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Frank LoBiondo’s Jerky Energy Position(s); An intelligent analysis by his opponent

The politics of oil …. in a bit, but first I ask and I answer this vital question:  “How are you feeling today (2nd district) candidate?”   Answer; less than hopeful.  Blue Jersey, I might be the man down here…… I might be THE Democrat. Forget your squeamishness, send help.

I’ve noticed there are Congressional candidates (yes, some, like me- Jason Castle comes to mind- who’ve never held elected office) with the good fortune to have pals on this site writing upbeat things about their campaigns.  And then there’s Stein, fending for himself.  Maybe me, chronicling my efforts, is enough for now….  


Subject: RE: I’m confident. A letter

Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 10:04:23 -0500



Cut it in half and we’ll run as a letter.

From: gary stein [mail]

Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 10:46 AM

To: Perskie, Jim

Subject: letter

Mr. Perskie, I cut 30%.  It’s 346 words.  It would be generalities if I cut it anymore.  I’ve got more at stake then the typical letter writer, I’ve put more on the line.  I’ve  come right to the edge of wrecking our business, finances, domestic tranquility, you name it…… have no idea.  Please, let me know.


Blue, follow the bouncing ball under the fold, would you please?  Just this morn, I got another rejection; the guest column I submitted to the Press of Atlantic City.  It’s deja vu all over again since I always get rejected there.  Let’s establish the fact that I’m no writer.  OK, that said, please follow the email exchange with local editor.

And since I’m a challenger to Congress Frank LoBiondo (REPUBLICAN) this year (as I was in 2010) maybe you’d feature this diary in “featured stories?”  No matter that the non biased local editorial page editor didn’t care for the guest column, now submitted below for your perusal  (with some red hot email exchanges included… woohoo) perhaps you’d feature this?  You folks are on my team…(I hope, and I count on it.  I need you.)

Groundhog Day, deja vu, you name it, below the fold.

Why Waste An Armageddon? Israel do this …. (sure, easy for me to say)

No, I won’t sit around waiting for the non-responses on facebook to my morning musing, posted this way a little while ago…

…this is WAY above my pay grade …. ehh, candidate for Congress …. but maybe Israel, instead of worrying so much about Iran, could do US All a favor and cross the Golan Heights into Syria in a surprise ATTACK? You know…. with the blessings of the west ….. draw the Syrian army away from their citizenry. Just a thought. Pretty shameful what’s going on there AND (here).

Yikes “Blue”!  I’m finished ………. as a viable (hahahaha) candidate for that political office I seek…. (sought)

News This Week; LoBiondo and House Republicans Hell Bent On Wrecking (Affordable) Health Care

As reported by, Roll Call: “Health Care Law Stuck In Limbo

House Republicans on Wednesday took a symbolic swipe at President Barack Obama’s health care reform law when they voted to repeal its long-term care provisions, the CLASS Act, which the administration abandoned last year as unworkable.”

…the thought of another long, lonely run for office….

Huffington Post: ” ‘Republicans are committed to repealing and defunding it, piece by piece if necessary,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said of the health care bill after the CLASS Act vote.’ ”

…they (the voters) love this guy LoBiondo, isn’t it obvious by now…

… Politico Pro: “House Passes CLASS Act Repeal

The House on Wednesday voted to repeal the CLASS act – with the support of several moderate Democrats – in the latest attempt to take apart a piece of President Barack Obama’s health care law…..”

…what the f*@% I voted for him 6 times.  I didn’t know …

In South Jersey, news of the pointless Republican maneuver was reported on local politico’s facebook page Thursday, this way ….

Romney and Florida. Be Careful What You Wish For, Elites

Talking points memo from Stein for Congress (Democrat) via Blue Jersey (a mini diary, thank ya)

A Romney win tomorrow ends Gingrich and Santorum's chances for success, assures dull debates in the fall and demands a 3rd party candidate get in the race.

My choice?  Michael Bloomberg; billionaire.  Someone comfortable in his own skin, articulate, who feels for folks and  who's genuine.  If looney Trump is making noises, and there's no progress on deficit reduction, mighten Bloomberg say tough luck Obama, and get in?  It's unlikely, but somebody is going to spoil the affair, it might as well be a really, REALLY rich man.

(Seriously) the prospect of the clumsy, programmed Mitt Romney debating the very savvy and sophisticated President will leave folks like me very unsatisfied to say the least. That's folks like ME, inhabiting the middle ground politically and making up the majority of the electorate (and btw, very nervous about gridlock in Washington). Team Dennis M./Blue1234 what say you?

Mitt's song.






Romney, Rubio, Christie, illegals, Newt and LoBiondo

One stream of consciousness……….almost no edits.

Background. Repeated “for the record.” I was privileged to have two gentlemen from Mexico, here illegally, live with us for 5 years ending in 2007.  They’ve been back since 2007.  I’ve been down to visit them several times.  As a candidate for Congress, again, in 2012, I’d love to go back and visit my friends again and again. Among other things, it’s very educational!

And in some ways I’ve thought about the immigration status of illegals more than any candidate who’s run for office in last dozen years.  No joke!

10:15 am….. on hold for Diane Rehm show.

10:40 am.  Back to diary.  I was the first caller on Diane’s “domestic news roundup” hour.  More below the fold.

Filed For Fall Campaign; LoBiondo FOR Death Penalty, AGAINST Dream Act

LoBi goes “on the record” twice. As his potential fall opponent (and me) a Blue Jersey favorite lol “we” put several of the Congressman’s recent, eh, inappropriate, remarks …. “in the record.”  

