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Where To From Here?

What do you think the next step is, Blue Jersey? – promoted by Rosi Efthim

OK.  So we had a rally in Trenton with record turnout.  It makes us feel good.  And it will be ignored by Christie and his Tea Bagger friends.

There’s recall.  That’s a bad idea – not only because it will be unsuccessful, but will invigorate the Tea Baggers and cause Christie to dig in his heels even further.  The most promising approach is to keep the pressure on the Legislature – both Republicans and Democrats.  A well-crafted campaign to override Christie’s veto of the millionaire’s tax could take the wind out of his sails.

We also need to revector the message from supporting teachers and kids to a more general audience.  There’s a large unenlightened constituency out there who simply look at school costs as a burden on their overstreteched income.  We need to show them the severity of the other harm Christie’s policies are causing.  And we need the teachers’ union to realize that by matching Christie’s intransigence, they are only hurting themselves.

Christie basks in publicity, so it is counterproductive to attack him personally.  The right thing to do is to mount a PR campaign to alert the voters on the short-term and long-term harm he is bringing to New Jersey, and concurrently suggest realistic progressive alternatives.  And we gotta find a credible loyal opposition focal point.

Ramblings on the Assembly Debate on the Millionaire’s Tax

I’m not as up to speed on New Jersey politics as I should be.  So I had some free time today and spent over an hour listening to the Assembly debate on the Millionaire’s tax.  As far as I can tell, the Republicans are putting forward two arguments:

1. Taxes destroy jobs

2. The rich will move away

These are well-established unproven Republican talking points.  As far as the first point is concerned, we have seen that under the Bush tax cuts, jobs have disappeared.  On the second point, I suspect that the uber-rich already declare their homes to be in places like the Cayman Islands or Wyoming.  No one has presented any solid evidence that this would have a significant impact.

It seems like the Republicans’ mantra of no taxes is more of a religion than anything else.

Anyway, it just passed.  Will watch the next steps with great interest.

Perhaps We Should Send Justin Murphy to Louisiana

On the oil disaster in the Gulf, Justin Murphy is quoted in today’s Inky stating “If we have one accident in 40 years, I think that’s a pretty good track record”.

Forty years from now, the Gulf Coast (and who knows how far this spill will expand) will still be recovering from BP’s criminality.  But his opponent Runyan is just as cavalier and uncaring.  

Where is John Adler on this?  Is he defending New Jersey’s coastline vigorously enough?

Another Christie Tax on the non-wealthy

Despite his mantra of being a tax cutter, Governor Christie continues raising taxes.  The most egregious example is the increase in fares for New Jersey Transit.  This not only hits those who can least afford it, but discourages use of a more environment-friendly mode of transportation.

Now his actions will result in an increase in fees for beach tags.

Probably not a big difference to most people, but just another example of GOP hypocrisy.  They are raising taxes – but just on those who are not wealthy.  And another blow to New Jersey tourism.