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Weekend News Roundup And Open Thread For August 22-23

Christie on the Soap Box at the Iowa State Fair

  • Of course he’s not in NJ, but Chris Christie took time on the Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair where he drew a hard line on immigration telling the conservative crowd that people who come to the United State’s illegally should not be granted citizenship.
  • He was interrupted by protesters who opposed the Governor’s veto of pig crate legislation earlier this year and ran up on stage, you can see video here.
  • Some more good news for the Governor’s presidential bid as Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, said he plans to hold a fundraiser for Christie, and the departing Iowa House speaker offered his endorsement.

    APP Editorial: Come Home Governor And Get To Work

  • The Asbury Park Press is tired of Chris Christie’s attempted presidential run and today’s editorial makes clear, they are ready for him t come back home to focus on the problems of the job he’s already been elected to.
  • Record Editorial Rips Lottery Privatization

  • Editorial: “New Jersey chose to stop running its own lottery games because a private company was supposed to be more efficient and make more money. That needs to start happening”
  • Ashley Madison leak contains 88 emails tied to government agencies in N.J.

  • Eighty-eight email addresses tied to government agencies that conduct business in New Jersey were part of the massive Ashley Madison leak  including 37 from New Jersey school or school districts, with 19 of them listed as working addresses, thirteen from New Jersey state agencies, with 10 of them listed as working addresses, Nine addresses from New Jersey townships and cities with Eight of them working addresses and Ten addresses from county governments with Five as working addresses.
  • Taking the surprise out of network medical bills

  • The state’s largest health insurance company and organizations representing doctors and hospitals have held private discussions over the summer about legislation to protect consumers from surprise medical bills.
  • Christie sued over Security Travel Expenses During Presidential Campaign

  • Three advocacy groups sued Gov. Christie saying he was wrongly using taxpayer dollars to pay for his security detail’s travel expenses as he campaigns across the country in his quest to win the Republican nomination for the White House.
  • Of Pipeline Politics & Protests

  • More than 100 area residents and other protesters marched across the Milford-UBE Bridge from Upper Black Eddy, Pa. to Milford Saturday to show their opposition to the proposed PennEast Pipeline.
  • Deciminyan wrote yesterday here at Blue Jersey about protesting problematic pipelines.
  • Call for Civil Rights Probe in Bridgeton

  • The family of a man killed by Bridgeton police during a 2014 traffic stop held a press conference Saturday to call for a federal investigation of the shooting. A grand jury decided this week not to pursue criminal charges against two Bridgeton police officers involved in the Dec. 30 shooting death of Jerame Reid.
  • NJ Helping Fight Western Forest Fires

  • New Jersey is sending an additional 20 members of the state’s Forest Fire Service and Forestry Services to help battle massive wildfires burning in portions of the Northwest, officials announced Friday. The teams will join 32 firefighters, including three wildfire truck crews, the state already deployed as part of a mutual aid pact with the U.S. Forest Service.
  • Rutgers Spending $3 million to stop next cyber attack

  • The identity of the hacker or hackers who crippled Rutgers University computer networks at least four times during the last school year is still a mystery. But Rutgers is spending big money to make sure cyber attackers don’t knock the school offline again.
  • Weekend News Roundup And Open Thread For August 15-16

    The Ocean County Million Dollar Mystery Study

  • The Asbury Park Press fantastic in depth story about a million dollar study in Ocean that originated during the Sandy Aftermath, but some say “is a pie-in-the-sky plan to refurbish and expand county offices and other facilities” that they apparently don’t even have the money to execute.
  • Here is a preview video the APP put together on the situation.
  • Sandy Transparency

  • Star Ledger Editorial: Christie agreed to be more transparent on Sandy relief. Will he?
  • Press Of Atlantic City Editorial: Sandy transparency mandate better late than never
  • I certainly made mistakes, and there are things that I regret.”

  • Herb Jackson has an in depth piece on the potential return of Bob Toricelli to NJ’s political scene where he admits he made mistakes.
  • 1st Latina Law Director Appointed In Perth Amboy

  • Mayor Wilda Diaz appointed Arlene Quinones Perez to become the City’s Law Director marking both the first woman and the first Latina to hold the top legal position in the city.
  • Meadowlands Surprise?

  • Record Editorial Asks: If you close the only 12-month-a-year venue in the Meadowlands, aren’t you going to affect hotel occupancy in the Meadowlands?
  • Big Dollar Donor Defects From Christie

  • One by one, GOP Candidates are picking off big NJ donors from Chris Christie and this time, a name familiar to education advocates makes the move as David Tepper jumps to Jeb.
  • Margolis goes to the Senate Dems

  • Senate President Sweeney announced the appointment of former News 12 New Jersey political reporter Luke Margolis as Associate Executive Director of Media Relations for the Senate Majority office.
  • Preparing For The Pope

  • South Jersey will see a significant impact from the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia in late September. This weekend, NJ Transit made a limited number of special passes available for the Papal visit.
  • NJ DOT Chair Jamie Fox says there aren’t enough parking spots in Camden for the expected visitors.
  • Doblin: “The more Christie now tries to be the real conservative, the more he becomes just another fake.”

  • Record Editor Al Doblin has a scorcher and says that Chris Christie’s glory days may have been in high school.

    Rowan Gets Grant To Prepare Health Care Workers

  • Rowan University has received a $2.55 million federal grant to better prepare New Jersey health care workers to take care of the growing elderly population.
  • News Roundup And Open Thread For Monday August 3rd

    A Tale of Two Reactions

  • Governor Christie went to Monmouth Park where he was booed mercilessly — twice — at the Haskell yesterday by fans apparently telling it like it is.
  • On the opposite end of reactions, just under 61K people were in attendance to cheer on Triple Crown Winner American Pharoah.

