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NJ7 – Ferguson is a COWARD!

There’s no other word for it: Mike Ferguson is a COWARD. He is ducking debates with Linda Stender:


Why? Because he knows that after a career of being a Bush stooge, the ONLY chance he has to win is to keep Stender’s name recognition low.

But all voters in NJ-7 deserve to hear a real debate about the real issues that face our country.

Be a man, Mike – debate Linda Stender!

What does Mike Ferguson think about his patron, Mark Foley?

Stender Says Hastert Should Resign:


As we all know by now, disgraced Republican Congressman Mark Foley has resigned following allegations of sending sexually explicit emails to an underage congressional page.

New Jersey is affected by this, even though Foley is from Florida: Republican Mike Ferguson of NJ’s 7th District has accepted Foley’s money in the past, and has yet to state where he stands on the alleged coverup of Foley’s disgusting behavior by the Republican House leadership.

We need to call Ferguson this week and ask him whether he will return the money, and whether he continues to support Denny Hastert.

NJ7 – Linda Stender: We Can Win This!

I had the pleasure of meeting Linda Stender this weekend; she’s running against Bush toadie Mike Ferguson in the 7th.

After talking with her and a group of supporters for over an hour, I’m absolutely convinced that Linda can win this thing – but only if we in the Democratic community raise awareness of the race.

Taking this seat would be a huge blow to the Republican machine. This is an outstanding opportunity for a pickup; best of all, it’s winnable.