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The united votes of independent thinkers

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I love reading letters to the editor, both ones that I agree with and those I can’t come to grips with as well.  But I enjoyed this one from a resident of Chatham in the Star Ledger:

Without regard to the merits of the case or how our state senators voted on Gov. Chris Christie’s state Supreme Court nominee Phillip Kwon, I was taken by the governor’s comment, “They all followed the political line like lemmings,” in reference to seven of the eight Democrats on the Judiciary Committee voting “no.”What does the governor call the straight party-line votes Republicans have made on the initiatives and bills endorsed by the governor since he was inaugurated? The united votes of independent thinkers?

That seems to sum things up nicely for the Governor’s case. But how is it everyone following like lemmings, if everyone didn’t actually follow? It seems like the lemmings were the ones who followed the Governor, no? I guess it’s ok if you’re a Christie Republican, just more of that independent thinking.

If Mitt Romney is an Etch A Sketch…

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Talk about horrible messaging and even worse imagery for a political campaign that plays into all of the the perceived stereotypes.  The candidate who has been regularly called out for flip flopping on his positions and failing to take a stand, has his staffer talk today about how they would just erase what he did in the primary once it ends…

“Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It’s almost like an Etch-A-Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and restart it all over again,”

That’s right, nothing for Mitt to worry about, because he can just shake it up and start over.

So that got me to thinking…

If Mitt Romney is like an etch a sketch, does that mean Governor Christie is Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em ROBOTS? Just like the game, he stands his position no matter what and tries to knock the opponents head off…

Christie’s real rules of the road show

Yes, these are some of the reasons we tend to put qualifying quotes around Chris Christie’s “Town Halls” – promoted by Rosi

When the Christie road show comes to town, the press and those in attendance seem to get nervous with excitement for the latest Youtube moment.  You see, it’s ok for the Governor to say and do anything he wants, no matter how disrespectful because he “gives the rules” first.  The Star Ledger gives us what Christie says before he opens up the taxpayer funded circus to public questions:

1) Raise your hand to be called on.

2) Wait for the microphone.

3) No speeches.

4) And if you get uppity, he’s going to put you in your place.

“If you decide you want to take the governor for a walk,” Christie tells the Roebling crowd, “remember this: We’re all from New Jersey. You’re going to get as good as you give.”

It’s clear, right?  You can say whatever you want, except for you really can’t because you will likely get shouted down if Christie doesn’t like what you say. Thankfully, we get this translation further in the Star Ledger story that tells us what Christie’s rules all really means

But it’s clear to many who have witnessed the governor’s solar flares for two-plus years, the real rules are these:

1) Christie is always right.

2) If you disagree with him, you’re a dope.

3) When in doubt, refer to Rules 1 and 2.

You see, it’s just Christie being Christie and if you don’t agree, you’re a dope. Because as rule #1 says, Christie is always right. Any questions?

Christie makes Jersey the Joke, then blames other for making it a Punch Line?

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In typical Christie style, he projects his own actions onto others to cast blame for his own failures. This time, it’s a question of who makes Jersey the joke.  Of course, with Jersey’s history I’d be crazy to deny that those who came before Christie didn’t provide plenty of material for comedians.  But as Christie is known to do, the Star Ledger lets us know he says he’s made that all better:

In a 28-minute speech, Christie repeatedly returned to a theme of Jersey as punch line turned success, promising Romney can do the same in Illinois and around the country if elected.

So with this great success, what does Christie choose to feature in his speach, in another state mind you:

He said reform through compromise is possible even in the home of “The Sopranos,” eliciting chuckles from the crowd.

Ah, that’s right, lets make Jersey the joke to say others made it a punch line.  What else has this Governor done to “make Jersey the joke” you ask?  I’ve put together this short list:

  • Abandoning his residents in a blizzard to vacation at Disney
  • Taking an Emergency Helicopter to his sons baseball game
  • Calling a Navy Seal an “idiot” and telling him to “shut up”
  • Saying the media should take the bat out on a senior female Senator
  • Saying people would have been happy to have a vote on Civil Rights in the South
  • Calling a Female Assemblywoman a jerk
  • Telling a woman the question she asked the Governor was none of her business
  • Pulling a questioner on stage only to have police escort him off
  • Telling Warren Buffet to “just shut up and write a check”
  • And that’s just the circus that he creates for show as Governor. It doesn’t even get into the harsh reality of his policies, which aren’t nearly as funny. But that’s right though Governor, it’s others who clearly have made Jersey the joke. In a separate Star Ledger story, Kevin Manahan inadvertently gave this fantastic summary of the Governor:

    One day, Christie wants “Jersey Shore” off the air. The next day, he acts like a cast member.

