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Yes on subsidizing drivers, No on mass transit

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Gov.-elect Chris Christie doesn’t want to “tie the hands of his incoming NJ DOT and NJ Transit chiefs” when it comes to raising fees on mass transit riders. Having a sustainable Transportation Trust fund on the other hand, not so much.

Gov.-elect Chris Christie, who has railed against New Jersey’s mix of high taxes, fees and tolls, today would not rule out raising fares on NJ Transit trains and buses as he introduced two of his transportation policymakers. …[H]e said that would tie the hands of James Weinstein, named today as executive director of the transit agency, as he tackles its budget.

Yet, he still insists on tying the hands of policymakers in creating a fair Transportation policy for NJ by refusing to consider raising the gas tax.

Christie reiterated his vow not to raise the gas tax to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund, a state account for road and transit projects that officials say will run out of money by 2011.

While we’ve seen many examples of Christie’s hypocrisy and impossible inconsistencies in his campaign promises. Get ready to add this one to the list.

3 NJ Congressmen on Public Option Whip List

Three of NJ’s Democratic congressional delegation are being targeted to firm up or gain their support of the Progressive robust public option (Medicare +5 rate).…

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is closing in on the support needed to pass a Health Care Reform bill with a robust public option. Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs the strongest bill possible to give her a strong negotiating hand when she goes to conference committee with the Senate.

Congressmen Steve Rothman, John Adler and Albio Sires are all listed as either lean yes, undecided or lean no on Health Care Reform with a robust public option that sets reimbursement rates at Medicare levels plus 5% instead of a weaker negotiated rates level.

Please reach out to these Congressmen and let them know we need the strongest most progressive version of the bill possible!

Opening the Party to All

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The Legislature has the highest number of women legislators in history. Many have pointed to the role that indictments and resignations due to corruption have played. In Mercer, the Freeholder Board has 3 out of 7 women holding office and a number of female Legislators. In addition, those indictments have not touched Mercer Democrats. How? The Democratic Chair, Rich McClellan, credits an open convention system.

Making NJ a Privacy Battleground

The USA Today story about Verizon, AT&T and BellSouth’s sharing of our phone records to the NSA for storage, data-mining and who-knows what else may or may not re-open the privacy and security debate in Washington. This doesn’t mean that states like NJ where the Democratic Party is currently very strong can’t play a major leading role in this debate.

NJ can send a strong message to companies it regulates that sharing its customer data for NSA illegal wiretapping or data-mining without a clear Congressional mandate will carry strong penalties. We can start with Verizon here in NJ and hold them accountable until they agree to stop the practice and follow Qwest’s lead and refuse to sell their customers out.