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Not NJ: I Guess She’s Not A Goldwater Girl Anymore

Goldwater Girl Daisy Ad

Back in 1964 Lyndon Johnson/ Barry Goldwater presidential campaign the Democrats ran the famously quiet but brutal Daisy ad against Barry Goldwater, questioning his sanity and his fitness to have his finger on the button that could launch a nuclear…
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Christie Again Used Port Authority for His Friend’s Benefit

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More than seven years ago we started asking questions about the Christie the Corruption Cop story line, including asking Why Isn’t Chris Christie Investigating This Guy? The point was that if Christie endured the scrutiny he gave others then he’d have been an investigatory target, as well.

We were pretty alone back then, a small voice marginalized because of how our words were published instead of being judged based on our content and analysis.

Hey, New Jersey. 7 Years Late, But Welcome Anyway.

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Coulda told ya this back in 2005.

[A] new poll says that barely a fifth of New Jersey voters trust Gov. Chris Christie implicitly anymore, slightly more than a third find him “somewhat trustworthy,” and 40 percent say the trait no longer applies to the governor at all.

We could have told you this back in March 2007 when we first asked Why Isn’t Chris Christie Investigating This Guy?

But it’s nice that folks have finally caught up.

I wonder if the guy who accused us wwwwaaaaaayyyyy back in 2007 of being conspiracy theorists and critics who see political motives in every step he takes will acknowledge that we were right and, well, he wasn’t.

What Is Obama Thinking?

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So President Barack Obama is flying in today to visit the Jersey Shore with Governor Chris Christie.  There will be photo-ops and news stories and probably a hug with one of the participants wearing a fleece.  It’ll be great theater, and give even more bipartisan cover to the Governor as he runs for reelection.

Against NJ state Senator Barbara Buono.

A Democrat. The same party as the President.  Who is going to hug Christie on national TV. A Republican.  The opposite party of the President.

Now, it made sense in the fall after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the area for the President and Governor to show up, work together to make a change.  It’s true that Christie didn’t have to be as effusive as he was, but the President came not only with photo ops but also potentially billions of dollars to help Christie recover.

Billions of dollars Christie will be able to disburse this summer.  Just before his reelection campaign heats up.  Against Buono who, as noted above, is in the same party as the President.

As far as I know, President Obama is not also meeting with Buono, or holding a fundraiser, or encouraging other Democrats to get on board already.  This looks like a tacit endorsement of Christie, and essentially a Presidential Pardon for any Democrat who wants to cross party lines to go against their nominee.

That’s a pretty lousy thing for a sitting President to do.

And it’s not as if he had to come to New Jersey this week.  There is massive devastation in Oklahoma he needs to address, and people who could really use his warmth and comfort.  There’s beaches up in New York State he could have visited.

But instead he pointedly came here to be with the Republican Governor and just as pointedly snubbed his Democratic opponent.

What is Obama thinking?

PNJ Reports Codey Not Running for Governor

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UPDATE: Apparently Dick Codey’s office sent out a missive confirming he’s not running.

UPDATE: Codey’s full statement is here.

UPDATE: Buono’s full statement is here.

Well, PolitickerNJ is reporting that the field has cleared a bit for Barbara Buono as their sources say Dick Codey will not be running.  Codey was governor after Jim McGreevey resigned, and declined to run for election after Jon Corzine flooded the field with cash.

Two sources with knowledge of former Gov. Dick Codey’s intentions told PolitickerNJ the Essex County senator will not run for governor. Codey began informing high-ranking Democrats this morning.

PNJ also says that Steve Sweeney is still considering running, but other than that it looks like smooth sailing for Senator Buono.

Pretty Simple Gun Safety and Ownership Reform

The most important change we can make to our gun safety and ownership laws would be to treat them like cars.  If you want to own a firearm you have to be trained by a certified trainer, take a test given by a certified tester, register the weapon and it’s FIN (firearm identification number, I just made that up) annually, transfer the deed upon sale, and purchase insurance.

If you don’t plan to commit crimes with your firearm or to overthrow the United States government there’s no reason to oppose this other than pure churlishness.

Another Place to Do Stimulus in NJ: Trenton

Last month I wrote about how Democrats at a local level could work together to do a distributed stimulus, and this month I want to talk about another major investment we could make that would improve our infrastructure, benefit business and stimulate our economy.

Fix Trenton.

Trenton is six miles away from Princeton, NJ, the former capital of the United States of America, home to one of the most elite colleges in the United States, locale of some seriously rich people and host to Drumthwacket – the Governor’s mansion.

Trenton is … the capital of New Jersey, and a pit.  Seriously.   Even the Trenton Makes, the World Takes bridge is dilapidated. Today in the roundup we see that the capital building is falling apart.  The Mayor is indicted, the roads are crap, crime is rampant, jobs are scarce even near the capital, most state workers live elsewhere, etc., etc., etc.  Pit.

A state as wealthy as New Jersey should not have a capital city that looks, feels and lives like this.

So let’s put a .1% (or something, since it’s made up) surcharge on income over $100,000 to infrastructure improvements dedicated towards infrastructure and business growth in our state’s capital.  Long term improvements, employment opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities, and more.  For pennies from rich folks.

Stimulus should not only help the economy, but build our infrastructure.  Let’s do it.