didn’t want to run against Carson or McQueeny if they ran.  Then we have Adam Gussen and James Castle who are the young kids on the block, who just wanted to file for the Congressional run regardless of who else was running.

So someone tell me exactly where is Lou Stellato actually responsible for Carson’s brother dying and after a lot of soul searching, deciding to drop out, leaving McQueeny who announces he’s going to run, causing Duffy to withhold filing his papers (which one has to ask “what the hey?  Why would he do that?” But hey I didn’t write this screen play); thereby leaving Stellato with McQueeny, Gussen and Castle.

Then McQueeny all but gets the nails screwed into him by business complications and he has to withdraw leaving- OMG!  Gussen and Castle (the latter, who isn’t even in the Convention at this time).

You can’t make this stuff up! And all of this is Stellato’s fault?  What the heck are you people on?

If we look at this realistically, anyone wanting to run for Congress usually has a year to think about it. He/She looks at the ramifications for their family (especially their children if they are very young) and puts out feelers to secure funding so that they can begin to get a war chest established prior to announcing while at the same time putting together a really good campaign team.

But NONE of this happened.  We didn’t have a host of candidates preparing to run because no one knew how the redistricting would go, including STELLATO AND THE BCDC!

A liberal or a conservative candidate, in my opinion, and only in my opinion, won’t cut it in the new 5th CD.  A viable centrist with 3 million dollars actually has a chance of knocking Garrett out.  

So why don’t all of you spend your time and effort trying to find someone who YOU think is the best candidate to run and stop blaming a person and/or a group of people who have no control over life or death or circumstances just so that all of you have an outlet to project your own frustrations on by crowing about it on Blue Jersey.

Trust me, if Lou Stellato was responsible for this mess, I would have been one of the first to attack when the crap began to hit the wall – especially because I was one of the people whose lap some of the crap fell into.

Bottom line on this one:  Stellato is not to blame! Wrong Church!  Wrong Pew!  

In The Real World

I have decided to take lap top in hand and write my opinion as to Rothman’s decision to run in the new 9th district vs. the new 5th district after reading numerous newspaper articles and blogs. I am a municipal Chair who is supporting Rothman’s decision and here’s why:

When I first learned of the redistricting, I was infuriated to learn that some moron had split my town into two congressional districts.  How they were allowed to do this when it was probably against the law was beside me- Obviously no one ever challenged the actions in the past when Cities were divided and it probably would cost millions to take the decision on, even though, it is probably illegal what was done.  But New Jersey has a way of interpreting the laws as it sees fit and why should this time be any different- However I digress from the reason why I am on my lap top; and the second thought in my head was “Go Get Him, Rothman!” — him meaning Garrett.  

Then reality hit me hard.  It didn’t take more than a few minutes when I realized that Rothman would probably go for the newly drawn 9th district and here’s why in my opinion.

In a perfect scenario with the support of all Democrats coming out to vote in the new congressional 5th district, the republicans wouldn’t stand a chance.  

In a perfect scenario, it wouldn’t matter that the Republicans in Garrett’s original district come out in numbers that would shame most democratic voters, a Democrat would still win.

In a perfect scenario, it wouldn’t matter that the NRA, the Tea Party (probably backed by the Koch Brothers -who helped found the Tea Party and whose father founded the John Birch society) and other Good Ol’ boy businesses who will pour money into Garrett’s campaign like water through a sieve, because we could run a democrat against them who couldn’t possibly raise the monies Garrett’s cronies could but will still win against the Garrett machine.

In a perfect scenario, it wouldn’t matter that the Garrett’s backers would finance him regardless of the  question as to why they would want a Democrat in office- especially someone who is Jewish.  Because in a perfect scenario, it wouldn’t matter to the Good Ol boys of Sussex and Warren Counties in the political back rooms.

In a perfect scenario, Rothman would clobber Garrett, because good always triumphs — in the perfect scenario that is.

In the real world, any Democrat running against Garrett doesn’t stand a real chance in Hell of winning this race at this time.  Again, here’s why in my opinion-

One-Just the demographics alone illustrates the fact that there is a huge swath of very active voting Republicans –

Two- If you do enough reading and talking to people regarding the new 5th district, somewhere between 70-72% of the voting population is in Bergen County.  The remaining 26%- 28% are in the new Warren, Sussex and Passaic Counties.  And- the Republicans come out to VOTE  by heavy margins.

