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NJDF :: buy blue, get a new job, and a post-mortem on the post-mortem

Dear Members of the NJDF Network,

Just a short message today, with a few reminders and opportunities:

1.  We thank all of the more than 40 people who joined us in New Brunswick last week for NJDF‘s election forum.  Congressman Rush Holt, state party counsel Bill Northgrave, scholar Ingrid Reed of the Eagleton Institute, and County Clerks Karen Brown and Javier Inclan each contributed unique and interesting insights.  From electronic voting machines to old-fashioned Republican shenanigans to the challenges that come with New Jersey’s decentralized election system, we all learned a great deal — and realized that even a full-day program wouldn’t have plumbed the depths of our panelists’ knowledge.  These are essential issues in a democracy, and NJDF will give you more chances to talk about them in the new year.

NJDF :: Two Weeks’ Notice

Dear Members of the NJDF Network,

If you read or watch television, then you know our prospects are looking good for Election Day – but you also know that the difference between a two-seat majority and a ten-seat majority in the House of Representatives will have massive implications for our ability to keep the Administration honest and start moving a more progressive agenda.

Just as important, you know – in the words of Councilman Peter Cammarano, speaking with Bob Menendez in Hoboken on Sunday – that “ground zero in the fight for the U.S. Senate is right here in New Jersey.”  The Republicans know they’re losing seats in unlikely places like Montana and Ohio, and they’re pinning a lot of hope on stealing back a New Jersey seat they haven’t won in half a century.

It’s about New Jersey, but it’s also about America.

So here’s what you can do:

NJDF : The Technology Issue (and our BlueJersey debut)

For those who don’t know: Who are we? Why are we here?

Dear members of the NJDF Network,

This week’s news has more technology than a Radio Shack circular.  There’s important stuff going on and a new place to join the discussion… and with election day only 49 days away, it’s time for all of us to start paying more attention.

Also, today marks our debut on, where this future messages will be posted as diaries for your enjoyment and comment.