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Millennials Will Stay Home and It’s Our Fault

Enough of Ryan for this morning. On to a different discussion of our challenges. John was elected Chair of  Keansburg Dems at age 18, making him the youngest municipal chair in NJ. He cross-posted this from Huffington Post at my request.

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There has been an awful lot of conversation this election cycle about “the youth vote.” Traditional wisdom suggests that young people will head to the polls for President Obama, others suggest widening margins for Governor Romney. All of these questions miss the real problem at hand: what if young people just don’t show up? Even worse — what if it’s our fault?

Think about it — if you go to any local political organization they are struggling to get more young people engaged. Ask any elected official how many young people showed up to their last town hall — you’ll be shocked to hear how low the numbers are. Campaign after campaign lacks concentrated efforts to target young people on the same scale as ethnic or gender groups. This is a serious misstep for anyone looking to seriously organize young people and a massive threat to our democratic system.

People of Faith for Full Equality

In the run-up to yesterday’s breakthrough Senate marriage vote, both Senate Judiciary, then Assembly Judiciary heard a great deal of mostly repetitive and inaccurate testimony against the bill from people claiming religious objections. This, despite the bill’s clearly stated provision exempting religious institutions and their facilities from holding gay marriages (read out loud by Assembly sponsor Reed Gusciora). Reality is there’s considerable support from the faithful of many traditions. As the full Assembly prepares to consider the bill Thursday 1pm (full Senate passed it yesterday), here one Catholic writes eloquently why he supports it, and here’s another from a Jewish P-O-V by Stephen Yellin I also recommend.  – promoted by Rosi

We’ve heard a lot in New Jersey about “Equality” lately. Diverse opinions, harsh criticisms, love and hate have characterized this debate. I wish we heard more from the laity of the churches, and communities of faith around the state-I wish they were the ones who were politically vocal.

New Jersey has a waterloo moment coming up this week as our Legislature votes again on Marriage equality for the LGBT community in our state. I’ve heard politicians come out and say that they feel they cannot do it for “religious”, “spiritual” or “God-spoken” reasons. People of Faith for equality need to use our voice.

Do you “Like” Making a difference?

I was supposed to be at this training, talking blogs. I had to cancel because of an accident, so apologies to the Monmouth Dems. I heard great feedback on your training – congratulations. – promoted by Rosi

Sometimes we seem to forget what the State Committee, Elected Officials, and County Leadership can do to build our team, write our playbook and foster our talent. More importantly, we often forget our responsibility as democrats to help ourselves! In Monmouth County we are setting ourselves on a track to implement an aggressive countywide organization with well trained party leadership, elected officials and party activists. On Monday, August 8th State Committee Communications Director (and social-media-guru) Jason Springer, Congressman Pallone and myself joined the Monmouth County Democrats for a a free training on how to use social-media to involve young people in the party, organize around a idea and better communicate our message.

Under Chairman Scudiery’s leadership, Monmouth County has hosted a series of free trainings for elected officials, municipal chairs, activists and volunteers.  Topics have included an ELEC training, candidates campaign training and advance fundraising.  Not only were they free for the people attending, but were held at no cost to the county party.