Three- If all of you can guarantee me that we can get 100% (alright- 95%) of all REGISTERED Democrats to come out and vote so that our Democratic Candidate could unseat Garrett- I will personally ask Steve Rothman to reconsider.

Four:  Anyone who is Jewish doesn’t stand a chance against the ultra – conservative Republicans who still refer to a Jewish candidate as “Jew Boy” or “the Heb”.  I am a Jew, and these people still refer to those of my religion in exactly those words- If I have had to hear them repeatedly throughout my lifetime, then by gosh, you are finally going to read those words.

However, in the real world, the best we could do with the new 5th, is to run a candidate against Garrett so that the Democrats could finally expose the man for what he truly is.  By doing that, we can severely dent his suit of armor and knock him off his horse.  However, he would probably still be standing.

The next time around in 2014, we could run a candidate against him, and then we could actually stand a chance in winning because he doesn’t have a steed under him anymore and his armor is destroyed.  Why—-because we kept up the attacks.

In a perfect world, Rothman should have run, even if he fell on the sword.

In the real world, that would never happen — Neither Rothman or Pascrell are willing to fall on the sword.

Based upon my experience in getting the Democrats out to vote, with all the anger amongst the Democrats towards the President and Congress, we are going to have a heck of a time getting them out to vote period!

I know because I have already spoken with people who are going to stay home if it’s a battle between Obama and Romney- that’s how disgusted the Dems are- Or some want a different Democratic candidate for President.

We, as leaders of the Democrats in Bergen County, will have our job cut out for us in just getting people to the polls in November to vote Democratic.

In the perfect scenario, regardless of who won in the 5th district, the constituents would have a Congressman/woman who would fight for them and represent them.

In the real world, that probably won’t happen for the 5th district- my district!

In the perfect scenario, regardless of who won in the 9th district, the constituents would have a Congressman who would fight for them and represent them, be it Rothman or Pascrell.

In the real world, that will happen for the 9th district!

So by the time Rothman called me to ask for my support in my (now) divided township,  I already knew what I would say– because I had already realized he had no other choice in the real world.

Mr. President, take a Keynesian style approach to our economy!

The letter below was written by the Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee to President Obama. It was cc’d to our respective U. S. Senators and Congressman, as well as the BCDC and municipal chairs of Bergen County.  We are strongly urging the President and his congressional supporters  to actively address the issues of unemployment and foreclosures that Americans are confronting on a day to day basis not only in New Jersey, but national as well.

We are requesting that the President, along with Congress, take a Keynesian style approach to the aforementioned problems and come up with sound programs to address these issues.

It is time for the President and our democratic elected officials to stand up to the hardline republicans at both the state and federal levels and to fight for the democratic principles upon which our political party was founded and come up with bold initiatives to stimulate the economy regardless of the republicans refusal to solve these problems.  

Take them to task loudly and clearly during the campaign so that Americans understand and recognize that it is the Republicans and not the Democrats who are holding America back.

It is time for our President and the Democratic Congressional members to take a stand!


August 5, 2011

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

The most important factor in the 2012 election, more important than door-to-door organizing or clever campaign ads, will be unemployment and foreclosures. So we call upon the Obama administration and its congressional supporters to take a much more active approach to address these two areas.

Just resting on current policies and hoping for significant progress by November 2012 is insufficient. Current policies are moving the economy too slowly for 2012. But there is still over a year for a bolder approach to take effect–if implemented right away.

(A bolder approach is even more urgent to correct the setbacks imposed by the debt deal just negotiated with hardline Republicans.)

Bolder approaches mean a large Keynesian-style economic stimulus. The economic stimulus so far tried has been barely more than the continuation of normal amounts of spending. (Paul Krugman, “No We Can’t? Or Won’t,” NYTimes, July 11, 2011) (*1)

The stimulus would include infrastructure renewal (roads, bridges, high speed rail, school buildings), support for starving state and local governments to retain and hire back severely needed teachers, librarians, police, and other public servants, keeping social security at least on a par with the cost of living, market-rate reimbursements for Medicare and Medicaid, and support for industrial research and development to make our economy more competitive worldwide.

