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“Mark my words” – Gov. Corzine Promises Stem Cell Research $$ by End of Year

Today, Governor Jon Corzine stopped by Hoffman La Roche in Nutley and spoke to an auditorium full of Roche employees. Luckily, I was on hand and was even able to ask a question of the Governor. (I asked about property taxes and got the same old schpiel.)

The Governor talked about alternative energy, windfarms, solar panels, and nuk-ya-lar energy. He said he would like to put Solar panels on all the warehouses in NJ. Corzine also talked about enlightening moments in his political career and how he takes the same entrepreneurial approach to politics as in business.

What stood out, however, was a promise to have $300 million for stem cell research guaranteed by the end of the year. The governor followed that statement with “mark my words.” Those of you keeping count he has just over 2 months from now to do it.

This is like a “read my lips” moment.

This is great news for NJ who has consistently led the United States when it comes to biotechnology and scientific research. It is also good news for all the people suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s who have placed their hopes in stem cell research.

Of course now all he needs is the sluggish Legislators to put it on his desk.

Millan for Mayor of Harrison

Harrison, NJ. Still, one of the few places where entrenched power is the norm and toppling it becomes the passionate act of the very few. Rocking the boat lands you in a Naderesque fight to be put on the ballot simply because you had signed a petition for someone else to be on a previous ballot.

You may remember my musings about Harrison’s big-time redevelopment scheme. What I didn’t realize back then is that it would eventually be catapulted by the famous Kelo v. New London case. Yes that famous decision has brought eminent domain abuse right here to tiny little Harrison. However, in this small town that I grew up in, it is perhaps a nuanced form of eminent domain abuse.

This time they are going after small businesses, that have been here longer than I can remember. Businesses that have supported families of not only the owners, but of many Harrison residents over the years. Businesses that all politicians claim are the lifeblood of our economy and that should be protected against these Draconian methods of wealth redistribution.

Luckily these folks have banded together and what began as a bunch of folks putting up signs about “stopping eminent domain abuse” became a mayoral campaign.

Anselmo Millan has been a councilman in the past and a resident for decades. He cares about Harrison and he cares that the town has to plan large redevelopments such as this one.  They have to seek support from the state, the developers, and of course the people and local businesses to build up the infrastructure required. This includes bigger schools, more roads, and most definitely not tax breaks for the developers.

Tosser of the Day: Tony Blankley

Tony was on the McLaughlin group this morning and did the usual thing. He lied for the sake of making it an opportunity to demonize Lefty’s and Democrats. Except for one thing. In the attempt, he winds up demonizing the majority of Americans, and most certinaly a majority of New Jerseyans.

Tony said that effectively that “staying the course” (or President Bush’s Iraq Policy) is what most “sensible people” thought was the best policy for Iraq.

In this fair state, as far back as January, Quinnipiac said 58% of New Jerseyans thought the war was “the wrong thing to do,” and 62% of New Jerseyans dissaproved the way “President Bush is handling the war.”

Tony Blankley effectively said that anywhere between 58% and 62% percent of New Jerseyans are nonsensical people.

You may want to write him a wee letter letting him  know your opinion of him. Since he was so gracious to let us know his opinion of us.


Most importantly though, contact your Congressman/woman (cuz in Jersey we don’t have Congresswomen) regardless of party, and let them know that whenever they agree with the “Stay-the-course-is-the-only-sensible-thing-to-do-in-Iraq” mentality, they are in the same boat as asshats like Tony Blankley. They need to know that we support our troops by keeping them alive and getting them out of harm’s way.

Bring the boys/girls back home!

Connecticut Results

CONFIRMED: Lieberman is gonna go. Crazy Joe!!!

HOLY CRAP: Lieberman camp is talking about closing a gap tonight and that the campaign has exciting momentum for moving forward.  The Dye seems cast for Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Lieber.

Lieberman to confirm shortly.

So what if it’s not Jersey. This is important to us activist/bloggers. The formula for taking back the party is working.

For the intrepid reporters getting the entire story wrong. The formula is this:

Candidate reaches out to netroots. Netroots spread message. Candidate uses intrepid messages from Netroots in press appearances. Netroots get motivated and positive feedback mechanism is effectuated. Candidate gets free army of Volunteers/Fundraisers. Candidate uses message to win election.


Courant says 95.32% precincts AGAIN 95.32% reporting

Lamont 51.92%
Lieberman 48.08%

(Lehrer just said that with 94% Lamont has lost a point if you round to the nearest integer… Lamont has 51.7%)

Live results here
(Speaking of beer, I am brewing some right now).

Listen live to Live coverage with Brian Lehrer its pretty good.

Wow NPR reporting that Lamont HQ thinks they won.

Current winner of Dump Mike T-Shirt:

Jay Lassiter (no fair, you have to donate it).

PS. The Governor race neck and neck 87% in and its still 50/50.

