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Wastewater from VX Nerve agent in the Delaware River?

According to today’s Bucks County Courier Times, the EPA won’t oppose a plan by the Department of Defense and DuPont Co. to dump a wastewater byproduct of the nerve agent, VX into the Delaware River.

The agency said it’s assured of a safe treatment for up to 4 million gallons of caustic wastewater created in the treatment for VX, a chemical weapon with a pinhead-size potency to kill a human. DuPont is treating VX for disposal at its Newport Chemical Depot in Indiana.

The agent, once neutralized, would be shipped to DuPont’s Chambers Works plant in Deepwater, N.J., for discharge into the river.

So maybe the EPA is right and there is no risk, but dont they have any good rivers to dump this crap in out there?  They have to waste money bringing it out here to pollute our waters? 

Update: Congressman Rob Andrews opposes the plan to dump VX in the Delaware….

Democrats 2000 Responds to the State of the Union

Democrats2000, the largest and most active grassroots organization for New Jersey Democrats age 40 and under, released the following statement in response to President George W. Bush’s State of the Union address:

“The reviews are in following President Bush’s address to the nation. While our President delivered a speech full of oratory and rhetoric, his words rang hollow on issues important to Americans under age 40.

I’d like to have more confidence in my president but i’ve been proven the fool by actually believing before.

Democrats 2000 holds Inaugural Party

Don’t have a ticket to the Inaugural Ball? 

Democrats 2000, the largest and most active organization for Younger Generation Democrats in New Jersey dedicated to helping get Younger Generation Democrats elected to local, county, state and federal office has the answer for you…

Celebrate the inauguration of Governor Jon Corzine with Democrats 2000!

Join us at Triumph Brewing Company in Princeton on Tuesday the 17th at 7:00 as we kick off 2006 at a free celebration in honor of our State’s 53rd Governor.

For more info email:

Assemblywoman quits to deal with “misunderstandings & misperceptions”

Assemblywoman Evelyn Williams said she will not continue serving in the Legislature when it re-organizes next week.  According to the Star Ledger

In a three-paragraph letter faxed to Essex County Democratic Chairman Philip Thigpen yesterday afternoon, Williams said she would step down when the current session ends Monday, citing a need to resolve the “misunderstandings and misperceptions” that have plagued her over the past three weeks.

Williams’ resignation comes less than a month after being sworn in to replace the late Donald Tucker in the 28th legislative district, which includes Belleville, Bloomfield, Irvington and parts of Newark.

12 days of Christmas belated

Ok, I know I missed christmas, but I also know i’ll start seeing commercials for next year’s holiday during the bowl games, so i feel this is still relevant.  This is a letter to the editor that appeared in the Bergen Record and i found it posted on Dump Mike

The writer is organizing project manager of the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

On the first day of Christmas my Congress gave to me tax cuts for the wealthy.

On the second day of Christmas my Congress gave to me Medicaid reductions.

more below….

State charges for birth, death and marriage certificates will go from $4 to $25 on Jan. 1

According to today’s edition of the Courier Post,

The state will increase its fee for birth, marriage and death records by more than six times the current amount starting Jan. 1, and the extra revenue will pay the cost of beefing up security measures intended to prevent identity theft and assist counterterrorism efforts.

The fee hike applies only to vital-statistics records obtained from the state and does not apply to documents obtained from municipal offices, which set their own rates.

Birth, marriage and death records are issued in the municipality where the event took place but the state, in most cases, will now charge substantially more for the same service.

Why would anyone use the state when they could pay almost 1/3 in their own home town