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Who is Chris Christie’s Valentine?

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If you want to judge by the people he’s helped, you’d have to say big banks, shopping mall developers, casino moguls, and insurance companies.. He loves them all and he knows how to show it. In total he’s given over $2 billion to businesses in the name of job growth.

It would be one thing if these sorts of corporate bailouts actually worked. But just like money can’t buy you love, Christie’s subsidies are pretty bad at buying jobs.  

Another reason for Zuck to unfriend Christie

Yesterday Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made waves when he announced that he’ll be hosting a fundraiser for Chris Christie’s reelection campaign in Palo Alto on February 13. His spokesperson said he ‘admired’ Christie’s record on education and looked forward to working with him in the future.

If someone praising Chris Christie’s record on education made your head spin you’re not alone. People in New Jersey know that Christie has been clicking ‘un’-like on public education since day one of his administration.