And if unemployment still lags, a WPA-style direct hiring program should follow. (It’s just hard to believe that it is better for the economy to have large numbers of people collecting unemployment insurance or to have given up on the job market, instead of building infrastructure, teaching, doing scientific research, or otherwise serving the economy.)

Objection: We don’t have the money. We’d go into even a bigger deficit to do this.

Answer: This is the textbook Keynesian model. Yes, you do go into deficit to stimulate an economy out of a recession. Otherwise, the economy will never pick up enough strength to reduce even a pre-stimulus deficit. (*2) “A downturn is the one time when red ink is advisable.”

Only after the economy regains its strength will there be enough resources to cut deficits–as well as to maintain government services (including health and education), provide employment and keep people in their homes.

And, if the voters see the President and the Democrats in Congress taking these initiatives, they will be given credit, instead of being seen as “me-too, can’t do anything but wait, hope and spread suffering” semi-Republicans.

And if the Republicans prevent or damp down these initiatives, the campaign should loudly and persistently point to them as the reason for the lack of progress–and point out that the only way forward is to put more Democrats in Congress. Give Obama a Congress he can work with–to save the economy and the citizens it exists to serve. (*3)


Laura I. Zucker, Chairperson

for the Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee

cc: Obama for America (Official 2012 Campaign Committee)

Congressional Democratic Campaign Committee

Senate Democratic Campaign Committee

Senator Frank Lautenberg

Senator Robert Menendez

Congressman Steve Rothman

Bergen County Democratic Committee

Bergen County Municipal Committee Chairs


(*1) See also “The Worst Time to Slow the Economy,” NYTimes editorial, July 10, 2011; “Renewed weakness reflects deep, and urgent, problems,” and “Republicans continue their tax-cutting fantasia,” NYTimes editorials, June 12, 2011. Also, see Paul Krugman’s NYTimes blog posts:  http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.c… http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.c… http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.c…


(*3)For further reading, Harold Meyerson, “Stumbling our way to a fiscal doomsday,” (The Record, July 14, 2011)

Casino Jack Happening in NJ #2


While Casino Jim was busy via the gaming lobbyists, so were the Sand Hills and the Ani~Tsalagi Onaselagi.  For many weeks there had been rumors that the gaming lobbyists were behind all the problems confronting them from trying to get seats on the commission to being recognized.   After the Sand Hills filed the first motion of their lawsuit, they contacted someone who could send out feelers beyond Bergen County to see if the rumors were true.  Allegedly the reports came back that it was true- the gaming lobbyists were behind their problems and they were using some Native Americans as fronts.

Because the Sand Hills were unable to get their story into the press, and that whatever press did cover them had ties right back to government officials, the need to make the U.S government understand that they were not to be taken lightly, caused the Sand Hills to go to the United Nations.

What occurred from the events surrounding their contact with the UN, meeting with the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations (who is the version of the UN’s lawyer) and more motions being filed- caused Casino Jim to go into overload- which caused his allegedly Native American allies to begin feeding misinformation to people they knew in an attempt to discredit the Sand Hills and to avoid the true issues.

However, the Sand Hills were now continuing to outpace everyone- They had already caused problems at the international level for all the first contact nations. The fact that the Sand Hills were unable to get the US to the negotiation tables (allegedly due to the shenanigans of the gaming lobbyists delaying the court to address the lawsuit)  was now hampered by the multitude of motions filed by the Tribe and the massive amounts of documentation proving their claims- overloaded the U.S.’s ability to catch up.

Casino Jim and his allies’ interference had caused the Sand Hill lawsuit to grow exponentially while there was a media blackout and games allegedly being played in the Courts.  More and more evidence of proof to their claims seemed to be falling into their hands.  Laws that the Federal Government never thought would be found were uncovered by the Tribe and the International community began to get very nervous.  These documents proved their own guilt and subjected them to lawsuits unimagined by them.

