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University of Virginia Masters in English. Have lived in Argentina, Panama, Delaware, Virginia, California, NYC, and New Jersey for the last 25 years. Former editor and manager at McGraw-Hill, former President of Gay Activist Alliance of NJ, founder of NJ ActUp, and North Jersey Community Research Initiative (NJCRI) in Newark.

Please pass the SALT 

As Representative Josh Gottheimer (CD 2) said, “The Trump [and Congress] Tax Hike bill bill took a two-by four to the State of New Jersey, gutting the State And Local Tax (SALT) deduction, sharply limiting NJ’s property tax deduction and…
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After Charlottesville 

Leadership at the top matters. President Obama preached tolerance and tried to unite America. However, there can be no doubt that Trump’s divisive “Make America Great Again,” “Mexicans are rapists,”  “America First” and anti-immigrant policies provide fuel for the Alt…
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