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Local Governments Can Do Distributed Stimulus

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Here’s the thing: the United States still needs more stimulus.  

And here’s a fact to keep in mind: Private industry payrolls have grown dramatically over the past three years, but the unemployment rate has remained high because public payrolls at the state, local and school levels have fallen significantly.

Here’s another thing: Even after Democrats won the popular and electoral vote for President, won two additional seats in the US Senate despite defending more than twice the incumbents, and won as many as seven additional seats in the US House despite partisan post-census redistricting the GOP is not going to let additional stimulus pass.

So if we’re not likely to get federal help, how do we get stimulus?  

Will Christie Defend Menendez Against Kyrillos Backer’s Accusation of Corruption?

West New York Mayor Felix Roque was arrested today by the FBI for computer hacking against an anti-Roque website.  Since it was a political act that makes it political corruption.

Back when Chris Christie was US Attorney this kind of thing was right in his wheelhouse.  He loved nailing elected officials, and in particular Democrats like Roque, for official misconduct.

The difference here is that Roque has been a Christie supporter and endorsed Republican State Senator Joe Kyrillos against Democratic US Senator Robert Menendez.  Kyrillos is a long-time supporter of Christie’s who as the state GOP leader helped Christie get his job as US Attorney after Christie and his family donated close to a million dollars to various Republican organs.  Including ~$100,000 to the state GOP Kyrillos led.

According to, Roque is blaming the investigation on “political payback for his defiance of U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO).”

That means Roque has accused the FBI officers who work with the US Attorney’s office of a politically motivated investigation at the behest of Senator Menendez.

Christie regularly claimed that he did not target Democrats and his proof was the apolitical staff of the US Attorney’s office and the FBI.  He was adamant that he was incapable of using his office for political gain because of the integrity and honesty of these professional staff.  This is despite the large quantity of smoke that suggested he was able to work around them.

Now that Christie and Kyrillos supporter Roque has accused these same professionals of political misconduct, will Chris Christie stand up and state categorically that this is not politically motivated payback by Bob Menendez?

Or will Christie let the FBI and US Attorney staff twist in the wind under these allegations just so that Bob Menedez can be smeared again.

Christie’s own past dropping a subpoena on Menendez during an election six years ago indicates he will let the staff twist.

The One Where huntsu Goes Off The Rails on Public Education

I’m reading an article in PolitickerNJ, a site that has atrophied and shriveled since it lost Wally Edge, and am once again pulling the hair out of my head.

Darryl Isherwood wrote the following insanity:

As it is currently implemented, the school funding formula is all about taking money from taxpayers to give to “certain taxpayers” to educate their kids.  What Giordano objects to is using it for private schools.

Isherwood equates the state providing extra tax dollars to communities where education is more expensive with using tax dollars to pay for private education with no public oversight.

This exhibits a dramatic ignorance of what publicly funded education is about.  He’s swallowed the right wing idea that it’s about taxpayers getting a bang for their buck, and in particular taxpaying parents.

I’ll repeat myself: It’s not about the taxpaying parents.

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Why I Support Eliminating Sick Day Payouts

Yeah, I back the idea of eliminating sick day payouts.  Not for the reason Steve Sweeney or Chris Christie are, to save money, but I do think it’s a good idea.  

Before I go any further, I agree with Jersey Jazzman that there should be some tat for this tit.  As I said the Sweeney-Christie team are looking to reduce government costs, but I don’t think that should be done on the backs of workers.

But sick days are necessary to the health of the employees, the health of the various governments and the health of the state.  

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My Thoughts On a Ten Percent Tax Cut

When the state is running a ten percent surplus, then we could consider a ten percent tax cut.  But we’re running a deficit.

When my car suspension is thrown out of whack by all the potholes the state can’t fix because it’s broke and I have to pay $250 to fix it, a $150 tax cut won’t make up for it.

When my municipal and school aid go down by $275, a $150 tax cut will not make up for it.

Tax cuts are all well and good when they are appropriate, but when you give me a couple bucks in my right pocket only to cause someone else to take a dozen bucks out of the left it’s just stupid.

And Union County Shall Rule Them All

PolitickerNJ, which has a stupid policy of not linking to other sites that is against all that the Intertubes hold holy (we’re better than that), is reporting that John Bramnick (R-21) is in line to be the new Republican minority leader in the Assembly.

He would join Tom Kean, Jr. (R-21) who holds the same position in the New Jersey Senate.

If you look very, very closely at the two names above you’ll notice a commonality after them: R-21.  Yep, they’re both from Union County district 21!

You know who else has a lot of ties to Union County?  Governor Chris Christie who cut his legal teeth as a partner at Dughi & Hewit in Cranford.  Sure, we think of Christie as a Morris County guy, but still …

Union County has an awful lot of power in the GOP right now, especially for a county that doesn’t have one Republican elected to a county position.