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Rumors running rampant?

Last week a rumor was started about some damaging information which will surface for Jon Corzine. A popular NJ conservative blogger has gone out of his way to push the rumor, insisting that a tape would surface within 48 hours.

That was last Thursday. Nothing has surfaced, of course. It’s a last ditch effort to slam a decent, leading candidate. The blog in question is being called on it.

Rumormongering is the lowest form of negative campaigning. With negative ads, both print and broadcast, some reference is put into it. It can be substantial or really, really vauge and spun like crazy, but there has to be some event or statement for referral or it’s libel and legal action is possible. Rumors, however, can be started by just about anyone about just about anything. Substance is unnecessary, and if no element is demonstrable, the rumor morphs into a cover-up!

A whisper campaign is deplorable in such an important race. If there is something big to show, out with it. If you think there’s something to show, research it and get back to us. But to start a negative rumor this late in the campaign is a desperate attempt to change a losing outcome, and I believe the voters in Our Fair State are smarter than this.

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Two sides? Doug’s got ’em both.

From Tom Hester’s Monday column in the Times of Trenton:

“Forrester, meanwhile, recently said he’s a fan of both the Eagles and Giants, a stance conflicting with laws of nature. “

There’s Doug playing both sides again. I propose a new tagline for the Forrester campaign:

Saying whatever it takes to get support, regardless of truth. Doug Forrester.

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