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Statement Planned For Marlboro Green Awareness

In Monmouth County, NJ the Marlboro Republican Club, in Conjunction with the Manalapan Republican Club, is hosting Green Awareness Event, ?An Event to Educate and Benefit our Environment? Tuesday, December 9, 2008 @ 7:00 PM, Marlboro Recreation Building – 1996 Recreation Way, Marlboro Township.

I write on energy policy for Popular Logistics, on the web at I ran for school board earlier this year on a solar energy platform – on the web at  http://www.furmanforschoolboar…   I’d like to thank the Manalapan Republicans and the Marlboro Republicans for holding this event.

I’d like to talk about Nuclear Power and Coal, and clean sustainable energy.

Saving the Shore from Global Warming – Good for the Economy. And it’s the Law!

In April of 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal Environmental Protection Agency must regulate carbon emissions unless it presents scientific proof that greenhouse gases do not contribute to global climate change. On Nov. 13, the EPA?s Environmental Appeals Board ruled it would do so. We need alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear power, if for no other reason than to obey the law.

Bush, McCain, and Hoover

The economic policies of the Bush Administration are not unprecedented. Like Ronald Reagan, and John McCain should he succeed him, George W. Bush is dismantling the infrastructure put in place by Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, James Earl Carter, and William Jefferson Clinton.

I expect my government to plan for the future and regulate corporate behavior the way I expect it to secure the borders, protect the air, water, and natural resources, and provide police protection from muggers, rapists, and criminals.  However, George Bush, and John McCain, like Herbert Hoover, believe that “Rugged Individualism” means not “one nation under God” but “every man for himself” and that government interference in the economy is “socialism.” Hoover spoke eloquently on the campaign trail in 1928, saying “Our country has become the land of opportunity … not merely because of the wealth of its resources and industry, but because of freedom of initiative and enterprise.”

Unfortunately however, the reality of that Republican Administration fell short of ideal when the excesses of the non-regulated 1920’s created the Great Depression. Hoover, personally unaffected by the Depression, stood rigid and wooden, a slave to his beliefs and misconceptions, unwilling and unable to help his fellow citizens.

Similarly, Bush stood idly by in the face of Hurricane Katrina, impotent, unable to do anything but pat his well-connected friend, the head of FEMA, on the back and say ‘Heck of a job’. And today he does nothing to spur the development of Clean Energy – Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Marine Current, etc., choosing instead to beg the Saudis to produce more oil.  

We Americans, in the midst of The Great Depression, knew better than elect a laissez-faire Republican to the White House in 1932.  Will we know better today?