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Stop Off Shore Drilling

Scott Garrett wants to drill off the coast of New Jersey. Most people in New Jersey have been against this idea. Well now we have the numbers to back it up.

The northern Atlantic Ocean, including the Jersey Shore, holds more economic value for activities such as commercial fishing and tourism than it does for oil extraction, according to a report released today by the New Jersey Sierra Club.

For every dollar an oil company would make from drilling off the North Atlantic coast, the more environmentally friendly pursuits of fishing and tourism would generate $12, making sustainable uses of the ocean more prudent than offshore drilling, the report said.…

More numbers:

The report said New Jersey was responsible for generating $11.5 billion of the estimated $61 billion generated by leisure and hospitality and recreational and commercial fishing among the seven states in the North Atlantic region. The suspected oil and natural gas in the region is estimated at $5.1 billion, according to the report

Optimum is getting the word out

Today I was surfing for something to watch and came across an ad for local news on my digital cable box. It seems that IO provides local news by hitting the C button on my remote control. I hit the C button and access my local news and the first story is State Senator Loretta Weinberg demanding answers from Christie for the loan he forgot. The coverage provided by channel 12 news allowed Sen. Weinberg to question how someone who got paid regularly would forget to disclose it. The story did allow Christie to rebut the claim but gave Sen. Weinberg the final say.

Proud to be 49

A new study has been released called Freedom in the 50 states which measures the “freedom” of each state. The study was published by the mercatus center and has been done by two political science professors Well we are second to New York in being “unfree”. And let me say I couldn’t be prouder.


Well let us take a quick look at why New Jersey is ranked so low. And for the let us go to the basis for the ranking.

According to them we suck because they value

“Local government budget constraints, a measure of

how much local governments depend on their own

resources rather than grants from state and federal

governments, are a prudent fiscal measure aimed at

ensuring that local governments spend within their


so this idea that rich communities should help out poorer communities, awful awful idea.


Local government wages are here considered better lower than higher

We should not be paying teachers what they are worth.

They also penalize us for such atrocious activities such as: health care mandates, unionization, and land use regulations.

and who are these people judging our state?

Well according to Wikipedia:

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is a market-oriented research, education, and outreach think tank that works with policy experts, lobbyists, and government officials to connect academic learning and real world practice.

The Mercatus Center was founded by Rich Fink, former president of the Koch Foundations

And just to remind people they are the geniuses behind the lifting of the ban on arsenic in our drinking water!

Let me say I am damn proud of being 49!

The study can be found at

Freedom in the 50 States: An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom

How many more?

We need to end this war in Iraq. At this point the state pretty much agrees with us. One life taken is one life too many. Eric Hernandez, resident of Jersey was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb.

If I were running for congress with I would make comments how Scott Garrett or any other Republican has voted to continue George Bush’s war. And if Hernandez had been driving his jeep here he would still be alive today. Garrett, I feel, can be picked on more because Hernandez is from his congressional district.

The ad I would run is just get a picture of Hernandez, his dates of living and the caption “how many more?” Vote Democrat.

FCC public hearing on Channel 9 live blogging

If any of you are in the Newark area come on over and sign up to talk about the lack of NJ news coverage on WWOR.

Senator Lautenberg has started talking about WWOR has failed in its duty as it was orignially granted its lisence when it was moved to New Jersey. It was moved here to meet the needs of New Jersey has not covered NJ news. The station calls itself New york on its website.


Rutgers University
Robeson Campus Center
249 University Ave
Newark NJ

although at this point the place is packed.

I should warn you that I can’t spell most of these people’s names.

Gay Marriage is the next battle.

I’ve been reading about the Democratic Party’s decision to make Civil Rights part of its Platform in 1948. Hubert Humphrey originally was reluctant to give the speech about adding it to the platform, as he was not completely convinced that it should be a priority, but he thankfully changed his mind. The speech he gave was one of the greatest speeches made by an American, ever.

The speech is about how in order for us to for justice abroad we need to be for it at home.

What’s more the speech is still rather relevant.