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Abate raises $12,000 [or possibly $9137] in first quarter (with POLL!)

According to a filing with the FEC, Camille Abate’s campaign raised $12,004 for the first quarter of 2006. There were no prior expectations of a competitive quarter from Abate, a late entry to the Fifth District race who filed with the FEC in March.

Democrat Paul Aronsohn, finished the quarter with a $125,000 lead over Abate in cash-on-hand. The presumed Republican opponent, Scott Garrett, had a lackluster quarter but currently leads Aronsohn by $240,000 in available funds.

The next quarterly reports will be filed in early July, at which point Democrats and Republicans will already have chosen their nominees.

Reporting on the 5th District Candidates’ Activities for Wednesday (+ poll)

On Wednesday morning, Bergen Grassroots held a press conference in Hackensack to announce its pro-troops, anti-war, billboard campaign. Among those attending was Camille Abate, Democratic candidate for Congress in the 5th District. I was lucky enough to be there myself, having an appointment scheduled in Paramus soon after the press conference — normally I’d be working my day job in the IT sector, even though I also happen to be a member of the Bergen Grassroots board. Camille seemed focused on the concerns of the military mom, pictured (name withheld by request), and did not mention her opponent in the June 6th primary this morning. As far as I could see, Ms. Abate made no attempt to steal the press spotlight, which I found a refreshing change from the typical politicians of our times.

Aronsohn raises over $200K in first quarter 2006

According to an April 14th electronic filing with the FEC, Paul Aronsohn for Congress raised nearly $214,000 in the first quarter of 2006. The filing, which was signed by campaign manager Parisa Sabeti, makes official the contributions which had been rumored in excess of $200,000. After expenditures, the Aronsohn campaign had $135,125.31 cash on-hand.

A scan of the FEC disclosures site did not turn up contributions for Mr. Aronsohn’s Democratic opponent in the primary, Camille Abate, who declared her candidacy late in the quarter. The deadline for filing is April 15th.

For the same quarter, incumbent Scott Garrett (R) received just over $139,000 and had a total of $375,627.36 cash on-hand at the end of the reporting period.

Fifth District Contribution Challenge

In Juan’s Dumbest Quote of the Day comment section, I issued a challenge. Basically, I would like to see people work to move the Fifth District Race in a positive direction (it’s early yet) by contributing their time or money, instead of complaining. Either candidate would represent us in Congress a hell of a lot better than Garrett, and although each one has a long way to go in defining themselves to the voters, I thave complete confidence that they will do so.

So I have decided to do something completely out-of-the-ordinary. I’ll match a verified $100 contribution to each (Abate and Aronsohn), provided there’s a response for each one. (This could end up in my support of both, one, or neither of the candidates. Let’s let the people who visit this site decide.)

As someone who knows both candidates pretty well at this point, I would say that I have very little problem with them as people. They seem to both be of good character (and this is ignoring political tactics out of necessity).

Right now, I would like to encourage everyone in District 5 or in a “safe” district to go to the website of the candidate they find most appealing and either contribute money or volunteer for a campaign in some way. It’s only through your support that you can make sure to push these campaigns in a positive direction. They are fighting for dollars and volunteers (and it’s tough in NJ since the primary is so late). I will match a verified $100 contribution to each candidate, if you reply below (new contributions only) – that means the first person to contribute to Aronsohn will get matched and the first person to contribute to Abate gets matched. That’s how much faith I have in these candidates’ abilities to run positive campaigns.

Bergen Grassroots Launches Bergen County’s First Antiwar Billboard Campaign


Photo by Keith Krebs

Written by Paul Eisenman

  Bergen Grassroots has posted what we believe is the first antiwar billboard sentiment in our home county, Bergen.

  We have launched this advertising campaign to underscore our commitment to continuing to pressure the Bush administration, as well as our Congressional representatives in the 5th and 9th Districts, to bring the troops home from Iraq NOW.

  With funds raised from Bergen Grassroots members, we have rented a total of four billboards over the next three months. We are profoundly grateful to all who made this first stage possible.


NYC Gallery Owner Slams 5th District Congressional Candidate

April 2nd Update: See for details.

Paul Aronsohn

Paul Aronsohn

Paula Ronsohn has one request: "Give me my name back." The New York City artist and gallery owner was stunned ealier this month when she tried to register the web address, and found that it was already taken – not by a cybersquatter, but by congressional candidate Paul Aronsohn.

The 39-year-old Aronsohn, of Ridgewood, is running for the Democratic nomination in New Jersey’s fifth congressional district to take on Republican Scott Garrett.

Ms. Ronsohn, 30, made the decision to stake her Internet claim at, "but it’s not the same. Nobody remembers dot-net. That’s why dot-coms are so sought after. I never imagined that my name would be taken before we tried to put up our site."

That site now resides at, but focuses more on defeating Mr. Aronsohn than drawing people to Ms. Ronsohn’s gallery. Ronsohn hopes that a loss in November will lead Mr. Aronsohn to abandon his site.

A recent screenshot of

A recent screenshot of

As for Mr. Aronsohn’s chances for victory, he will first have to face two primary challengers in June. Those challengers are Camille Abate of Glen Rock, and Zach Sheinberg of Woodcliff Lake. Would Ronsohn support either one of those challengers? "I was unaware that there was a primary [race]," says Ronsohn, "but I will support anyone other than Paul Aronsohn."

The Aronsohn campaign did not return calls for comment.