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Jersey Journal Article on Menendez and Scarinci

The Jersey Journal, the same publication that Xpatriated Texan rightly noted on Blue Jersey had pretty much exonerated Bob Menendez from any ethical wrondoing in the North Hudson Community Action rental deal in a 1996 article, has a new article out today that is another must-read.

According to the Jersey Journal, they already published an article 6 months ago about the Scarinci recordings from Sandoval, and they ask the pointed question, “Does anyone really believe the Kean campaign was not involved?”

Kean Jr. and Fiscal Discipline

Today, Tom Kean Jr. made the only trip I know of to Camden County outside of his cash-and-dash champagne and caviar fundraiser at the Tavistock Country club.  At a small business in Collingswood, Kean Jr. repeated his mantra that he supports the Bush tax cuts and that Menendez opposes them.  For me, this underscores a larger problem in the Republican Party, one which we Democrats need to attack them with: they can no longer lay claim to being the party of fiscal discipline.

First, tax cuts are, generally speaking, popular measures that voters tend to support; I applaud Sen. Menendez for pointing out that Bush’s tax cuts, which have directly led to a multi-trillion dollar deficit, disporportionately assist the uber-wealthy and not working class or middle class Americans or New Jerseyans. According to records, the federal deficit for 2006 alone is over $400 billion — no responsible economist is going to call for tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy built upon the hypothesis that this will lead to increased revenues in the future, particularly with such a massive structural deficit.

If one combines Kean Jr.’s stance on Bush’s tax cuts to his pro-war stance, there is an additional $350-400 billion debt added to the national deficit.  The cost of the Iraq War is simply astounding, and that’s not even counting the unquantifiable cost of human lives and injuries.  This war has been kept of the budget record books by the Bush administration, but it exacerbates the short-and-long term federal deficit.

Kean Jr.’s stances on these two issues defy any logical stance on fiscal discipline, and Republicans need to be reminded that they cannot credibly hold to this position in contemporary American economics.

Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, and N.J. Republicans

Perhaps I’m missing something, but has a single reporter even looked into the connections between Tom DeLay, quid pro quo lobbying in Washington, and the N.J. Republican U.S. House representatives? I’m concerned that so many of the N.J. Republicans (Garrett, Ferguson, and Saxton, in particular) took thousands of dollars from DeLay’s PAC.  What were they promising in return for such funds, and how far does the influence of Tom DeLay’s dirty money go into the N.J. Republican Party?  Is there anything more that needs to be investigated?

Jim Saxton, in particular, took money both from DeLay and from Jack Abramoff (multiple times), as cited in the reports below.

Kean-Menendez Letter

I just sent this letter to the editor to the Courier-Post; knock on wood that it gets published….

“Though the November senate election in New Jersey is still a few months away, voters should now be considering which candidate, State Sen. Kean Jr. or U.S. Senator Menendez, will better represent the diverse New Jersey constituencies, providing a better plan for national security and for protecting our threatened environmental resources.  With these two issues in mind, I am certain that Bob Menendez, the first hispanic senator elected in New Jersey, is the far superior choice to the inexperienced Republican.  Since being appointed to the senate, Menendez has been particularly sensitive to the plights of average New Jerseyans, including introducing legislation that would provide a gas tax holiday from federal taxes on the rising price of gasoline. 

I also feel more secure with Menendez in office in terms of national threats, since he was one of the first senators to decry the shady and unexamined Dubai ports deal, and he has roundly criticized the Bush administration for compromising national security for personal vendetta in the Valerie Plame leak case. For South Jersey, Menendez has been a quick student of our priorities, including his opposition to the military’s proposed dumping of the VX nerve agent in the Delaware River and his call for federal funding for replenishing Ocean City beaches.

Meanwhile, as much as I have tried to find a concrete stand taken by Kean Jr., I still at lost to find any.  In a gesture of political posturing, he has decried Gov. Corzine’s budget but not offered a single substantial alternative. Further, in reaffirming his close ties to the Bush-Cheney administration, he had V.P. Cheney in Newark for a fundraiser, yet didn’t bother to attend until Cheney had left, as this might have made him seem too conservative, seemingly.  The last thing this state needs is a candidate who is unsure of where to take a stand and too close to the anti-New Jersey policies (taxation, etc.) of the Bush administration.”