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AP Newswired: Balloon Boy Endorses Chris Christie

Promoted by Jason: Joey has a less mentioned endorsement.

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In a stunning announcement, sure to surprise the world of politics in New Jersey, Falcon Heene (otherwise known as “Balloon Boy”) has decided to endorse a candidate for governor in the New Jersey race this year.

His choice: Republican Chris Christie.

“Mr. Christie represents our family’s values, and our son chose him all on his own,” said Falcon’s parents, Richard and Mayumi.

The Heenes were the alleged perpetrators of the Colorado balloon incident that occurred on October 15, 2009, when their six-year-old son was mistakenly believed to have floated away in a homemade balloon, attracting worldwide attention.  The young Falcon added, “You guys said this, the Christie endorsement, um, we did this for the show.”

Richard Heene went on to read statement from his son.

“Mr. Christie’s campaign travels parallel roads with the recent incident. Both are being done for the ‘show’. Both are full of hot air. The balloon itself was constructed from plastic tarps taped together, covered with an aluminum foil, and held together with string and duct tape.”

“The Christie ‘agenda’ for New Jersey is made up of the same kind of ‘substance’. We fully believe, like our balloon, that a Governor Christie administration will rise above the state of New Jersey, soaring through the sky —just like our balloon. And this is no hoax.”

During interviews on ABCs’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today , the balloon boy vomited when he was asked about the incident.

Mr. Christie could not be reached for comment to respond to this new endorsement.

“And in sickness and in health…” (Ok, maybe just in health)

Promoted by Jason Springer: Joey gives his take on the mandate debate.

A debate has broken out over health care – not in Washington, but in Trenton – and there is a real difference of opinion to consider.  Chris Christie wants to allow New Jersey companies to be able to buy into health insurance plans that are regulated by another state, but not necessarily regulated by New Jersey.  

The argument is that with all of the mandates that New Jersey requires, health insurance is more expensive here.  So let’s go to another state without so many mandates to find affordable health care.  

So what are these mandates?

Breast cancer seems to be the topic de TV de jure.  Now the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) ranks New Jersey as “meets policy” for mammograms because we “…require private insurers to cover annual mammograms for women age 40 and older.” New Jersey also requires that mammograms be covered for younger women with a history of breast cancer in their families.

Let’s say a New Jersey business could go to a Michigan insurance company to get health insurance.  The NWLC ranks Michigan as “weak policy” because

   “… they only require insurers to offer mammogram coverage as a benefit in employer-sponsored insurance plans, but have not required that it be a mandated benefit in all of these insurance plans.”  

Let’s go a step further and let that New Jersey business seek coverage from a Utah company.  That state gets a “no policy” rating from the NWLC because Utah does “… not have any requirements regarding insurance coverage for mammograms.”

When questioned on the matter of insurance coverage, Christie described some patients as being exceptions and not the rule, in one case, that of a younger person contracting a disease.  In his opinion, those exceptions are costing New Jerseyans more money because Trenton makes a mandate for coverage.  

Chris, let’s set the record straight: Well, actually, most people are healthy, so being sick at all is actually an exception, and that’s why we have insurance.

How may women under 40 get breast cancer?  According to the Cleveland Clinic,

   “Only 5 percent of all breast cancer cases occur in women under 40 years old.  However, breast cancer can strike at any age, and all women should be aware of their personal risk factors for breast cancer.”  

In effect, Chris Christie’s position is that these five percent of women are the exceptions, and it’s costing New Jerseyans too much money in health care premiums to give them mammogram coverage.  

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want one of my young nieces to be stuck with high medical bills because Christie thinks of them as nothing more than an “exception.”

Let’s say a young woman is working in New Jersey for a company that got its health care insurance from Utah.  She finds a lump in her breast.  She’d have to pay for the mammogram out of her own pocket.  But what if she couldn’t afford the procedure?  That’s the debate, and that’s the difference between Corzine and Christie.

What if Christie took this position to other areas of policy?  That other NJ state mandates don’t need to be followed because its “cheaper”.

Maybe it would be cheaper for school districts in New Jersey to abide by the educational standards of Mississippi or Alabama?  Of course, that would save us a little in property taxes, but I don’t think many families in New Jersey want their kids going to schools with less “mandates.”  

What if we let counties in New Jersey abide by the environmental standards of West Virginia?  What about companies in New Jersey being able to abide by the labor standards of Louisiana?

There are many reasons why we live in New Jersey, and that’s because we don’t think of our neighbors as exceptions.

Political comedian Jimmy Tingle comes to NJ

A Great Show At the Prallsville Mill Friday April 25

Music You Can’t Hear On The Radio

Friday April 25 at 8 pm


Jimmy Tingle is a wonderfully funny, smart, compassionate political comedian. His previous one-man shows, held over for weeks in Boston, Los Angeles and elsewhere, have led columnist Mark Shields of PBS to call him

“the Will Rogers of the 21st century”

and The New York Times to write,

“He is so cheerfully intelligent…and brings so much energy and personal warmth to his performance that one comes away from it strangely uplifted.”

An unusual act perhaps for a folk music series (though he is a good harmonica player), Jimmy Tingle simply is too good to miss.


The Prallsville Mill is a wonderful place to become a fan of musicians and comedians you may never have heard of before. Performers particularly love appearing in this beautiful historic building and quickly captivate both old friends and new listeners.

TICKETS are $25 each and can be reserved in advance by sending email to or calling (609) 397-1826. They can also be purchased online at or by sending a check payable to Mill Folk Concerts to Mill Folk Concerts, 79 Rittenhouse Road, Stockton, NJ 08559.