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Rush Holt Health Care Town Hall – Middletown

Maybe it was the configuration of the room, which was shallow and wide and not narrow and deep, making no allowance for angry shouters to use their distance from the speaker to intimidate the rest of the auditorium like they did at Frank Pallone’s Red Bank Town Hall last week. Maybe it was the different Congressional District, NJ-12 not NJ-6. Almost certainly it was that this congressman didn’t bear direct responsibility for the health care reform bill containing the much-debated public option, HR 3200, the way Pallone certainly does with the bill coming out of his Health Subcommittee of the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

But the experience of sitting in on Rush Holt’s public event on the same topic last week, while contentious, lacked the surging intimdation tactics and the deep lines of people waiting to get in to what had to be multiple sessions each night. Questions submitted by the audience were collected and read aloud by the congressman, who then addressed them. And in some cases, that led to briefer, substantive questions and commentary from the audience, rather than the situation Pallone had in Red Bank, grappling with questions from microphones turned up higher than his own.  

You just can’t put a price on fun like this.

Since I have been very busy, of late, building a website(I work like I have OCD, truth be known…), I have not been able to keep up on the NJ Political Woof and Warp. So thanks to a very attractive and intelligent soon-to-be-lawyer friend of mine, the following came into my inbox, today.

And so, hilarity ensued. I mean, I ain’t had so much fun since the pigs ate my little brother.

What are you doing on Election Day?

[consider this an open thread, and please consider taking a vacation day on November 4 to do GOTV and bring us a lot of new Democratic elected officials – promoted by huntsu]

I know what I am doing to GOTV, as long as possible as well, but what are you doing?

Chime in below and share, with the assembled, what you are doing, besides voting, even if for an hour or two.

And if you aren’t doing anything, why not? It’s not to late to volunteer.

Dennis: Reach out to the Outdoorsmen and Women

For far too long, out here in The Far Broccoli of The 5th, the Republicans have had a virtual lock, a “death grip” if you will, on the votes and the endorsements of the outdoors, hunting and fishing groups. It does not have to be that way and with a little TLC of these groups and the right message, more than a few of these votes can be turned.