    Punch Them In The Face

  • Nothing makes you sound Presidential quite like telling people you want to punch the teachers union in the face.
  • Following his punch them in the face comment, the NJEA called on Christie to resign.
  • Presidential Candidates Using The Bank Of Monmouth County

  • So far 4 Presidential candidates have held dinners or drinks with donors in Monmouth County.
  • The bills come due for NJ Transit

  • NY Times: NJ Transit is expecting some expensive bills for the alternative options it provided to thousands of passengers caught up in the spate of service disruptions, which began on July 20 and stretched into last week.
  • Watch Out For That Drone

  • The pilot of a small plane had to make a quick evasive turn after his aircraft came close to a drone flying in the area around Washington Township in South Jersey. The FAA is investigating.
  • Before Christie rebrands himself as a commuter advocate…

  • Mike Kelly reminds us how Christie’s ARC decision left us in the hole.
  • Christie Admin Continues to block Oil train info

  • After backlash from lawmakers and firefighters, the federal government is reversing course and will continue to require rail companies to make public some information about the movements of trains carrying millions of gallons of volatile crude oil. But unlike in other states, that information will remain blocked from the general public in New Jersey, where millions of gallons of Bakken crude travel by rail through densely populated areas – including eastern Bergen County – each week.
  • News Roundup And Open Thread For Monday July 27

    Stepping in for Rosi today, so if we missed anything please add it in the comments.

    After doing nothing as Governor, Christie wants you to believe he’ll fix mass transit as President

  • The Gothamist: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who condemned his constituents to decades more of gridlock and crowded train platforms by pulling the plug on a Hudson River tunnel in 2010, after construction had begun, said he might, hypothetically, revisit the project. But first voters have to elect him president.
  • Al Doblin In The Record: Christie has a case of tunnel vision
  • The World According To Scott Garrett

  • Herb Jackson in the Record asks: How far will GOP press Garrett?
  • Tom Moran in the Star Ledger: Dreaming of the day when Scott Garrett will finally lose  
  • Christienomics

  • John Reitmeyer takes the Governor’s advice and decides to tell it like it is: Christie didn’t close an $11 billion budget gap when he took office
  • Pension Fund Trustees Seek Billions In Damages From State

  • In the latest salvo in the battle between New Jersey and its public workers, the heads of the state’s largest pension funds are accusing the state of breaching its contract by underfunding government workers’ pensions.
  • Friendship with Christie pays off

  • Christie has made habit of appointing high school friends to positions (and that doesn’t even count the contracts other friends have gotten separately)
  • Ocean County Picnic brings Sweeney, Fulop & Lesniak

  • PolitickerNJ: Ocean County Event A Showdown For Democratic Gubernatorial Hopefuls
  • PARCC Opt Out Option

  • Last week, the Senate passed a nonbinding resolution telling the Christie administration to assist families to opt out of PARCC tests by setting guidelines for districts to address families who want their kids to sit out the tests.
  • Pallone wants E-Cigarette banned on airplanes now

  • Congressman Frank Pallone wants the U.S. government needs to finally act to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on airplanes .
  • Chris Christie on Jon Stewart: He’d probably be decent in politics

    Chris Christie is continuing his Anywhere-but-Jersey Tour around the country seeking his next job and yesterday, during a stop in South Carolina,  he was asked about the possibility of Jon Stewart running for office.

    “Well Jon Stewart is a good New Jerseyan. Jon is from New Jersey and I’ve been on the show a couple of times,” Christie said. “They don’t like me all that much most of the time, but that’s okay. Jon is a funny guy and we all just have to take it in the context of what he’s doing. He every once in a while tries to act serious, but he’s not,” he said. “Most of what he does is meant to make us laugh and sometimes he hits the mark and sometimes he doesn’t – it means he’d probably be decent in politics.”

    Draft Jon Stewart movement starting in 3, 2, 1.

    QOTD: Parsing Legalisms

    In a NY Times story about whether the Governor’s grip on New Jersey Republicans is showing signs of slipping, they had this great line about the perception change Bridgegate has helped bring about:

    Mr. Christie, who was first elected thanks in part to his profile as a clean-cut prosecutor, is now stuck parsing legalisms in an effort to play down his administration’s culpability in the events that led to the federal indictments last week.

    Those here at Blue Jersey would take issue with the clean cut prosecutor profile, but that’s another story for another day. In this situation, the Governor’s people have tried to drop the bar so low that if in fact he wasn’t working the cones himself – did he think he was funny? – then it really has no impact on him. But in fact, the abuses of Bridgegate have helped to further undermine the foundation that was propping the Governor up all along. And no matter how hard Christie’s people try to spin it, parsing legalisms is not leadership.

    News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, April 24, 2015

    Filling in for Rosi today, so if we missed anything please add it in the comments.

    Pension Problems Continue To Worsen

  • NJ Pension debt is now up 13%, amazing how fast that grows when they keep failing to make payments.

    Pro-Publica parsed Christie’s pension claims

  • Al Doblin offers his take on the political back and forth over pensions.
  • Christie makes a stop in New Jersey

  • Bill Orr went to Christie’s town hall yesterday.
  • QOTD: There are more insider Republicans that are waiting to defect…

    Is New Jersey for Jeb instead of Chris? We learned recently that longtime Christie BFF and ally Joe Kyrillos is on Team Bush. Now Politicker has a story up today about a fundraiser being planned and organized by Republicans for Jeb Bush this coming June and check out this quote from the story:

    “These are more insider Republicans that are waiting to defect to Jeb,” the source said. “At a potential kickoff fundraiser for Bush in June, you will see many familiar New Jersey faces stepping up to the plate and coming out to support him.”

    Oh to be a fly on the wall for Team Christie these days as his past allies move on from him to make new friends.