Meanwhile back in New Jersey, the allies of Casino Jim were doing their best to stir up other Native Americans with misinformation.  Allegedly, the people being used by the alleged allies of Casino Jim threatened other bloggers, trying to intimidate them, believing the nonsense being fed to them.  It is alleged that Casino Jim had a long history of using Native Americans to go against Native Americans to get casinos built.  He had no idea of the problems he and his backers were causing at the International level and couldn’t care less.  Who would ever believe it anyway?

The Dutch Collegiate Church for one did and would be the first of many first contact Countries/entities/Corporations to reach out to the Sand Hills. The Church looked over the documents that the Sand Hills had and comparing it to their own historical documentation, they arranged a series of public and private meetings with the Sand Hills in an attempt to remove the Church/Netherlands from any international lawsuit involving the First Contact Countries/entities/Corporations that had been delivered to the United Nations to go before the World Court.

Allegedly it became very apparent to the first contact countries/entities/corporations that because of the nonsense occurring in New Jersey with the delaying of the Sand Hills having their day in court, and more importantly, that the US was dragging its heels in getting to the negotiation table, these aforementioned entities had to take matters into their own hands, they needed to settle quickly with the Sand Hills in whatever manner they could and to begin mitigating the damages that the lawsuit would bring to them should this get to the World Court.

Also at the same time, the International community began to wonder just who and what was responsible for the U.S dragging its heels and for the Court’s sluggishness.  Allegedly the international question was “Why was the Sand Hill lawsuit permitted to get so out of hand where it dragged in the international community? Who was responsible?”  


Back at the Farm, or in the United States, a series of behind the scene meetings began to be held with home land security shortly after going to the United Nations.  A friend had personally hand delivered  Chief Holloway’s speech to America’s UN ambassador, requesting the United Nations’ support and aid in helping the Sand Hills to get justice in the U.S. federal courts and in the international arena. The documents that the Sand Hills had, which the US allegedly had access to from their international friends and some from the Sand Hills themselves, threatened the very continuity of America.  The U.S. learned that there was incredible pressure from some of the other federally recognized tribes for the Sand Hills to claim NJ and secede from the Union.  

Regardless of the threats coming from these Native Americans, the Sand Hills stood firm- They were not going to do anything that would threaten the existence of the United States.  They were not going to secede with any won lands from the US.  They were not going to become a national security threat for the country.

Allegedly, all these meetings were taking place while Casino Jim and his gaming lobbyists continued their attempts to block the Sand Hills – thinking they had the upper hand in the courts of New Jersey and the quasi support of the Federal Government.

During all this time, the land on the Bergen County Mountains were/are being bought up by private landowners and/or corporations.  Allegedly, in a few years, after a series of other events take place, these landowners would sell their property to Casino Jim’s backers and the casinos would be built.

However, that will be addressed later in this story.  This had to be entered now into the story, as it allegedly has been taking place for more than six years.

So while some bloggers keep the gaming lobbyists’ allies busy, the Sand Hills continue to make advancements.  The more the lobbyists’ allies use people to blog responses, the more discovery the Sand Hills have to use against them. While all this is happening, the angrier the International community is becoming because it enables the Sand Hills to gather even more evidence to back their claims.

At the same time, the United Nations had within its grasp the largest land, natural resources, genocide, and discrimination claims ever to come from any entity within the United States.  

To the U.S. and the World, it seemed that the Sand Hills were way ahead of them in their movements, motions, and counter actions in overcoming whatever came their way.


The Sand Hills had continued filing motions which now brought New York, New Jersey, parts of Pennsylvania, all First Contact Countries (who had any interaction with the Indigenous people of New Jersey), and all corporations that existed under their ownership into the fray.

In essence, the Sand Hills had left New Jersey and had filed a lawsuit that now encompassed some of America’s allies.  However, before the motion got to the Judge, the Sand Hills removed it.  Long enough for it to be recorded, but not put into play. It was enough to cause the first contact nations to begin taking the steps mentioned in the above paragraphs as it told of things yet to come.

Allegedly the problem confronting everyone (with the exception of Casino Jim who’s continuing actions were only complicating the foreign Nations and the U.S.’s ability to get a handle over the ever growing, damaging lawsuit) was how to get things to slow down so everyone could catch up with the Sand Hills who were about 10 years ahead of everyone else.

