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Too late for Oliver

It is far too late for Oliver to be taking on Christie. Words…BIG DEAL, actions were needed and still are. She needs to be thrown out. Sign the petition!! You will find the link on my site or NJ-can

Good thing Obama’s not like Christie

Christie who was upset over delay in getting aid for NJ, certainly has changed his tune. Good thing the President does not hold the same views as Eric Cantor. Christie, deserves to be ignored in his request, since when does he care about suffering??

Don’t forget GREEN in preparing for IRENE

Preparing for Irene needs a bit of commen sense. To witness the line waiting in the street for gas at the Super Wawa we are wasting the gas we are waiting to buy. Destroying the enviornment that we FEAR! In what has become NJ, with gas stations and pharmicies on every corner, I pulled into the VACANT LUKOIL to ZERO customers and paid 4 cents more per gallon and wasted none of my GAS. Is their any enviornmentalists left in NJ?? By the looks of the line none were buying gas.

Fighting Christie and the Christie-crats

NJ-Can, a newly formed group that is after the mis-leading democratic leadership of New Jersey. The group has a petition to remove Sweeney and Oliver from their leadership posts. Another step will be the push to have Christie recalled from office. Electing people who represent the interests of hardworking N.J. residents by supporting candidates and write-ins is another goal from the group. the idea of getting people INVOLVED is part of their mission statement and I am on board with that!!!