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Christie’s record on job creation, a continued failure

The lie that private business not government creates jobs, can easily be proven wrong by New Jersey’s numbers. Christie’s policy of tax-cuts for the wealthy, the job creator’s, has produced a stagnant NJ economy! 9% unemployment a number nobody seems to be saying too much about. The national number continues to creep down, 8.2%,  getting the President blasted! Where is the outrage over 9% in New Jersey? Do we all still love Governor Hamburger? He seems to be getting a pass.

Restoring Mount Peace

The historic value that Mount Peace Cemetery brings to all of New Jersey cannot be measured. Donating, anything to this GREAT Civil War, Black History historical site will preserve their memory and our HISTORY.  

Caving under the weight of Christie

Why is Sweeney caving under the weight of Christie?? It is called let me line myself up for a run for governor! How can you call yourself UNION and legislate away what is bargained for? Core values should never be compromised. Apparently it is not a core value.

Christie supports towns against marijuana

With Christie coming out in support of towns against marijuana dispensaries and farming it, was there any point in him signing the toothless legislation in the summer?  He called the legislation he signed, “flawed”. Good waste of time by the Legislature and Christie.

NJ, got MILK

S-2702. Another important issue being handled in Trenton. Goofing around for month’s over allowing Jersey dairy farms to sell raw milk. Health concerns holding it up? Nobody is keeling over in surrounding states from drinking RAW milk. Great example of government being somewhere it should not be, then screwing around trying to get out of the way.  

Could low voter turnout give NJ the blues

Leading up to election day has been rather quiet. Is the GOV, licking his chops (maybe they pork chops) at low voter turnout giving him big wins in the Legislature? If NJ has their typical 30%, we might have plenty of crying going on Wed. With nothing in his way we will be wishing we were Wisconsin after he’s done. GET OUT AND VOTE!