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Why is Jim Saxton’s fundraising down this cycle?

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With many speculating that Jim Saxton will be facing his toughest and most well-funded challenger in years, one would think that he would be doing everything in his power to raise as much money to defend his seat as possible.  While he still has a large amount of Cash On Hand, he hasn’t exactly been shaking down the money tree making record deposits in the bank this cycle…

Filing Raised this Quarter Raised this Cycle
Apr-03 $53,100 $59,280
Apr-05 $38,265.50 $44,065.50
Apr-07 $14,896 $19,174
Jul-03 $122,444 $181,724
Jul-05 $228,058 $272,123
Jul-07 $144,568 $163,742
Oct-03 $190,545 $372,269
Oct-05 $140,942 $413,066
Oct-07 $97,085 $207,857

Maybe Saxton thinks he already has enough money in the bank and can just relax.  Maybe he doesn’t think the challenge and climate he is facing are truly a threat.  Possibly, being a member of the minority with that prospect unlikely to change, he doesn’t have the influence he once did and isn’t the sound investment he once was.  Or then again, he might be getting ready to surf the GOP retirement wave.  Let’s see how other GOP members facing tough re-elections have faired this cycle with their fundraising efforts…

GOP Incumbent Raised this Quarter Raised this Cycle
Mike Ferguson(NJ-7) $238,362 $1,046,319
Robin Hayes (NC-8) $353,236 $851,790
Vern Buchanan (Fl-13) $411,844 $1,254,533
Mark Kirk (Il-10) $526,065 $1,789,499
Jim Saxton (NJ-3) $97,085 $207,857
Randy Kuhl (NY-29) $170,244 $341,485
Jim Gerlach (Pa-6) $236,936 $887,496
Charlie Dent (PA-15) $157,000 $566,886
Dave Reichert (WA-8) $306,234 $714,034
Chris Shays (CT-4) $360,307 $850,145
Jim Walsh (NY-25) $194,145 $621,484

So why is Jim Saxton’s fundraising down this cycle, given how hard many in a similar situation facing a tough re-election bid are working? Maybe he agrees with us that it’s time for a change.

If the war’s going so well, why’s the largest # of National Guard troops since WWII being deployed?

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Jim Saxton, staunch enabler of the President’s misguided war in Iraq, would like you to believe that the war is going well.  The headlines of this week’s call up of nearly half the NJ National Guard, many of whom have already done 1 tour of duty in Iraq paint a different picture…

NJ to deploy largest number of National Guard to Iraq since WWII

Half Of NJ Nat’l Guard To Head To Iraq Next Year

NJ National Guard faces a big, earlier deployment

Don’t jeopardize security at home

Next year 3,200 in N.J. guard to deploy

Corzine blasts troop deployment as ‘overuse’ of NJ soldiers

Alerted Guard Units Have Served Before

About Half Of NJ’s National Guard Troops To Be Mobilized

That’s right Congressman Saxton, the war is going so well that if we actually have a situation here at home, we may not be able to respond in the manner necessary because of the decisions that YOU have made, which have our soldiers reffing a Civil War in the Middle East.  Thanks Congressman, can’t wait for that change in 2008.

Saxton votes against Healthcare for Kids. Again.

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Today Jim Saxton voted against healthcare for children and he’s proud of it.  The day started with an Op-ed in the Asbury Park Press penned by Saxton and lets look at some things he acknowledged before the vote…

1. SCHIP has been a tremendous help for children across our country whose parents could not afford health insurance but who also weren’t poor enough to qualify for Medicaid.

2. There is no doubt about whether needy children should continue to receive health care under SCHIP.

First he acknowledges all the good the SCHIP program has done.  Then he cries because more children will be helped by this successful program.  But to show you his priorities, he’s willing to waste money voting to build a Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska for his cronie, but becomes the fiscal hawk over children’s healthcare.  Some priorities!  After taking away health insurance from kids, he rubs it in with this…

“Now that the vote has been cast, I hope the politicization of this issue stops,” said Rep. Saxton through a spokesman.

The next time he needs a kid for a photo shoot, I hope that child knows that they couldn’t see a doctor because Jim Saxton was worried that supporting them was political.  What a joke.

The WSJ tells Saxton he’s wrong: The Income-Inequality Gap is widening

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Jim Saxton, through is position on the House Joint Economic Committee, sent out a press release on Sept 12 with the screaming headline: INCOME INEQUALITY STATISTICALLY UNCHANGED SINCE 2001 and this picture into the world according to Saxton…

“Despite all the discussion about income inequality, the fact is that it hasn’t changed in recent years, according to the Census Bureau measure,” ranking Joint Economic Committee member Congressman Jim Saxton said today. “Congress should consider this fact before acting on the assumption that income inequality is surging.

