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Hey Baraka! Up Yours!!!

He should be ashamed of himself for saying this about the red light camera program,

“We need that money. I think it’s a good program,” Baraka said Thursday during a brief interview. “The city is bringing in about $4 million dollars a year…that’s why we (are) speaking out about it.”

Why does he not try balancing his budget responsibly  instead of trying to pilfer money from the residents of his city with this phony ” safety” program! This program was never ” sold” as a money maker.

Baraka is showing his true colors .This is a real low life move . Screw the people is now his mantra.  

NY Times takes on GOP Field/ Can Christie afford to remain Gov?

The NY Times does an excellent job reviewing the potential candidates for the GOP presidential nomination.…

After reading the article I come away with the question, “Can Christie be a successful candidate and still be NJ governor?”

I cannot see how he can. Fighting this  GOP crowd will require all of his time and energy. His ego might say ” do both” but I think that at the end of the day people like Bill Palatucci will convince him that running for President is a full time job.

Notice this from Palatucci in the article:

Mr. Christie’s supporters have been just as aggressive. They envision him establishing a political organization in the coming months to raise money. They also foresee a top role for Phil Cox, who is stepping down as executive director of the Republican Governors Association.

“The governor has really come to appreciate Phil’s talents and counsel,” said William J. Palatucci, one of Mr. Christie’s closest advisers. Mr. Christie may also look to Rick Wiley, a former Republican National Committee political director who is close to Mike DuHaime, Mr. Christie’s chief strategist.

It does not appear that Palatucci is worried about negotiating a new state worker contract, or fixing the pension system, or any other  “jersey “issue. If Chrisite gets bogged down on any state issue it will hurt him.

Christie would love to be governor and candidate at the same time. But the important people, his handlers and his money people will simply pull the plug.They will convince him that his only chance at winning will be to get out front. Christie is not  “wired” to play catch up.  

This article convinces me even more that Christie will be resigning very soon.  


Huge Victory for Toll takers,Sweeney,and Weinberg…

In case anyone forgot:

At a packed meeting that drew union officials, toll collectors and a family advocacy group, Senate President Stephen Sweeney and Sen. Loretta Weinberg, D-Teaneck, told the agency’s board that the hundreds of toll collectors that work in booths on the two toll roads already sacrificed three years ago when they agreed to salary cuts as high as $20,000 per year because it meant they could keep jobs that offer health care and a pension.

When Christie took office one of the first things he promised to do was to begin promoting privatization of government services. He created a top level Committee to push this agenda. Privatization was one of Christe’s top agenda items.

This was the goal:…

But from the very beginning State Senate President Sweeney said “NO”! Sweeney never let Christie implement privatization and in the case of the toll takers Sweeney had a pit bull who was even more determined then him ,in Senator Weinberg.

Make no mistake, the fight to save the toll takers is a MAJOR victory. The successful fight against all privatization stands as one of the major accomplishments against a Christie administration that wanted so bad to sell off government services.

There is nothing more important to the state worker unions then winning the fight against privatization. Nothing!

Everything else is secondary .Working comes first.

Way to go Senator Weinberg and way to go Senate President Sweeney!