The Sand Hills, realizing that all parties involved were now overwhelmed, ceased any activity.  This action would give those involved time to begin to come up with a way to address the multitude of forced motions. Everyone affiliated with the Sand Hills became quiet- they all disappeared, going quietly into the woodwork for a few months.

Once the Sand Hills had filed with the United Nations, the International Community began wasting no time.  The Dutch Collegiate Church was going to host an event in New York City in November of 2009, called “Healing Turtle Island” with representatives of the federally recognized Delaware tribes from Oklahoma, other States/Canada, and the Sand Hills where the Dutch would apologize to the Lenape for the treatment that the Native Americans had received from their interactions.

At a series of meetings prior to the Turtle Island celebration (held with the participants of that event), it had been unanimously decided (with Church representatives present) by all the Federal tribes who had representatives at the celebration, that the Sand Hills would be the Tribe to accept the apology on their behalf.  These Federal  tribes knew Chief Holloway, knew about the lawsuit; and The Church knew the fact that the Federal  Tribes knew the Chief of the Sand Hills, and there was no dissention amongst any of them  as to who should deliver the acceptance speech (Chief Ronald Holloway).

Thus, the Celebration took place and it was the first step for the Dutch Collegiate Church to begin mitigating the damages that could face the Netherlands in the world court.

Meanwhile the Sand Hills had done everything they could to alert the politicians of New Jersey about the necessity of the pending lawsuit.  Every assembly member, state senator, elected and/or appointed State official was sent communications regarding that fact.  

A State Senator, in an attempt to prevent the impending lawsuit by the Sand Hills, tried to get two bills passed that would address their grievances.  These bills became stuck in committee!  Anyone who was trying to stop the lawsuit by having the issues addressed was also being stonewalled.

The Sand Hills had done their warning and had given the State of New Jersey more than enough time to come and sit with them to address and rectify their concerns.

Allegedly, Casino Jim must have truly believed whatever he was being told about how the Sand Hills would go back into the wood work, because he permitted the misinformation to continue.  These actions only helped to prove what the Sand Hills were saying to be the truth.

Back to the United Nations- allegedly, while Casino Jim’s fronts were doing everything they could to discredit the claims of the Sand Hills, from changing Wikipedia with the misleading information that there were currently “recognized tribes in NJ”, distorting the truth (knowing that anyone not involved wouldn’t know that they were doing this), and causing as much confusion in New Jersey as they could- The United Nations was moving ahead.

The motion that had been filed but withdrawn had alerted all the first contact nations that they would be held accountable.  It was no longer a possibility, it had happened.  

The Sand Hills had the documents, the deeds, the compacts, and the evidence to prove their claims.  This lawsuit had left New Jersey, going far beyond its borders.  It now encompassed three states, the U. S. Federal Government, and the first contact nations/entities. The case had never been dismissed as so many believed, but had grown beyond everyone’s belief. This was now going to be addressed at the United Nations for the other nations involved.

The Federal Government also knew that the Sand Hills and the Ani~Tsalagi Onaselagi had joined together. Their alliance of the 1800s had been reaffirmed and the peace pipe passed.  All the important out of State tribes were now watching the events.  How the U.S. and the UN resolved the lawsuit would have an impact on other Native tribes if they were forced to file lawsuits outside of the jurisdiction of their own states/U.S. Government.

The haunting questions of “who was responsible?” and “why wasn’t this addressed at the beginning and resolved?,”  were being whispered in the halls and in phone conversations.

Allegedly, all international parties were asking those questions in one way or another, and the Federal Government continued to watch via phone taps, surveillance, and the blogs. Whoever had caused this situation had placed the U.S. in an embarrassing and costly position, as well as angering its allies (that they had been brought into the situation).  The U.S. needed to answer those questions.

End ACT SIX- Intermission-  

Casino Jack Happening In New Jersey

We call our version Casino Jim.  We do not know for certain who Casino Jim really is, other than someone with ties to the gaming Lobbyists.