Saxton conveniently used the Census Bureau information to justify this statement, but according to an article from the Wall Street Journal, thats not the best judge and in fact the Income-Inequality gap has risen and continues to rise…

The wealthiest 1% of Americans earned 21.2% of all income in 2005, according to new data from the Internal Revenue Service. That is up sharply from 19% in 2004, and surpasses the previous high of 20.8% set in 2000, at the peak of the previous bull market in stocks.

The bottom 50% earned 12.8% of all income, down from 13.4% in 2004 and a bit less than their 13% share in 2000.

The IRS data, based on a large sample of tax returns, are for “adjusted gross income,” which is income after some deductions, such as for alimony and contributions to individual retirement accounts. While dated, many scholars prefer it to timelier data from other agencies because it provides details of the very richest — for example, the top 0.1% and the top 1%, not just the top 10% — and includes capital gains, an important, though volatile, source of income for the affluent.

The IRS data go back only to 1986, but academic research suggests the rich last had this high a share of total income in the 1920s.

The end of the article has this sobering stat…

The data highlight the political challenge facing Mr. Bush and the Republican contenders for president. They have sought to play up the strength of the economy since 2003 and low unemployment, and the role of Mr. Bush’s tax cuts in both. But many Americans think the economy is in or near a recession. The IRS data show that the median tax filer’s income — half earn less than the median, half earn more — fell 2% between 2000 and 2005 when adjusted for inflation, to $30,881. At the same time, the income level for the tax filer just inside the top 1% grew 3%, to $364,657.

Preliminary math shows the top at +3, the median at -2.  Thats a change of 5 with the median falling further behind the top. That seems to be a widening gap.  This is just another example of how Jim Saxton is out of touch.  In his world,  down is up and left is really right.  It is so past time for a change.

Explaining It To Our Grandchildren

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In New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district, Jim Saxton is riding high. The local media loves him and uncritically portrays him as a smiling moderate, who’s serious and tough and a stand-up guy. One of us. A caring member of the community.  With his recent vote to take away the health care of millions of American children, he showed us nothing could be further from the truth.

A letter to the editor in today’s Asbury Park Press takes Jim Saxton to task for standing with President Bush instead of America’s children:

People in our community should know that Rep. Jim Saxton, R-N.J., voted against this bill. He voted against providing health care for poor children. The health insurance industry earns profits by denying adequate health care to the poor. Saxton voted for the insurance industry and against the lives and health of children.

After voting to fund six years of partisan pork-barrel earmarks, including the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska, Saxton decided to draw the line of fiscal responsibility at children’s health care. His vote against expanding health care for poor children is an immoral action. Children and their health and well-being must come first. I would like to know how Saxton is explaining this action to his grandchildren, so I can explain it to mine.

Saxton’s excuse for voting against children’s health care is laughable. He’s said he favors the program just not the cost. Frankly, that’s baloney. Saxton has voted for years of partisan Republican pork barrel projects, and after voting for the Bridge to Nowhere, he’s got no credibility. His “fiscal responsibility” excuse for standing with Bush against children’s health insurance is not only cynical, it’s completely absurd.

SaxtonWatch: Because it’s time to do what’s right

This is the first post of, where we will work to bring Jim Saxton’s real record into the public light.

Because of men like Jim Saxton, this country is headed in a dangerous direction.

Our reputation abroad is bruised and battered. Our armed forces are stretched to the breaking point with absolutely no guarantee that their sacrifice will make us one whit safer. Meanwhile, the National Guard is depleted in support of a badly managed war with no end in sight. These are Bush policies enabled by GOP Congressmen like Jim Saxton.

We are hemorrhaging jobs overseas. Take home pay is lower than ever. The hope of Stem Cell Research is still being stifled.  The cost of a college education is skyrocketing. And let’s not even get started about health insurance. Again, more Bush-era policies enabled by men like Jim Saxton which affect your pocketbook.

Close to two-thirds of our energy demands are met by foreign countries and there is no cure in sight for our petroleum addiction. There has been little push to pursue renewable energy sources as Bush and Cheney are oil men.  Oil men enabled by Rubber Stamping Republican minions like Jim Saxton.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Prosperity doesn’t have to be a cruel joke dangling in the face of an entire generation of Americans. Strength doesn’t have to mean taking on all comers until we are felled by the blood from a thousand cuts.

It is possible to have an America where “liberty and justice for all” is more than a slogan and a toss-off line for the party faithful. It is possible to meet our present day commitments without mortgaging our grandchildren’s future. It is possible to allow growth and industrial innovation without erasing our hard-fought environmental protections.

But change doesn’t come of its own accord. It needs new leaders and new voices. It needs new people to push in new directions. Saxton’s record shows that he’s too much of the problem to be a part of the answer.

It’s time for a change.

The only way to begin making that change is to expose Jim Saxton and his record.  He tries to portray himself as a moderate, but the reality is very different from the appearance he would like you to see.

Saxton Watch will keep a close eye on the Congressman from New Jersey’s 3rd District to bring his real record into the public light for the voters to make a fully informed decision on Election Day in November 2008.