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In Union County, “Democrats for Change” = Democrats for Christie

Weigh in, especially you Union County folks – Rosi

By Stephen Yellin – I am proud to be on the ballot for the June 7th primary on Column A. I am also a candidate for Township Council in Berkeley Heights.

This isn’t a ‘me-first’ rally – this is a ‘community-first’ rally…a worker’s rights rally!

            Joe Cryan, March 3 2011 (standing with union workers in Trenton)

He’s going to do a wonderful, fabulous job as our next Governor.

         Tony Monteiro, November 4 2009 (at Chris Christie’s victory party)

On June 7th, Democrats in the 20th Legislative District (Elizabeth, Hillside, Roselle and Union) have a clear choice to make. They have a choice between the regular Democratic ticket, whose Democratic Party credentials aren’t in question, and a renegade group called “Democrats for Change”.

Just who are these “Democrats for Change”, and what do they stand for? Examining the facts paints a troubling picture of this group, and its candidates for the State Legislature in the 20th District. This ticket has managed to combine the 2 worst problems confronting New Jersey today: a corrupt, unaccountable political machine and the enabling of Chris Christie’s destructive, divisive policies across our state.

How I cast my vote today (a fun story)

I returned a short while ago from casting my first-ever vote at the Union County Courthouse. While it was a unique and at times fun experience, I don’t recommend it to anyone who can vote in person. While my story is worth retelling, it’s not one you want to experience first-hand!

Since I’m going to be taking a final exam later today at my graduate school, I was unable to make it back to Berkeley Heights to vote in today’s School Board election. Accordingly, I sent it my Vote-by-Mail request form to the Union County Clerk’s office, asking for a ballot to be sent to my house.

Unfortunately the mail was slow in arriving at the Clerk’s office, and although I submitted my request in advance I did not receive a ballot in the mail. That’s where my story gets interesting…

A look at the new NJ-21 (and a brief history)

by Stephen Yellin

First, a friendly welcome to the residents of Kenilworth, Chatham Borough, Bernards Township and Far Hills (all 919 of you in the last case) to the 21st Legislative District of New Jersey. I hope you find your accommodations comfortable, as you’ll be staying here for the next 10 years. 🙂

Second, we in the 21st bid a fond farewell to Chatham Township, Madison and Millburn, which will now have a Democratic delegation to represent them in the form of Dick Codey, John McKeon and Mila Jasey. While this Berkeley Heights resident is more than a little jealous to be less than a mile away from having this awesome trio as my delegation, I take comfort in knowing that my friends at Drew University will get to know another awesome ex-Governor a lot better in the year ahead*.  

Stephen Yellin for Council, Version 2.0

Great news, Stephen. – Rosi

Hi all,

Last year, when I decided to run for Township Council, I neglected to inform my friends here at Blue Jersey about my decision. Poor Rosi had to break the news herself after the press wrote about my entry.

Not this time.

I put up my press release on the Internet last night, and Blue Jersey is the first to hear from me directly. I’m running again for Berkeley Heights Township Council, and I’ve learned from last time what it takes to win.…

Union County GOP: Minorities Too Stupid To Vote For Us

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Hi all,

As you may know, I was a candidate for Township Council in Berkeley Heights this year. As a Democrat running in a Republican-leaning town in a Republican “wave” year, it’s not surprising that I lost. Union County, however, saw a surprisingly strong victory for the Democratic Party’s County-wide ticket, with Sheriff Ralph Froehlich and Clerk Joanne Rajoppi each garnering 60% of the vote; our Freeholder candidates weren’t far behind.  

I can imagine that the Union County Republican Party’s Election Night gathering wasn’t that joyful – neither was mine. When I conceded, however, I certainly did not attack the voters of Berkeley Heights by saying (for example): “You hit them [the Republicans] with a cattle prod, and they’ll go under; there’s no brain power involved.” It would be incredibly offensive, and would do a tremendous disservice to my supporters, some of whom were registered Republicans.  

Final thoughts on Berkeley Heights 2010

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Hi all,

So I lost. As many good Democrats did nationally (and a few bad ones, I might add), and in different parts of New Jersey. In the end, I finished with 1, 208 votes, or about 27% of the vote in a 3-way race. I finished 4th out of 6, beating the two Independents. My running mate, Linda Weber did much better, drawing 1,762 votes and missing a Council seat by less than 400 votes. In a different year (2006 or 2008), she would have won.  

Update on my campaign: 48 hours to victory!

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Hi all,

Stephen Yellin, aka “Mr. Liberal” here. As a blogger at Blue Jersey since 2005, I’ve been able to take some of the lessons learned from writing here in the blogosphere, and put them to good use as a candidate.

I want to give you all a final update on my campaign for Township Council in Berkeley Heights, in Union County . With E-Day just 48 hours away (45 in New Jersey, since the polls open at 6AM EST), I can truthfully say that I have a good shot at victory on Tuesday.

It hasn’t been easy, running in a Republican-leaning town in a Republican-leaning year. So why do I have a “good shot”? Read on below to find out…

Heading into the Home Stretch

Good luck in Berkeley Heights, Stephen Yellin! By the way, as ABC

News reports, Stephen is just 21 or 22 years old. – promoted by Rosi

Hi all,

With just 11 days left until November 2nd, I’ve been working hard to win in Berkeley Heights, where I’m running for Township Council. My website is , so take a look if you want to learn more about me after reading this.  

Lessons I’m learning as a Candidate

I love the “Are you a Jew?” question. Hilarious. Your Lesson #4 is excellent. I wish all candidates would do this, and your honesty got you a vote you deserved. – promoted by Rosi

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Hi all,

A little over a month has passed since I last updated the blogosphere on how my campaign for Township Council (in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey) is progressing. You can read the previous updates here and here.

With a month and a day remaining before Election Day, I wanted to provide an update on the race, and offer some thoughts on what it’s like to be a candidate.

My Campaign Website

Why I’m running for Township Council |

Credentials for running for Berkeley Heights Council |

Article from Woman’s Day website

An Update on my Campaign

I wanted to pull this onto the front page, because its author, candidate Stephen Yellin, is a blogger of longstanding. In fact he was one of the original Blue Jerseyans when he was still a teenager. Wishing him luck on his race. – Rosi

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Hello all,

Four months ago, I set out on an unusual political journey.

It was unusual because, unlike all the campaigns I had worked on before, the campaign I was working on was my own. In April, I filed to run for Township Council in my hometown of Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. I decided to run because now was the right time in my life to try and give back to my community in the way I knew best – through public service. With three months to go until Election Day, I wanted to give you an update on how my campaign is going.

My campaign website

NJ Courier-News candidate statement

More bloggers throwing hats in ring (see page 2)