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anti-Menendez card sent to Italian-Americans

This recent mailing was mentioned earlier today by sandy23, in a comment to Steven Hart’s front page diary.  I’d just like to add a bit more info.

The yellow postcards criticize Menendez for his opposition to the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, and suggest that New Jersey’s Italian-Americans should therefore oppose the Senator and vote for Junior Kean.

The card was allegedly produced and mailed by the Filangieri Society for Justice and Good Government, an entity based in Monmouth Beach.  If you check the organization’s web site, it appears to be blank.  Bad sign.  It’s probably just a phony front group run out of some guy’s garage.

Just how stupid does this bogus Society (and/or the Kean campaign) think NJ’s Italian-Americans are?  Menendez obviously opposed Alito’s nomination because Alito is an extremist right-winger, not because he is the wrong ethnic type. 

Just as Junior is exploiting immigrant issues and smearing Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, he is attempting to exploit the fact that about 20% of New Jerseyans (as the card helpfully notes) are of Italian descent.  Frankly, it seems vaguely creepy that some GOP goon (or computer) combed through voter lists for names that end with vowels.

Ferguson is a Social Security Bamboozler

In the October 26 issue of the Cranford Chronicle, it is reported that Ferguson claims he would not vote to privatize Social Security:

The race for Congress ran through Cranford last week, as Republican Mike Ferguson, the incumbent in New Jersey’s Seventh Congressional District, and Democratic challenger Linda Stender, a state assemblywoman from Union County, met with residents of the Cranford Senior Housing complex.

Appearing separately before the seniors, Stender and Ferguson fielded pre-selected questions on topics such as Social Security, stem cell research and the war in Iraq…

On Social Security, both candidates are against privatization and agreed that benefits to current recipients should not and will not be changed.

Well, do you remember March 4, 2005?  On that day, Ferguson stood beside George W. Bush at the Westfield Armory during Bush’s Social Security Bamboozlepalooza Tour.  Mike might say that he is against privatization, but if you pressed him, he would probably start talking about personal accounts or individual accounts – which are just other ways of saying privatization.  According to TPM blogger Josh Marshall, Ferguson favors Social Security privatization and phase-out, and he has supported the Bush scheme for years.  Ferguson is trying to fool voters with semantics, and he is being dishonest. 

Kean Jr : Stay the Course

I’m not sure if someone has posted on this article, but Jon Whiten did an interesting piece, dated Sept 19, on the City Belt web site.  The title is “Kean Quiet on War Questions”.
City Belt link.

Members of Military Families Speak Out’s (MFSO) Bergen and Essex County Chapters recently met with both Senate candidates to discuss the Iraq War. Tom Kean, Jr. refused to answer four of the nine questions when interviewed, promising that he would give his answers in writing, only to back out of that two weeks later. Despite being told that MFSO does not endorse candidates, the campaign said that since MFSO would probably support Menendez, they weren’t going to finish the questions.

The Q&A session shows what those of us who follow politics closely already know — Menendez is very strong on the war, and has been since before it started (he voted against 2002’s authorization to use force in Iraq), and Kean Jr. wants to “stay the course.” What startled me the most was that Kean, Jr. didn’t explain — or perhaps just didn’t have — thoughts on the unanswered questions, especially one about what he’d do to support veterans if elected.

Check out the rest of the article.  Junior is running scared, and he and his handlers clearly know that the Iraq issue can hurt him.