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Dennis Shulman Attacked for “ACORN militant” Ties

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Hi, I’m proudly working as Communications Director for Dennis Shulman in NJ-5, and wow, has the netroots support for our race been overwhelming and gratifying!

As you may know, Dennis is a rabbi, psychologist, author, educator, and otherwise accomplished man who happens to be blind.  He is running against Scott Garrett, the most conservative member of Congress (more conservative than anyone in the country, let alone the Northeast!).  The worst of his worst votes include voting against the Voting Rights Act reauthorization.  

Our campaign manager Jeff Hauser has previously worked as deputy campaign manager for the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  

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Q: Which NJ Rep Co-Sponsored the Federal Marriage Amendment?

A: Scott Garrett!

A new Washington Blade article covers the latest incarnation of the discriminatory Federal Marriage Amendment, which would enshrine discrimination into the U.S. Constitution. U.S. Rep. Paul Broun (R, GA-10) managed to get 29 co-sponsors for the bill, and we here in NJ-5 were disappointed, if not at all surprised, to see that Rep. Scott Garrett signed on, making him one of only two Northeastern co-sponsors.