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Connecting the imaginary dots?

Mike Kelly has this imaginative column in today’s Bergen Record, in which he attempts to explain why Corzine brokered last week’s deal between BCDO Chairman Joseph Ferriero and State Senator Loretta Weinberg. He comes up with everything being tied to presidential politics, namely Corzine’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton:

This [deal] would ordinarily be good news for Hillary Clinton because Weinberg’s coalition would probably favor her in most cases. But it may be better news for Obama, who is more leftist than Clinton and possibly even more appealing to Weinberg’s supporters.

I’m not convinced. The snippet above seems to indicate no clear benefit for Clinton. Also, there is a certain benefit in party unity going into the primaries; similar unresolved squabbles left the Bergen Republicans without viable candidates last year, and their local organization in turmoil.

However, you’ll recall that a month ago, Corzine had this to say:

“It’s a different situation this time,” he said. “I have tended to choose not to get into party fights. I think Loretta Weinberg is an outstanding senator.”

Why the change of heart? Was it simply that, with the writing on the wall for Ferriero (in the form of early polling data), it was easier to forge a compromise? Or was it something more conspiratorial, as Mr. Kelly is suggesting?

Breaking news: DOJ replacing 85 prosecutors

The United States Department of Justice will

DoJ Logo

announce that it is firing 85 federal prosecutors this Monday morning, BlueJersey has learned. The prosecutors, all of whom receive salaries in excess of $100,000, are being dismissed to make way for lower-paid attorneys as part of an effort to trim the federal budget. The new hires would receive starting salaries of $8 per hour, and contribute 5% toward their health care premiums.

A source inside the New Jersey U.S. Attorney’s Newark office, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that Christopher Christie is cleaning out his desk. “The mood here is pretty glum. We weren’t expecting this, especially after what we did for [gubernatorial candidate Tom Kean] Junior in 2005.” Christie had been considered the front-runner for the 2009 Republican nomination for governor of the Garden State.

The significance of the news was not lost on BlueJersey Investigative Reporter huntsu, who noted, “This is the first time a leak from Christie’s office was not related to the investigation of a Democrat during an election cycle. Apparently, being a loyal Bushie has its limits when your job is on the chopping block.”

What would Howard do?

Last month, I received an interesting message from a Bergen County official:

What a shame this organization [Bergen Grassroots] has come to this.  Early on I thought it was a group that could make a difference and worked with them.  Very childish.  Not what Governor Dean had in mind I’m guessing.

The message was a response to an email sent by Paul Eisenman, Chairman of Bergen Grassroots, the local chapter of Democracy for America (DFA) which I co-founded. The purpose of Mr. Eisenman’s email was to rally grassroots activists to protest BCDO Chairman Joe Ferriero’s hastily called January 31st vote to alter the BCDO bylaws in a way that would have given him complete control over the party line. (Amazingly, the changes to the bylaws were defeated despite Mr. Ferriero’s committee purges of 2006.)

Corzine Won’t Support “Outstanding Senator”

Today’s Record contained a rather lengthy article concerning the fight between State Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-LD37) and Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero, which is sure to be the nastiest primary battle New Jersey will see this year.

Perhaps the most disappointing news comes at the very end of the article:

Governor Corzine said Tuesday he would sit this one out.

“It’s a different situation this time,” he said. “I have tended to choose not to get into party fights. I think Loretta Weinberg is an outstanding senator.”

Election Integrity Group Study Finds Flaws in Holt Bill

With less than three months before the general election, grassroots Democratic activists seem increasingly concerned that extremely low Republican poll numbers will lead to widespread election fraud, erasing any anticipated gains in the House and Senate this year. Many in New Jersey point to Rush Holt’s HR550 as a measure of protection against fraud sorely missing in the Help America Vote Act, and are working feverishly to get it passed.

Is HR550 the “Gold Standard” we are all hoping for? An election integrity group known as Election Defense Alliance doesn’t think so, and they’ve released a study that analyzes HR550’s effectiveness. From their press release dated August 17, 2006:

Today a group of computer security and statistical analysts released a study proving that the election audit procedure set forth in HR 550, popularly known as the Holt Bill, would in practice leave elections for the US House of Representatives completely exposed to undetected programming errors and deliberate fraud. (Download the full report at http://electiondefen…)

The study demonstrates that the HR 550 audit is so ineffective that in 40% of races examined, the audit would completely fail to detect fraud or error affecting 10% of precincts in an average US House race. Fraud or error on this scale could easily alter the election outcome if left undetected.

Scott Garrett Represents Taxpayers, On Average

On Monday, I received the latest issue of the Garrett Gazette, an e-mail newsletter aimed at misleading residents of New Jersey’s Fifth District. Scott Garrett, of course, has to mislead his constituents so he can continue serving his masters at the Club for (Malignant) Growth, Americans (who want to drown their government in a bathtub) for Tax Reform, and the Republican National Calamity.

The claim:

Unless Congress acts to make the various tax relief provisions enacted between 2001 and 2005 permanent, in 2011… 115 million taxpayers will see their annual tax bill increase more than $1,700

Bergen County Group Supports Librarian, Army Officer

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Bergen County—Michele Reutty, the embattled Hasbrouck Heights library director, has gained the support of Bergen Grassroots, a public interest group headquartered in Teaneck. (Text of resolution)

In a separate resolution, Bergen Grassroots announced similar support for Lt. Ehren Watada, who has refused orders to go to Iraq and is now facing a court martial. (Text of resolution)

Three Supervillains No Match for President Bush

Three Kryptonian fugitives who arrived on Earth six months ago have abandoned their plans to dominate the planet. “We realized that we are too late to destroy America’s democratic institutions or enslave the peoples of third-world countries,” said their leader, General Zod. “While we were imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, the administration of George W. Bush stole our thunder. We salute this leader of the planet Houston.”

The arrival of the supervillain group, which also includes supporters Ursa and Non, had been predicted in 1980 by the motion picture Superman II. The group blamed their late arrival on “enhanced security” in their two-dimensional prison.

Asked about his future plans, General Zod said he would work on “election reform” in support of his 2008 presidential campaign. The general, who plans to run as an independent, said he was concerned about “irregularities in [the] 2000 and 2004” presidential elections, as well as a “lack of ballot access to third-party candidates.”

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