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Who Will You Be Voting for in November?

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It’s still early, but if you have literally 10 seconds available, please give us an indication of who you will be voting for this November. This isn’t a Quinnipiac or Gallup poll, but it will produce a fairly accurate and unbiased result and may help us get an idea of Scott Garrett’s vulnerability. Please send the poll to friends, family members, and others interested in the NJ-5 race. Thanks for participating!

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Two More Heinous Votes by The Man Without a Heart

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Scott Garrett would be against a cure for cancer if it came up for a vote in Congress. The only people who aren’t aware of Garrett’s obsessive tendency to vote against legislation are the ones who just can’t bring themselves to follow the shitstorm that is American politics, and Chris Matthews.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, in the last week Congressman Garrett voted against two bills that for all intents and purposes would have benefited people in his district as well as the rest of the country.

A Tale of Two Web Ads in the 39th

In the race for Assembly in the 39th LD the “entrenched” Republican incumbent and her newcomer partner lacked the integrity and creativity to release an original web ad. Instead they copied the format, style, and some of the same language of their underdog and underfunded Democratic challengers.

Here’s the original Democratic ad released by the Democrats’ campaign on September 23: Original Ad

And here’s the 2 copied ads released by the Republicans on October 6: Copied Ad 1

Copied Ad 2

What do you think, did the Republicans pull off a heist here, or are the similarities in the 3 videos just coincidences

Republicans Are Too Good for Craigslist, “last resort for desperate masses”

In a post from September 22, the Conservative blog Save Jersey ridiculed Democrats’ craigslist advertisement recruiting grassroots volunteers (for phone banking, canvassing, etc.) in the 39th Assembly District. The post can be found here.

Under the title, “Dispirited and Desperate Dems Turn to Craigslist for Volunteers,” the Conservative bloggers wrote, “How can I trust the accuracy of polls reporting large Chris Christie leads? Well, for starters, motivating volunteers to help Jon Corzine and his team has become so difficult that the Democrats have resorted to Craigslist to recruit campaign volunteers!”

For a variety of reasons Save Jersey bloggers, who like craigslist use the internet to connect like minded people in one place, have no right to make fun of a legitimate attempt at recruiting volunteers for a long shot, underfunded, grassroots Assembly campaign.

First of all, the Corzine campaign had nothing to do with the recruitment of volunteers for the 39th Assembly race. The 39th Assembly campaign posted the ad on its own, with absolutely no mention of the Governor, his campaign, or any other Democratic candidates.

Second of all there is absolutely nothing wrong with posting on craigslist, a revolutionary networking site that has connected millions of people in the name of streamlining important processes, tasks, and burdens such as job searches, apartment searches, selling unwanted but still useful items, personal advice…I could go on ad infinitum. Like any other helpful product some people take advantage and abuse it to their own twisted needs, but that does not mean it is a place for only the discarded, ignored, unwashed masses. In fact right now on the non-profit jobs section of craigslist North Jersey  there are postings for part time Shelter Aides, an animal shelter manager, and a youth case manager. My god, what disgusting, unheard of tactics will homeless shelters, veterinarians, and social workers think up next to advance their nefarious causes? Not facebook?!

Finally, I know for a fact that Republicans have resorted to tactics most would consider just as “desperate” as posting on craigslist. If Save Jersey and other Republicans want to make fun of Democrats for using a popular networking site to boost their volunteer base, they should also consider who makes up their readership. I have a feeling at least a few visitors to Save Jersey have found an unwanted household necessity, job, or place to live through craigslist.

Maybe the bloggers at Save Jersey are above using craigslist, but not millions of other Americans who rely on it to make their lives a little bit easier, less stressful, and more productive.

Editor’s Note: Post’s Author is a Field Director for Democrats’ 39th Assembly Campaign.

LD 39: Shahdanian and McCarthy Web Ad

As campaigns reach the final stretch before Election Day they are stepping up their operations. Governor Corzine is going full steam ahead on TV, at community events, in the field, and wherever else he and his staff believe they can gain an advantage over their opponents. Likewise for Assembly campaigns.

In the 39th District Democrats John Shahdanian and Mike McCarthy have begun mounting a serious effort against incumbent Republican Charlotte Vandervalk and Robert Schroeder (replacing the retiring John Rooney). Shahdanian and McCarthy have significantly less resources than the Republicans but are poised to battle Vandervalk and Schroeder until the last ballot is punched.

Watch Shahdanian and McCarthy’s first ad, made exlclusively for the internet, here and read about their campaign after the jump.

McCarthy and Shahdanian for District 39

It’s rewarding to see such fighting attitude emerge in the state races inside the Congressional District represented by the backwards-leaning Rep. Scott Garrett. It’s great to watch that infrastructure getting built – – promoted from the diaries by Rosi Efthim

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Full Disclosure: I was just hired as a Field Organizer for Jon Corzine’s Coordinated Campaign in Bergen County, which supports John Shahdanian and Mike McCarthy for Assembly in the 39th District.

New Jersey’s 39th District Assembly races (which include these Bergen County towns) are typically blowouts. Republicans have held the district’s two Assembly seats since 1977 despite Democrats’ success in the rest of Bergen County. 2009 is going to be different though – Republican incumbent Charlotte Vandervalk and first-time candidate Robert Schroeder are being challenged by upstart Democrats John Shahdanian and Michael McCarthy.

Star Ledger on Garrett

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Today’s Star Ledger features an inaccurate “puff piece” profile of Scott Garrett.…

The writer, Bob Braun, goes as far as saying that Garrett, “has a reputation as pro-conservation,” which is utterly dishonest. He receieved a 0% rating by the LEAGUE OF CONSERVATION VOTERS! He also thinks global warming is a hoax.

Braun sums up Garrett’s political philosophy in the sentence, “People should neither blame others for their problems, nor expect others to solve those problems.” While that is a good philosophy in general, it is a horrible philosophy for someone whose job is enacting laws to HELP people with problems they can’t solve on their own.

Another guiding political philosophy Garrett mentions in the article is that “good people” make a good society…

I think Scott Garrett just discovered the solution to world hunger, draught, and the Middle East conflict – Good People!

Scott Garrett and “the Free Market Economy”

Promoted from the diaries. Keep ’em coming, Retire Garrett. Are there any other independent opposition groups forming in any of our other congressional districts? It’s never to early to start, you know – – Rosi

This is the most recent post from Although Blue Jersey readers don’t need to be told that free market economies don’t work, the Retire Garrett Campaign is attempting to work on certain frameworks that will most effectively convince voters of Rep. Garrett’s incompetence. One idea put forward is attacking Garrett’s belief that the market does not need to be regulated in any way, shape, or form. What do you think?

“market, heal thyself” – Scott Garrett

We hear a lot from Scott Garrett about the free market. He praises it. He thinks the unfettered free market is a boon to America. He thinks the lack of an entirely free market caused the economic meltdown. We now know Scott Garrett was wrong.

There is agreement across the spectrum from the left to the right that the abolishment of regulatory oversight was a major contribution to the meltdown and our recent economic troubles. No one was watching the cookie jar.

The free market philosophy can only work if the people handling our banks and financial institutions are honest and trustworthy. Of course, many are but too many are not. Hello Madoff, Thain, Enron, AIG, Bear Stearns etc. This is not new. History clearly shows how people seek advantages over others, permit greed to overcome good character, conform when they need to whistle blow, take risks with other peoples? assets and money and more.  This is not new and it is not likely to stop or change.