To paraphrase a critique of the movie :— The new movie “Casino Jack” deals with Lobbyist and businessman, Jack Abramoff, who wound up swindling the Native Americans out of millions of dollars by playing both sides against the other. In a nutshell- Abramoff had been hired by the Native Americans to represent them so that they could build casinos.  However, behind their clients’ back Abramoff and his associates were working against their “clients” so that the Native Americans would pay them for their services.  This scam included politicians, aides to politicians- two of whom worked for Tom DeLay and other officials/lawmakers who had ties to Indian Affairs….  

It was the scandal that rocked Washington DC and the Native Americans.


Allegedly, what if in the year 1993 when Donald Trump, the then Congressman Toricelli, and Congresswoman Roukema charged that the Rampough would bring in Indian gaming associated with organized crime, it was a projection of things to come regarding the Native Americans living in New Jersey?

However, allegedly at that time, the gaming lobbyists, backed by the above three, were able to successfully stop the Native Americans from building a casino anywhere within the state. They did this based on the BIA report that the Ramapough Indians were not a tribe and would not be given recognition by the Federal Government. The other two Native American entities were not indigenous and posed no threat.  Their feeble attempts were laughable because they had no legal claims to anything in NJ and those who mattered, knew it.

Consequently, the Casinos were allowed to flourish unimpeded by any competition, while the Native Americans in NJ were left the arduous task of proving that the majority of them, in fact, were Native Americans.  

This gave the splintered Native American entities the impetus to band together to reinforce the fact that they were all Native Americans and some were the descendants of the tribes that had lived here since ancient times to the very late 1600/1700s.  According to the BIA, the Nanticokes and the Powhatans came to NJ in 1975 and are not indigenous to the state, though they are Native American entities.  Because Casino Jim knew this, their attempt to build a casino in Alpine got squashed quicker than a bug from a fly swatter.

Meanwhile, the gaming lobbyists continued applying pressure preventing any form of gaming competition to rear its head in NJ.  At the same time, more and more casinos had been built in Atlantic City with the promise that these establishments would greatly contribute to the education of NJ children and the rebuilding of Atlantic City.  None of which has occurred to the extent that had been promised.

What if allegedly, shortly after 1993 the owners of the casinos (which are built on the coast line of New Jersey’s southern shore), learned that their investments were in fact going to become water logged due to the results of climate change which would raise the water levels along the coastlines? They had 15 to 20 years to look into other areas- making the years 2008-2013 the time to seek out new locations.

Therefore, those behind the gaming lobbyists needed to move their investments to higher grounds, away from what would be the rising tides of the ocean.  However where to go was the dilemma.

They considered the Meadowlands, but because they are low lying lands, they needed to look elsewhere.

Allegedly the gaming lobbyists, believing that they had successfully dealt with the Native American problem, turned their attention to the Mountains of affluent Bergen County.

However, they ran into a problem. Though they had convinced the public that there were no Native Americans in “them thar hills”, they were wrong.  There were Native Americans- Majority of them were of mixed blood, with some pure bloods – but many fit the definition of a Native American.  How were they to infiltrate the mountain folk so that they could build their casinos?

That’s where New Jersey’s version of Casino Jim comes into play again — Wheeler and dealer of monies.


Allegedly, first you need to destroy any “tribes” in NJ.  This was thought to have been accomplished in 1993 by Trump, Torricelli, and Roukema.  Next if a tribal entity actually begins to get organized and can begin proving it’s a tribe, then the lobbyists needed to infiltrate that somewhat organized band, have their person(s )cause dissension and chaos.  By doing that, backed by the gaming lobbyists and their backers, they would get rid of any tribal efforts, making certain that all the Native American entities were maintained only as 5013c.  That there were NO legitimate tribes left in the state.

However, the lobbyists ran into a problem.  Chief Ross of the Ani~Tsalagi Onaselagi had ties to the Cherokees, his tribe has been here since early 1800s. He & Governor Corzine had mutual friends, and is well known both to the State and Federal Governments.