Issue 1: Last week on the Harry Hurley radio show, Congressman Frank LoBiondo stated he was for the death penalty. I think that’s big and perhaps something of a campaign issue this fall.  What was odd though, was neither the criminal justice system, nor the death penalty, were the subject of the on-air conversation.  Mr. Hurley was using the NJ law, or some law somewhere, as an example of a statute that is on the books, but never used. LoBi was in studio to discuss the unacceptable situation of veterans having to go to Delaware for dialysis and other treatments.  However, thanks to the efforts of many, including April Kaufman (see below), Vets, if they choose, can stay close by and be treated; but only IF they apply for an exemption. Problem so far is no Vet has applied for the exemption.  Harry was inelegant in his example perhaps and he’s usually better, but LoBi latched on to the words DEATH PENALTY.  Pure pandering.  Hurley mentions DEATH PENALTY, and “Pavlov” went for the bait. Besides Frank mixing apples and oranges, there’s something else problematic about the whole damn thing as well 🙂  I’m shaking my head….

Issue: Frank LoBiondo; FOR the death penalty; Stein AGAINST.…

Issue 2: Last January the same sort of thing happened on the KingArthur radio show.  LoBi was being interviewed by the conservative co-host, April Kauffman.  She had just come home from vacationing in Arizona and asked the Congressman his thoughts on the border situation.  And danggumit, Lobiondo brings up the Dream Act out of nowhere. I suspect again, it was to win points on yet another hot button topic.  This second instance is really disgusting. Dream Act kids are really complete innocents; caught up in bitter electoral politics.  But some of these young adults are here decades.  Many were brought across the southern border as babies in the 1980’s.  American businesses eagerly embraced their parents though, who by the way, have mostly worked off the books for years (many, I suspect in S. Jersey restaurants, blueberry fields and other small businesses from the Atlantic Ocean to the Delaware Bay).

LoBi; against the Dream Act.  Stein for the Dream Act.

A Little History; Single Payer and Disinformation

Jan 12, Dear Diary; Stein for Congress returns the fantastic book, The Heart of Power, Health and Politics in the Oval Office, back to the Atlantic County free public library system.  The campaign HIGHLY recommends this book.  BTW, the unlikeliest of Congressman, Mr. Stein, one, supports and would increase funding for NPR (“we” go on the record and also note that Frank LoBiondo, voted to kill public funding for NPR), and two, if Stein was a County Executive and not a candidate for Congress, he’d cover any 2nd district library budgetary shortfall’s originating in Trenton! But enough out of me….

Chapter 2 Harry S. Truman by David Blumenthal and James A. Monroe


… This chapter tells the story of Truman and his greatest frustration. “I have had some stormy times as president,” he wrote in his memoirs. “I have had some bitter disappointments…, but the one that has troubled me the most, in a personal way, has been failure to defeat the organized opposition to a national compulsory, health insurance program.”  President Truman would come to stand as a hero of the great struggle for health reform.


The Truman story also introduces the daunting new checklist for bold innovations: coordinate the executive agencies who prepare the reform, gather enough (but not too much) detail from the specialists, overrule the economists who counsel against domestic programs (they are always budget-busters), rouse the public, and negotiate the change through Congress- the “graveyard of health reforms.”

A Little History Single Payer and Disinformation

Stein for Congress will be returning the fantastic book, The Heart of Power, Health and Politics in the Oval Office, back to the Atlantic County free public library system today.  We highly recommend this book.  BTW, the unlikeliest of Congressman, supports and would increase funding for NPR, and if “we” were a County Executive we’d cover any library shortfall’s originating in Trenton!

Candidates edited “letter to editor;” much ado about nothing.

Dear readers:  I’m a rogue candidate for Congress in NJ’s 2nd, and I’m a Democrat.   I’ve been at this since mid 2008….being rogue.  I file as a candidate every year and I love being somewhat not what you’d expect.  So I’ve been told.

And I submit as many “letters to the editor” at my local Atlantic City paper as allowed.  One published letter per month.  At least half … in truth, probably closer to 100%, concern my opponent in 2008 and 2010, Congressman Frank LoBiondo.  Most letters are summarily rejected.  The one letter I really counted on being in the paper, concerning the conclusion of the war in Iraq last month; Frank LoBiondo; and an expression of appreciation by all of America for our troops, was REJECTED.  I included several sentences about the vulnerability of my Congressman to the charge of being …..well, a hypocrite, had he chosen to say anything on the celebrated occasion.  It was all turned down with these words by the Press of Atlantic City editor, J.P. (who btw, I now know and like).

“No we will not run it. For reasons I have explained to you innumerable times.”

Since Frank LoBiondo has perjured himself several times on the subject of Iraq regarding his position on the 2007 G.W. Bush “Troop Surge”…he was against it (no small matter since he continually denies that fact) I thought I was within my rights to publicly call the congressman out last month in a letter.

Icksnay on the Surge letter.  So (better late than never) I get this uneasy feeling that if I submit a “letter to the editor” and it concerns Frank LoBiondo, I might want to try another way.  That I did and the fruition of my new attitude is below to be read here on Blue Jersey.  The  news-stand version, minus some editing; and then the actual submitted letter before editing.  Not a big deal, most of it made it into print.

Then if you will allow; the very limited reaction to the letter on the AC Press on-line edition and on facebook.