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Town Hall Meeting with Chris Christie

While doing my best to resist the conservative indoctrination that often comes about after two years spent (and two more to go) at Boston College, I try to keep up with everything that’s going on back on the home front, especially in the Monmouth County area, my home base.

In doing so, I saw on PoliticsNJ that Chris Christie, our dearly beloved U.S. Attorney, will be holding a town hall meeting with two of my least favorite Republican legislators, Joe Kyrillos and Amy Handlin, on April 26th at 7:30 in Middletown North High School.  With the great discussion that’s been happening  here at BlueJersey with regards to Christie’s partisan record (oh, and I’m sure it’s purely coincidental that this “non-political” town meeting touting his achievements will be held in conjunction with two fellow Republicans), I just wanted to let share news of the event so that people who are in the area or are willing to travel can show up and maybe ask Christie some tougher questions than he fields from the press, which obviously is all too eager to burnish his false credentials. If anyone has any thoughts on how we may be able to take advantage of this opportunity, please share them so that we can take one step closer to greater accountability in our justice system.

Has PoliticsNJ Gone AWOL?

I’m feeling inspired by both huntsu’s call to action and a bit of confusion, as evidenced by my title.

When I first became increasingly in tune with state politics, was always the first site I turned to; for some time, it was the only site I referenced for insights, updates, etc. about the happenings of New Jersey politics.  Suffice it to say that that I was upset when Steve Kornacki departed for greener pastures at Roll Call.  I always felt like I was a step ahead of the masses after reading his columns, and that I had my metaphorical finger on the pulse of all things political occurring between Ramsey and Pennsville. 

Despite my concerns, I continued my readership of unabated as Bill Albers took the helm.  While I mixed in BlueJersey in equal measure, I never failed to return to what was tried and true for me.  At first, there wasn’t a significant difference between Albers and Kornacki, but at this point, readers are lucky to get one original column a week.  Recently, the site has posted spinning press releases from both the Kean and Menendez campaigns right up on the front page where those columns used to be, and right now, you can find the text of some remarks Bob Menendez made at the 2000 convention in praise of Joe Lieberman.  I almost wish to take over the job, even if it were pro bono – my interest and passion for state politics is that great.

I was hoping that perhaps someone could shed light on the recent inactivity of While the weekly posts of David Rebovich and daily (but only occasionaly relevant) entries of Wally Edge are informative, they always leave me wanting for the glory days of the past. I welcome empathetic comments, as well as potential insights.