He had been seeking recognition as an established tribe with the right to sit on the Indian Commission.  He was constantly stonewalled by the commissioners and misdirected again and again.  At a meeting with the then Secretary of State, Nina Wells, Chief Ross learned of an inaccurate report that was going to be released.  That report effectively left out over 30,000 Native Americans in NJ.  The only Native American entities mentioned were three entities, two of which were not indigenous to NJ and had become established as 5013Cs in 1975 by invitation of Chief Sam Beeler of the Sand Hills.  The Feds, NJ, the gaming lobbyists and their backers all knew this-

Unfortunately, what the gaming lobbyists didn’t know was that Chief Ross was about to bring out of the wood work the original indigenous tribe of NJ, the Sand Hills.  He had located the long hidden tribal members and their principal chief.

After a series of meetings between the then two Principal Chiefs, the two tribes attempted to obtain seats on the commission.  Again and again they were stonewalled by the commissioners and the two chiefs watched as the commissioners contradicted themselves again and again.

However, patience lasts only so long and the Sand Hills on Feb 17, 2009 filed their first motion of their lawsuit.  Allegedly, it was then that NJ’s Casino Jim went into high gear.


Allegedly, the gaming lobbyists had been slowly arranging for land to be bought on a mountain by different owners and/or corporations.  Rumor has it these were fronts for those behind the lobbyists who wanted to move their casinos to that location. It was easy.  It had taken only ten years to take a tribe and throw it into chaos.

The Native American entities living in that area were no longer a tribe, were in disarray, tied up in their own lawsuits- which resulted in the Courts declaring them a 5013c and NOT an Indian tribe.  The chairman was no more a Chief than I was in the eyes of the State and Federal laws.  

The next step needed to be accomplished was to appear that those behind the gaming lobbyists were not racist or trying to commit  “genocide” against the Native Americans living in Bergen County Mountains.  Therefore some sort of plan had to be hatched that would never expose the reality of what was taking place.

However a problem popped up.  Once the Sand Hills actually filed their lawsuit every effort had to be made to guarantee a media blackout- NJ citizens could never know that there really was an indigenous tribe with real rights to land, natural resources etc.  Any acknowledgement of what the Sand Hills were saying would derail the alleged takeover of the mountains.  After all the casinos had to be moved no matter who was sacrificed.

So a battle of wits began between the ” Casino Jim” people and the Sand Hills, along with their allies the Ani-Tsalagi Onaselagi.  The Chiefs, while working and walking with Clients were accosted and threatened by alleged hired hands of the gaming lobbyists.  Homes were broken into, break lines cut, tires slashed,  tire nuts undone so that tires would come off once the car was going at a higher speed, surveillance, phones tapped, and the hired hands were followed by the FEDS who were watching everyone.  A long standing joke ran up and down the eastern seaboard- Whenever Chief Holloway stopped to tie his shoelaces, there was a five car motorcade back up.  Chief Ross had a line of people walking behind him, who busily turned away should the Chief turn his head.

There were attempts to stonewall the Sand Hills from the very beginning.  Allegedly the Indian Commission went to find a disgruntled family member of the Sand Hills to come forward to claim she and her immediate family was the real tribe and that The Sand Hills with Chief Holloway were not.  Both the Indian Commission and this person forgot that the majority of her relatives were actual members of tribe whose chief is Holloway- she was estranged from her relatives and set up her own family unit to pass as a Tribe. Why? This will be discovered during the court hearings.

Meanwhile back to Casino Jim-Allegedly, somehow the judge overseeing the Sand Hill case, decided to dismiss one the plaintiff’s motions solely based upon one letter from this disgruntled Sand Hill.  Holloway was deprived the right to present his own evidence or discovery, or to challenge this letter. For some reason, the Judge decided that the person writing the letter was the real McCoy, oops, Sand Hill.  

When, in the history of jurisprudence, does a Judge decide a ruling based upon a letter by one person   claiming something and NOT demanding that person present proof, nor allow the other side to question?

I am telling you, Casino Jim was very busy!  He and his minions had already cost the State over twenty million dollars in legal costs against a legitimate tribe by allegedly interfering with the courts,  but Casino Jim couldn’t afford any tribe to be acknowledged- they needed the mountains- which happen to be Indian land.

