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Menendez off to a good start

He wasn’t my guy, and I wouldn’t have backed him if I had been asked, but ya gotta give credit when credit’s due, and he acquitted himself admirably in his first outing, commenting on the Alito appointment, I would say.

Video (here) and transcript courtesy of PFAW:
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NJ Death Penalty Moratorium bill

The New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee today passed S-709, the death penalty moratorium bill, 4-2. Yes votes came from Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein and Assemblymen Patrick Diegnan, Peter Barnes, and Alfred Steele; Assemblymen Chistopher Connors and Michael Carroll voted nay.

Next step in the legislative process before the bill goes to Governor Codey’s desk comes this Monday, January 9, at 11 a.m., when the full Assembly is scheduled to vote on the moratorium bill. Tomorrow is the last opportunity for supporters to our voices heard before the vote.

If you want to help ensure our state is first in the nation to pass a death penalty moratorium bill, it’s urgent you call your two legislators before the weekend, even leaving a message on the
voicemail if you can’t call when you might reach an aide.

Simply announce yourself as a constituent and ask that your legislator “Please support S-709, the death penalty study and moratorium bill.”

To find out who your legislators are and how to call them, visit

Please also consider attending the Assembly vote on Monday at the State House in Trenton. Assuming successful passage of the bill, activists, led by New Jerseyans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty will gather nearby restaurant for a post-vote celebration.

Please make this call today!