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Daily Beast Article; How Public Sector Unions Divide the Democrats

A few days ago 12/29/2014 a article entitled How Public Sector Unions Divide the Democrats…..”Paying for all those pensions inevitably means less money for parks and schools. It’s a conundrum Democrats can no longer ignore.”  was posted on the website the daily beast. (Full Article here:…

I think this is a good article to discuss for the meritts that that article proposes, and not blindly say “its not true” or I disagree.  There seems to be some valid points here, and not to defend 100% the Senate President and some of his colleagues with their pension reforms they passed in 2011, but maybe there was some merit to their thinking.  

The article makes a great point that Democrats particularly progressives wish to offer more services in the way of things like full day pre-k, free college education, sustainable procurement, and more, but these all come at a cost.  Unfortunately I don’t think it’s palatable for the public to consider a European approach with income tax rates around 30-40% to pay for public services, so we are left to decide what can we afford.   What has to give? Do we forgo much needed new services to pay for our obligations of the past?

Another point brought up is the concept of work rules, which I agree that there are protections that are provided to shield workers from political privy, but what about the basics of a managers right to change procedures to increase efficiency?  Do certain work rules get in the way of creating true change?

We can possibly see this in a national example of the President who came into office in 2009 with a lot of big idea’s, but in implementing those ideas some things like the healthcare exchange went wrong.  Could this be partly because of bureaucratic rules and procedures that would make anyone’s heads spin?  If so, were these rules created by managers stuck in the past or did they have more to do with the union contracts dictating work ratios and so on.

As I said in the beginning of my post, i’m not trying to skew things in one direction or another i’m only trying to have an open dialog on creating the balance of the Public Unions will and the needs of the people government is supposed to serve.  

Dear NJ Democratic Volunteers

OFA fans particularly should consider this. Not only are New Jersey supporters being directed out-of-state, I see little evidence that work for – or contribution to – downballot local candidates are advocated. Promoted by Rosi

Dear New Jersey Democratic Volunteers,

Every four years we are told that NJ isn’t in play and that we should spend our time elsewhere in neighboring states like Pennsylvania, or even trek out to Ohio.  We do this so we can feel that we matter, this is because to so many of us the Presidential race is what matters and we ignore everything else.

I am writing to remind you, the hard working volunteers, that if you believe in this President, and in his grass roots message then the you need to start in New Jersey first.   In order for President Obama to have the support he needs we need elected leaders in every level of government willing to push his policies and working to protect democratic values like choice, equality, and fairness.  Elected officials like Senator Robert Menendez who although polls show him ahead, he and his campaign should not be forgotten!  After all without a democratic Senate, what is the point of a democratic White House?  

Senator Menendez grew up in a tenement building in Union City, the son of immigrants, and worked hard to rise to be one of 100 United States Senators.  His story is the story of the American dream that you can grow up poor, work hard, play by the rules and you will succeed.  Lets ensure his story doesn’t end on November 6th.