Coffee Talk: “Ned Lamont is the left’s Barry Goldwater… Discuss”

Coffee Talk part two: “Left is lowering expectations… is this because they forsee a loss? Or is this because they want to turn up the gloating later?”

UPDATE: We will know by tommorow at 4PM wether or not Lieberman will be a cheater cheater pumpkin eater, he must file his petitions by then. Unofficial, word is they are setting these up by the buffet table at the victory losers party.

Former record turnout for Democratic Party Primary in Connecticut…25% today’s turnout “likely to approach mid-30s.” – Discuss…

If Lieberman goes the way that Brian Lehrer is discussing, he will have been 0 for 3 in elections in the last 6 years alone.  In other words… nobody really likes LIeberman once they figure out who he has become.

Exelon Running on Empty

While Exelon is being a blowhard to the BPU about “taking it or leaving it” I wonder if the BPU will take this story into consideration:

Exelon Corp.’s 619-megawatt Oyster Creek nuclear power station in New Jersey dipped to 53 percent of capacity by early Friday, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said in a report.

On Thursday, the unit was operating at 98 percent.

The Oyster Creek station, which entered service in 1969, is one of the oldest reactors in the nation. It is located in Forked River in Ocean County, about 60 miles east of Philadelphia.

One MW powers about 800 homes.

HMMM… My calculations makes that 262,456 homes without power (if your home was one of them please let us know in the comments).

So… if Exelon can’t operate Oyster Creek when it is most needed, why should they be able to operate the entire PSE&G Energy grid (of which I am a customer)?

There was another recent moment in time when a huge power company failed to supply a large area with Power for (ahem) 10 days or so.

Good folks at the BPU, if Exelon keeps bullying you around just remember Exelon = ConEd. If you ask me, allowing this takeover to take place would just increase your workload with future hearings about entire grids blacking out, and businesses shutting down, and rotten food in refrigerators.

Tossers of the Day: Hunterdon County Board of Freeholders

Sorry I haven’t been round much, but my blogging time is typically work time and the blogofascists at work decided blogging was bayd… mmmmkay?

Anyway, we got a real gem here folks. Scroll down past the tear jerking Habitat for Humanity part and find the part where they start talking about how some heads be explodin’ over at Hunterdon County cuz’ they gotta pick up dead deer from now on.

For some local officials, Trenton’s decision to make local governing bodies pay for removing deer carcasses off roads starting this October is just another example of passing the fiscal buck.

But in a recent letter, DOT Deputy Commissioner Stephen Dilts advised mayors that because of a $715,000 budget cut, the department would, as of Oct. 1, no longer pay for pickups on county- or town-owned roads. The state, however, will continue to pay for those collected on its own roads, like Routes 202 and 206.

The decision to impose the cost of clean-up on local governing bodies so incensed the Hunterdon County Board of Freeholders that they filed suit against the DOT last week, arguing that deer are, by tradition, the state’s responsibility.

While Somerset Hills officials might not lean toward litigation, some nevertheless expressed exasperation that the DOT forced the decision upon them.

“It’s obviously a pain we would prefer not to have,” said Somerset County Freeholder Peter Palmer, a resident and former mayor of Bernardsville, on Friday, July 28.

OK. So it’s a real pain in the ass picking up a dead carcass from the side of the road and throwing it in the garbage truck, or giving it to the rabid dogs, or whatever the hell they do with dead deer. I understand that… I don’t pick up dead  deer off the road (despite the waste of all the yummy venison – which by the way, is divine ala tartar drizzled with truffle oil).

However, we must keep the objective in mind here folks… It is to save us all (including Hunterdon County residents) from paying even higher taxes, or cutting other services. So they decide to file a costly lawsuit to try and get the burden off their back.

As if that wasn’t enough government waste…

According to County Engineer Michael Amorosa, the freeholders could, at that time, award a deer removal contract to one of three vendors who bid for the job last month. Amorosoa said the county issued the bid notice anticipating the DOT cuts.

UPDATE: Fixed link NJ newspapers haven’t gotten the whole permalink thing down yet, so sometimes articles on their webpages get interlaced with other articles. Thanks Dennis for pointing it out.

Release the Wonks!

Tom Moran gives us a glimpse into Corzine’s ideas for Property Tax Reform.

The govna would like to reduce the burden on you and I by 20%. Here’s the main points:

  • Rewrite the school funding law so that middle-class districts get more help.
  • Turbo-charge the drive to consolidate schools and towns.
  • Raise some state taxes.
  • Nice short and concise look at the ideas. Tom Moran has more details but they include the aweful borrowing scheme jmelli highlighted yesterday. As well as this:

    One possibility [for raising revenue] is to fiddle with the income tax brackets. Corzine opposes raising the top income-tax rate, saying it would encourage senior business executives to settle in lower-tax states like Connecticut…

    But he is open to tinkering with the brackets in the existing code. Some Assembly Democrats recently called for graduated higher rates in the $200,000 to $500,000 range, which would raise more revenue.