So they got busy- anyone know of any Native Americans who have been going around for the past few years saying that he/she had a lot of money for a house on a mountain, but it wasn’t time to buy one yet- but it would be soon?  Or were told that the Sand Hills’s lawsuit ruined everything- that ten years of hard work was going to be undone?  Or know anyone who earns a modest living driving around in a car that he/she got with cash- no financing needed.  Yeah, if the Native Americans reading this begin to think about it- yes you do!

Back to the fantasy of Casino Jim and the corruption permeating the courts and politicians.  So we now have a former Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Indian Commission all named in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit, with one of the largest Native American claims to ever hit the United States.  Allegedly, all caused for political favors  promised by Casino Jim.


NJ Sand Hills embrace their traditions

On Saturday, January 8, 2010, Chief/Chairman Dr. Ronald Yonaguska Holloway, was chosen as Principal Chief of the New Jersey Sand Hill Band of Lenape and Cherokee Indians.  The Tribe has installed him as a blood chief, thereby abolishing their present constitution and returning to their more traditional way of installing their chiefs through hereditary bloodlines by tribal council rather than by electing them.

There are only three families who have had members as Principal Chiefs for the Sand Hills. The families are: Holloway, Revey, and Crummel. In order to be appointed as Principal Chief, the person must have the “blood line ” of these former Chiefs.  

This has been the tradition of the Sand Hills for hundreds of years.  These families are the actual descendents of the original Sand Hills who adopted “Anglo” names as the Europeans encroached more and more on their lands in New Jersey.

This means that the Tribe has returned to its traditional way of appointing chiefs, thereby going against what the U.S. government requires the Native Americans to do to receive supervision recognition.

The U.S. government (in the middle to late 1800s-1900s) had forced all the Indigenous Tribes to go against what had been the way they had established and governed their tribes for thousands of years and adopt the U. S. governmental procedures of electing leaders as a way to destroy and subjugate the Native Americans.  This was part of the U. S. government’s forced assimilation of the Native Americans into the Western Culture.

On January 8, 2010, The Sand Hills declared that they are embracing their traditional ways of running their tribe and are maintaining their sovereignty.  

The Last Time Around

Things were really quiet and peaceful until the defendants (mentioned in the Sand Hill Lawsuit) read that Sen. Weinberg had attended a party and Chief/Chairman Holloway was also present. Things that make you go “hmm!”

For the record- (FACT) the name that Pontiton is hiding behind is a woman’s name and she was the offspring of a marriage between a Revey or Richardson (Sand Hill) and a Van Dunk back in the 1700s- It is mighty funny that she is using this name!

In Blog 2- Pontiton is talking about the Star Ledger article written by Joe Ryan who knew Nina Wells (former NJ Secretary of State) quite well and allegedly was on very friendly terms with her. His article was based on information given to him by the Native American Indian Commission and Claire Garland who misled and misinformed people at the Indian Commission meeting when she and everyone else present denied any knowledge of Beeler.  All the above are defendants mentioned in the Law Suit. We have already beaten this HORSE TO DEATH!

It seems that Pontiton has a series of blogs/comments each one getting more desperate, more ridiculous, and inaccurate- If Claire is who she’s claiming to be – then if I were Claire, I would sure as hell want this to go to trial, Oh boy I would!! I would want to make certain that the results of the testimony were made Public ASAP. I would be writing to the Governor, President, and God, Itself, to get this to have its DAY in COURT!

However, everything Pontiton and her cohorts have done has been to prevent Holloway and the NJ Sand Hills Band of Lenape and Cherokee Indians their day in court. Why doesn’t Pontiton want the truth to come out?  Holloway does- that’s why he has gone to Court!

The State of NJ, The Indian Commission, and all their cohorts have prevented the Sand Hills from receiving Due Process- If Pontiton really wanted justice to be served– she would be jumping on the band wagon to have this settled by the courts- Because only in the courts are her questions going to be answered. Not in a blog or comment so that the State will know what evidence and strategies are going to be used by the Sand Hills. Is she NUTS to think that she can get us to expose something by acting stupid?

Again, she would be jumping on the band wagon if she really wanted justice and for the courts to settle the matter. But, she’s not! Therefore,then one of the real questions to begin asking is– is there something that Holloway and the Sand Hills know that Pontiton and the others don’t want to be made public by being presented in Court?