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Nia GIll announced the same day as Donald Payne Jr

Heres my timeline

1)Nov., 2011 Ron Rice makes it clear he wants to run for Congress, Respectfully tells the Payne family hes going to run.

2)Nia does nothing.

3)Donald Payne Sr passes, now it looks like Ron Rice will win it running away….. Then Nia Gill announces the same day as Donald Payne Jr, and doesnt get on the ballot for the unexpired term, which would lock an advantage in seniority vs everyone who wins in November.

The fact of the matter is Nia Gill announced the same day as Donald Payne Jr, knowing fully she would split the Suburban vote with Ron Rice, and possibly enabling a Payne win. Clearly the conventional wisdom suggests that Gill & Rice would split the suburban vote.…

How you can buy a Thanksgiving meal for an Occupier at Wall ST

The Occupied Kitchen is faced with a dilemma, how to cook 2500+ meals on Thanksgiving. @OWS_Kitchen was relying on good natured folks to let volunteers come into their kitchens and cook food for OWS. Obviously doing this on Thanksgiving is a problem. Furthermore most restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving.

Thats a problem, and this is the solution:

“This is all about supporting the 99%,” said Megan Hayes, an organizer with the #OWS Kitchen working group, and a former high end chef. “So many people have given up so much to come and be a part of the movement because there is really that much dire need for community. We decided to take this holiday opportunity to provide just that – community.”

More than three thousand individually wrapped plates will be distributed on Thursday in accordance with New York State Health Code. People in the community have opened their homes to cook meals. Roger Fox in New Jersey will be making 250 meals, Mia Valh and Alia Gee are also making large numbers of meals. A lot of community organizations are involved and Liberty Cafe in East NY donates space for the #OWS Kitchen working group.…

A new face in NJ-10?

Donald Payne is one of my favorite Congresspersons. He has an excellent voting record, and heres an example why:

Donald Payne voted with Republicans in 2010 against the Disclose Act. (Hr 5175)

To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to prohibit foreign influence in Federal elections, to prohibit government contractors from making expenditures with respect to such elections, and to establish additional disclosure requirements with respect to spending in such elections…

So many amendments had weakened the original bill- worst were the exemptions to disclosure, (Like Green Peace and NRA), that Donald Payne felt he couldn’t vote for it.

SEIU, UAW and the AFL-CIO have rated Donald Payne 100%.…

I’ve asked Freeholder Carol Clarke if she had considered running for Donald Paynes seat, a few times… but I think she loves Essex County to much.

One of the many people I’ve met thru DFA, is Newark Councilman Ron C Rice, before he ran for council. Hes impressive in his due diligence in representing the people of Newark’s West Ward, in a quite conversation on housing and the effect of the Bayonne Boxes that developers were erecting in Newark, he spoke of something better than that. Knowing that knocking down old row housing and building new row housing was not a long term net plus solution.

Ron spoke at a Tom Wyka fundraiser in Montclair in 2008, before the end of the afternoon, I joked with Ron, “So Ron when are you running for Congress?’. And in 2010 at a Rice fundraiser at the Spot Lounge in Newark I asked Ron again, when are you going to run for Congress. Its become a running gag between us.

But seriously dude, when are you going to run for Congress?

Atlantic Wind Connection, 350 mile, 7kMw offshore wind project

The Atlantic Wind Connection starts with a 5.5 billion dollar HVDC offshore trunkline from central New Jersey to Southern Virginia. Capable of a 6-7 gigawatt capacity, the undersea supergrid project is led by independent transmission company Trans-Elect, CEO Bob Mitchell hopes to accelerate wind power development by building the 350 mile long supergrid backbone to attract wind turbine installers. Ultimately the 350 mile long AWX could support over 1700 4Mw wind turbines,

The eastern seaboard has terrific potential for offshore wind. With more than 60,000 MW of offshore wind potential in the relatively shallow waters off the continental shelf. The HVDC backbone of the AWC will be 15-18 miles offshore, have a limited number of landfall points, lessening environmental impact and keeping wind turbines out of sight.

OWS food drive in NJ.

In Montclair I’ve orgainzed food donations and delivery to Zuccotti Park the last 2 Fridays. I was recently contacted by a gentleman from the Piscataway-Dunellen border, He wants to bake bread for OWS, and wanted to know if there was a group near him that was organizing, so he could help out OWS.

The Occupied kitchen is really people that invite OWS cooks to come into their apartments near wall St, prepare food and cart it back to Zuccotti Park, or people who order food online at one of the nearby resaraunts. The Occupied Kitchen serves over 2000 meals a day, not just the 200-300 occupiers, but the homeless, hard on their luck families etc.

I’d like to have a discussion with folks in Essex Passic, Union, or Midddlesex counties, with the goal of expanding what I started in Montclair. I can travel to meet, and will volunteer to jump start an group in your area. I have the time and feel this is very important.

My Volunteers are great, people have volunteered to drive, pay tolls and gas,  cook food, buy food, water and plastic sheeting for ground covers and tarps. Many people are willing to help, but find traveling into Zuccotti Park problematic. Organizing an avenue for folks to contribute support to the Occupiers at Zuccotti Park will harness these desires to help.

Maybe in 10 years there will be a reunion to dedicate a plaque at Zuccotti Park to the Occupy Movement.


A quick question for the NJ State Senate

 Joe Lieberman now has a 19% approval rating on the Healthcare issue, and a 25% overall approval rating with 67% of his constituents giving him bad marks.

As the New Jersey State Senate soon moves to vote,  I have a simple question for our State Senators voting on Gay Marriage today: Whats in your future?

Buddy Guy at the Welmont theater in Montclair

If you haven’t heard about the newest cool concert venue in NJ is the Welmont theater in Montclair. Originally built in the 1920’s the Welmont features excellent acoustics, renovated decorative plaster carvings, a bar on the second floor and an upcoming list of perforners that cannot be beat.

I just bought  ticket for the Buddy Guy show July 25th, I’m pumped, I’ve been to the Welmont a few months ago and was very impressed with the venue and staff.

Those of you who are not familiar with Buddy Guy, just think of a cross between BB King, Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix.

Gov Kean gets all Keynesian on us

In the Sunday Star Ledger, I sometimes  like to read the little go round between the 2 former Governors. Recently Gov Kean came out with a whooper and Gov Byrne made a nice intellectual return that seems to get lost.

I know these 2 are supposed to be friends but Gov Byrne gets in a bit a skewering at Gov Keans expense. Gov Kean makes an a patently outrageous statement, and thats what I’ll get into below the fold.