    There is more. He wants to impose tougher spending caps on schools so they can’t fritter away the increased aid. He wants to preserve or expand rebates to soften the blow on seniors and needy families. And he wants to look at reforming Civil Service rules.

    As they say in Blogoland, go read the whole thing. Then come back here and leave comments on whether or not you think this plan will result in Joe Roberts’ head exploding.

    Tosser of the Day: Stephen Moore

    I really love it when Conventional Wisdom peddlers in Washington weigh in on State issues as if they are the experts on what anyone outside of their DC bubble actually thinks.

    It gets worse when the purveyor of said Conventional Wisdom comes from a think tank like Cato.

    Submitted for your approval, Stephen Moore, the libertarian “economist” (whose greatest hits include such things like last years Social Security Privatization failure) whom somehow is allowed onto a Public Radio broadcast like Marketplace to discuss… Tax policy.

    Since our fair state has just decided to hike the sales tax of course, we were on this asshat’s radar. He starts off harping on how Rhode Island passed a huge tax cut. Then puts up the big straw man:

    Only one state raised its taxes sharply: hapless New Jersey. The Garden State was already rated one of the five most anti-business states in the country because of high property and income taxes. And now the new governor, Jon Corzine, has raised taxes again. If New Jersey was a stock, you would want to sell all the shares you own.

    There’s an old saying that high taxes don’t redistribute income, they redistribute people. That’s a lesson that Mr. Corzine and most Democrats in Washington, D.C., can’t seem to grasp. But it’s good to see that other Democrat leaders across the country are casting aside the politics of class warfare for the politics of growth.

    OK Stephen, first off, the people. New Jerseyans are so mad that they approved of the tax hike by a  57%-37% margin. Not to mention we have 5 cities in Money Magazine’s top 50 (yes it was a top 100 list but all five placed in the top half) best places to live. Rhode Island had 2 #78 and #82.

    As for business, here is a headline “Business Mainly Applauds the Hard-Fought New Budget”. I have also taken the brain out of that straw man way back when Doug Forrester was the man behind the curtain.


    Trentonian Skewed?

    So what is up with this headline/lede?:

    One senior center gets ice cream, other evacuates

    TRENTON — While a senior living facility in Hamilton received a visit yesterday from New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, residents of a similar facility in the city got a visit of a different kind last night, when the city’s emergency services showed up to enact a forced evacuation.

    I dunno… Sounds like Corzine was supposed to be evacuating people but instead chose to be a Ben & Jerry impersonator?

    Maybe it was the other way around? Maybe he was supposed to dole out frozen cow juice to the people being evacuated?

    Maybe the Governor has nothing to do with the story at all.

    Yep… I think if you read the whole thing (discussed furthere over the flip) you will know that this story is bascially about a power outtage in a building in Trenton. This led to the evacuation of some people who were getting sick because of the heat.

    Joe D’Aquila (or his editors) just choose to add that bit about Corzine to make it look like he could have actually done something about the outtage, or evacuating the people.

    As Scott Shields said, “Maybe the Trentonian would have been happier if Corzine showed up with a roll of electrical tape, and some wire strippers.”

    Tosser of the Day: Rep. Scott Garrett

    Update (by jmelli): Paul Aronsohn and Scott Garrett will both be interviewed tonight on RNN from 8:00-8:30pm.

    For inviting a Vice President that is so unpopular, Senatorial hopefuls would rather get stuck in rush hour traffic than be seen with him.

    From the Associated Press:

    Vice President Dick Cheney is scheduled to speak at a $1,000 per plate fundraising event for New Jersey Republican Rep. Scott Garrett on Friday in New York City, Garrett’s office said.

    Cheney has stumped for Garrett in the congressman’s past elections. Garrett, of Wantage, is seeking his third term. Friday’s fundraiser luncheon is being held at the Waldorf-Astoria, and Cheney was expected to deliver his remarks at 12:30 p.m. The fundraiser was rescheduled from June 12 to accommodate Cheney’s schedule.

    OK, not only has Scott Garrett and his Republican cronies starved New Jersey of Federal tax revenue (something that would and could prevent the dreaded sales tax hike), but he is audacious enough to not even hold his fundraisers in a New Jersey establishment. Further starving the state of much needed Business. Garrett chooses instead to throw business to the Waldorff-Astoria? As if they need any more money!

    Next time you hear people like Leo Lance talking about how bad the New Jersey business environment is, tell him its because tossers like Scott Garrett would rather throw business to the folks at the Waldorf. 

    Then Garrett pulls the trifecta! He is having this thing at 12:30 PM! Mid-afternoon. That’s right, no rush hour traffic then!

    So, intrepid Jersey reporters, tommorow, you can get a picture of New Jersey Republican Congressman Scott Garrett with the Vice President Dick Cheney, in the New York Waldorf-Astoria!

    Let us just pray that nobody gets shot in the face.