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Ferriero and Walton

Promoted from the diaries — Juan

The following piece, which is cross-posted at The Englewood Report, is written by Dierdre Glenn Paul, a 14-year resident of Englewood.  She is the first African American female president of the Montclair State University Federation of Teachers and the first African American female Executive Vice President of the Council of New Jersey State College Locals.  In 2007, she ran for Englewood City Council.

During the time that I campaigned and all sorts of Englewood political insiders complained about party boss Joe Ferriero, I reserved judgment. Although there were clear indications that he helped my opponent to regain his Fourth Ward Council seat and continue the duo’s quest to pimp those portions of the Fourth Ward that developers haven’t yet been permitted to pillage, I maintained my stance that I did not have enough information to take any position for or against Mr. Ferriero. After all, as an academic, I have been trained to suspend judgment and analyze facts.

Now, however, the proverbial shit has hit the fan and I am damned mad. I was incredulous when I first read that Mr. Ferriero had decided to nominate Rev. Vernon Walton to fill Connie Wagner’s now vacant Bergen County Freeholder slot. My disbelief had very little to do with the facts that Reverend Walton had accomplished the politically unheard of (in losing his Council-at-Large seat to Gordon Johnson–as an incumbent?only to later be considered for freeholder) or that the other frontrunner was Zonnie Lesane, a Black female who ran for the General Assembly (Democratic Line) in District 40 and received 16% of the vote.

The Public Realm, Part 1

The following was written by Bob Stern and cross-posted at The Englewood Report.  Much of what is proposed here can be applied to cities and towns throughout New Jersey and the United States at large.

The public realm has to inform us not only where we are geographically, but it has to inform us where we are in our culture, where we?ve come from, what kind of people we are ? and by doing that, it needs to afford us a glimpse of where we?re going in order to allow us to dwell in a hopeful present.

Think about those young men and women in places like Iraq spilling their blood in the sand and ask yourself what is their last thought of home?  I hope it?s not the curb cut between the Chuck E. Cheese and the Target store. – James Howard Kunstler

The rush to convert Englewood into CondoBankMallville has stalled somewhat as the overheated market, over-leveraged developers and oversold taxpayers are cooling to the process.  Exacerbating the costs to residential taxpayers is the continuing granting of variances  to projects that take properties off the tax rolls and the special deals given to politically-connected developers.

And what of the stewardship of keystone community assets?

Wildes Star No Longer Rising

The following is a piece by former Englewood Councilman Norm Davis from today’s Englewood Report.

Until recently, Englewood Mayor Michael Wildes was seen as a rising star in Bergen County Democratic politics. However, a series of political setbacks in recent months has hurt his chances for political advancement. Following his reelection as Mayor last November, Wildes was announced as the Bergen County Democratic Organization’s official candidate for the District 37 State Senate seat held by Loretta Weinberg. However, as a result of a deal brokered by Governor Corzine, County Democratic Chair Joseph Ferriero withdrew his support from Wildes, leaving Weinberg unopposed in the June 5 primary.

An Interview with Allen Gailes

(Skip to the Podcast with Allen Gailes.)

While The Englewood Report’s primary focus is local news, we do post stories that Blue Jerseyans may find of interest. Our latest entry is one such example.

In the Englewood Report’s first ever podcast, Bob Stern interviews Lt. Allen Gailes, who is heading the Real Bergen Democrats ticket in June’s Democratic Primary.  Gailes is challenging BCDO candidate and current incumbent Leo McGuire for the position of Bergen County Sheriff.

This is an important election.  The winner will run the largest law enforcement agency in the county with a budget that has grown to more than $50 million a year.

Ferrierocrat Follies: The Contest

Cross-posted here to give Blue Jerseyians the opportunity to compete in our first-ever contest!

  “Who’s on first, what’s on second?”
  – Abbott and Costello

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here?”
  – Ferriero and Coniglio

We’ve had a hard time keeping a straight face as Party Boss Joe Ferriero and his fumbling threesome (Zisa, Wildes and Wilson) trip on their clown shoes while trying to walk like Karl Rove. Only a few weeks into the campaign and already we have seen some howlers. So, to keep it entertaining, The Englewood Report is having a contest.

We have divided Ferrierocrat antics into three scorable categories.  The first person to reach 10 points in each antic category will be awarded a CD of the classic Abbott and Costello routine, “Who’s on First”.

We supply you with some examples and points to get you started.

Rothenberg Responds

The following is crossposted at The Englewood Report as a “Bob’s Corner” column.

County boss Joseph Ferriero recently sent out copies of a column from a popular newsletter to delegates of the upcoming BCDO convention.  Those of you who are on the county committee may have received it.  The column, entitled “For Democrats, Bergen County Spells Success,” was lifted from the pages of The Rothenberg Political Report, a Washington-based, “non-partisan” newsletter.  I contacted editor Stuart Rothenberg to find out if the mailing of his column should be viewed as an endorsement of Ferriero’s political tactics.  The following is his response, which he has agreed to let me share with you.