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Forrester is not interested in debate

Like his national Republican counterparts who demand loyalty oaths to attend rallies, hand-pick audiences and questions, and fence off protesters far away in “free speech zones“, Doug Forrester’s campaign is only interested in giving the illusion of embracing open debate and dialog.

On his new “blog“, Doug complains about the lack of debate:

In a democracy, public debates are a traditional forum for such introductions. Unfortunately, since Senator Corzine continues to avoid debates, I am implementing ways that you can continue to get to know me better. I want you to have a chance to ask the questions you had looked forward to having addressed in the debates.

Feel free to submit comments and questions via the link below each entry, or email

But if you try to submit a comment, you get the message “Your message has been sent. Thank You.”

The comment is not posted – it’s just passed along to the campaign for careful screening where they will decide what does or does not become a part of the so-called debate. What is Forrester afraid of?

We invite Doug to join us here – for a real debate. There will be no censoring or screening of questions and comments, and you won’t find any hand-picked audiences here. Anyone can join and everyone has a chance to follow the debate. So what do you say, Doug?

Police chief can’t get police endorsements

Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro) and Bill Baroni (R-Hamilton) are the two incumbents in NJ’s 14th legislative district Assembly race. Baroni’s running mate, Michael Paquette, was police Chief in South Brunswick for 11 years, where he served a total of 27 years. Although it probably should have been his best chance at an endorsement, the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) refused to endorse him this week. Paquette was also unable to get the endorsement of the Fraternal Order or Police. Both groups endorsed the incumbents.

“This has to be embarrassing to the former chief since a key part of his campaign plank is that he brings law enforcement and homeland security experience to state government, yet these groups didn’t endorse him,” said Rider University political scientist David Rebovich.

Nick Acocella, who publishes the weekly Politifax newsletter, agreed. “What a slap in the face for him,” he said. “For a police officer not to get a police endorsement says something.”


Greenstein’s runningmate, Hamilton councilman Dan Benson, recently received the endorsement of Democracy for America and joined the DFA-List.

Rep. Rush Holt calls for Iraq withdrawal starting Oct 16

In an open letter to Condoleeza Rice in the Trenton Times today, to coincide with her visit to Princeton (link not available, so I’m reproducing it all), NJ Congressman (and rocket scientist) Rush Holt called for a withdrawal of US troops from Iraq to begin on October 16, 2005 – the day after the national referendum on the draft Iraqi constitution.

His letter below the fold…

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Holt/Pallone to join protest of Condi’s Princeton visit

Condi Rice will deliver the keynote address at the Wilson School at Princeton University on Friday. The Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action is organizing a protest against the Bush administration’s failed Iraq policy, which she played a key role in developing and selling to the American people:

We know that he has the infrastructure, nuclear scientists to make a nuclear weapon…

The problem here is that there will always be some uncertainty about how quickly he can acquire nuclear weapons. But we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”

           – Condoleeza Rice, Sept 8, 2003

Details of the protest on the other side…