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A 23-year old Democrat for Freeholder? Meet My Friend, Dana Wefer

(October Update)

Back in August I wrote about a friend of mine, Dana Wefer here online. Dana is a first-time candidate; at 23, she’s running for County Freeholder in Morris County, New Jersey (Freeholder is the NJ equivalent of County Commissioner, btw). She’s challenging Republican incumbent Margaret Nordstrom in a county that’s rather Republican (58-40% Bush in 2004). Nordstrom has used the power of incumbency to raise oodles of campaign contributions through play-to-pay contracts; Dana is a graduate student who’s been raising money from scratch. Nordstrom has been essentially invisible, preferring to avoid campaign events; Dana’s crisscrossed the county’s 39 towns and attended dozens of events since June. I would like this diary to show that no matter who you are or how old you are or where you’re from, you can still make a major impact in your community and your country. Dana’s been proving just that.

(Much more in the extended entry. If what’s above is enough to get you interested, go to to help out. Otherwise, read on…)

Donning the Blue Jersey

It’s a great honor and pleasure to be a front-pager here at BlueJersey. Having been a front-page blogger at for over a year, I know that such a job is time-consuming, yet immensely rewarding. I’m pleased to see so many New Jersey bloggers getting involved on this site, and I look forward to working with each and every one of them.

What part do I play in this? I intend to cover our 2006 US Senate race and all 13 Congressional races as well (as most likely a “domino effect” will leave some of those seats open), analyzing and keeping track of what’s going on. In addition, I’ll keep you (the reader) updated on the national situation, and how it affects New Jersey. Finally, I’ll be talking about the local scene: county politics from a teenager who’s had more than his fair share of experiences with machines and reformers alike.

With that said, I look forward to “donning the Blue Jersey” and posting here as frequently as I can. – Stephen “Mr. Liberal” Yellin