    Imagine What the Reaction From Republicans Would Be If…

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    Imagine what the reaction would be from Republicans if a Democratic Governor publicly berated an Iraq War Veteran and Navy Seal?

    There would be public outcry!

    Imagine what the reaction would be from Republicans if after that Democratic Governor publicly berated the war veteran, they then called the veteran an idiot?

    There would be condemnations and calls for an apology!

    Imagine what the reaction would be from Republicans if after the Democratic Governor berated the veteran and called him an idiot, he then had the nerve to say:

    “Damn, man. I’m Governor. Could you just shut up for a second?”

    There would be release after release on how Democrats don’t support our military, service members or veterans!

    Only problem with imagining that, is it was Republican Governor Chris Christie doing all those things. So where is GOP reaction, outcry and condemnation when Christie says it?


    I’ve seen some trying to equivocate and say the veteran is a Democrat who has a history with Christie. I’ve seen others say, ‘that’s just what Christie does’. And then some have said the vet was rude and interrupted the Governor’s show, because you know that vet didn’t help pay for Christie’s taxpayer-funded dog and pony show.

    But just imagine what the reaction would be if it wasn’t Christie who said all that? Remember that the next time he tries to wrap himself in the flag and talk about honoring service to country when he’s trying to court the votes of New Jersey’s veterans.

    Is it opposite day?

    Seems right to note that the story of Gov. Christie calling a NJ vet an ‘idiot’ is on WABC’s news tonight as well as Fox 5 for their 10pm broadcast and NBC10 out of Philadelphia.

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    I could have called this post In the Bizarro World. But I decided to go ahead with Is it Opposite Day? Either way, “up” seems to be “down” in the situation between Governor Chris Christie and Iraq War Veteran Bill Brown:

    Governor Chris Christie wears a flag pin.

    Iraq War Veteran Bill Brown has defended the actual flag in combat.

    Governor Christie hides behind security.

    Iraq War Veteran Bill Brown provided security for our country in 3 tours of duty in Iraq.

    Governor Chris Christie’s weapon is his mouth.

    Iraq War Veteran Bill Brown’s weapon was a gun.

    Governor Chris Christie hides behind a microphone.

    Iraq War Veteran Bill Brown, whatever his faults or momentary interruption of his Governor, didn’t hide behind anything, came to a meeting advertised as a public forum and had the support of some in the room, if not Christie’s.

    Governor Christie has cut funding to education.

    Iraq War Veteran Bill Brown has been a tireless advocate for educating veterans, which was in fact what he was asking Christie about – “please consider veterans students and non-traditional students like myself” – when he got the Chris Christie special treatment.

    So how exactly was Chris Christie in the right and Iraq War Veteran Bill Brown the “idiot” who should just “shut up?”

    Maybe we’d “just let it pass” if you didn’t keep misleading and exaggerating

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    It looks like the Christie administration continues to operate under the assumption that what they say is fact and how dare anyone question, even when they’re completely full of it.  Take for example this latest example of lack of truthiness from our fair Governor:

    “And in two years, what we’ve done is to protect the most vulnerable here, even when we had to cut 13 billion dollars in state spending over two years.”

    What’s wrong with this statement? Oh so much. Follow me for the rest …

    The “watcher of the entire agency” at the Port Authority “doesn’t do anything publicly”

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    If you missed the fantastic article by Shawn Boburg, with contributions by John Reitmeyer in the Record yesterday, I highly recommend you give it a read. It wasn’t the biggest story at the start of the Christie administration when he plucked Wally Edge, the anonymous puppet master behind PolitickerNJ and convinced him to reveal his true identify as David Wildstein, to move over to be his “eyes and ears at the Port Authority.” But Boburg’s piece shows it was clearly one of the more significant steps:

    Longtime employees, however, privately describe a man intent on carrying out a political agenda rather than one built on reform or improving the region’s transportation system. They believe the appointment of Wildstein and dozens of others recommended by the governor – for jobs ranging from toll collector to deputy executive director – are evidence that political loyalty trumps merit.

    And for his part, Wildstein has gone from the man breaking the stories from the outside, to what appears to be the man who contains or makes the stories on the inside:

    When a reporter asked him about his job, past experience and relationship to the governor, he smiled and referred each question to the media relations office. Why, he was asked, would he not talk about his role at the agency?

    “Because I don’t do anything publicly,” he said.

    But inside the agency’s headquarters, Wildstein plays a central role in decisions that affect the public.

    How central a role you might ask?  Just follow me below the fold for the answer.