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The Wake Up Wal-Mart Holiday Campaign: Ad #2

This December, Wake Up Wal-Mart is going all out with our annual Holiday Campaign to awaken America’s largest retailer to its responsibilities. Here is a peek at our second TV ad for 2008’s holiday season:

Titled Wal-Mart: America Just Can’t Afford It Any Longer, the ad focuses on the hidden costs of shopping at Wal-Mart:

Thinking of shopping at Wal-Mart this Holiday Season?

If you are, I’m sure the Chinese will be psyched.

Wake Up Walmart, who I’m working with, has a great new video up highlighting the perils of supporting the Bentonville behemoth.

In their quest to cut costs, Walmort outsources more and more jobs overseas. It’s come to the point where 70% of Walmart products are now made in communist China. “In the race to the bottom, Walmart gets ahead and the middle class falls behind,” the ad warns.

Translating the Walmart PR Spin

Walmart’s hometown newspaper, the Northwest Arkansas Morning News, has an interesting article up today about Walmart executives meeting with 200 of their cronies at a conference and outlining their plans for 2009.  It could be a watershed year for progressives, but the Bentonville behemoth has some plans of its own and they ain’t pretty.

So I thought I’d go through each one of Walmart’s plans and translate some of their PR spin – or wipe the lipstick off the pig, if you will.  All stats and figures are compliments of, with whom I do some work.

Walmart Workers Reportedly Being “Kicked” and “Slapped”

Can America’s No. 1 retailer get away with using sweat shop labor?

Walmart’s hometown newspaper the Arkansas Democrat Gazette is reporting that a nonprofit that advocates for workers rights in developing nations is reporting horrendous, shameful, sweatshop-like conditions in Walmart factories.

“SweatFree Communities says its report ‘Sweatshop Solutions: Economic Ground Zero in Bangladesh and Wal-Mart’s Responsibility’ [PDF] is based on interviews with more than 90 workers. Those workers, the report states, cite instances of co-workers being kicked or slapped for minor infractions, including one claim that a pregnant woman miscarried after being kicked by a line supervisor.

“When Wal-Mart inspects the plant, the report contends, factory managers know ahead of time and workers are coached on what to tell the inspectors.”