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Debate Time!

Yesterday, Sunday, October 17th a debate was finally held.  The Debate was held at WMTR Studio in Morristown.  The people debating were Douglas Herbert, eight-term incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen, and Libertarian Jim Gawron.  What were they debating you might ask, they were debating on issues facing America and the people in the 11th district.  One of the opening comments in the debate was said by Doug Herbert, he said: “The people of this district deserve a representative who is going to go down to Washington and fight on their behalf.” Frelinghuysen commented back by attacking Washington incumbents and Nancy Pelosi, in response, Doug said, “I would like to remind the Congressman that he is running against Jim and I. This election is about Rodney Frelinghuysen and his failed record.”  Frelinghuysen just attacked Washington incumbents…he is an EIGHT-TERM incumbent in Washington.  

The ‘Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act’ was brought up next, which Frelinghuysen voted against, but put 3,900 teachers back in their jobs in New Jersey.  Frelinghuysen said “I support Governor Christie’s education reforms, and thought it unwise to pass this bill before they’re complete.” Doug opposed this by responding, “I support that bill, education is a long-term investment in our country, if we do not invest in education we will fall behind countries like China.”

A caller then called in about  ‘Contract with America’, which among other things promised 12 year term limits which Frelinghuysen ran on in 1994.  Frelinghuysen said, “I did not sign term limits.” Doug fought back saying, “I support the 12 year term limits, because we need to stop the political elitism in Washington- Congressmen who go down to Washington just for themselves and their own political interests.”  Which is exactly was Frelinghuysen is and has been doing.

Next, a small-business woman called in from Parsippany asking the Congressman why he voted against the ‘Small Business Lending Fund’. Frelinghuysen said, “In my opinion people aren’t going to make the right type of investments.” Doug said, “Small businesses are struggling, the Small Business Administration has said that 75 percent of new job creation is going to come from small businesses. This is exactly the type of bill we need to get America working again.”

In his closing statements, Doug said: “The way we take America back is by taking Washington back from incumbents like Rodney Frelinghuysen on November 2nd.”

This debate was clearly a winning performance by Douglas Herbert.  If you live in the 11th district please remember to go place a vote for him on November 2nd.

Plan For Small Businesses in Mind

Thanks for the update. – promoted by Rosi

Douglas Herbert, candidate for the 11th Congressional District, currently held by Rodney Frelinghuysen; spoke outside a closed storefront in downtown Morristown on Wednesday.  He confronted the urgent need to help struggling small businesses in the 11th district.  Doug stated: “small businesses are the engine of our economic growth. They account for 75% of new job creation…Nothing should be more non-partisan than helping small businesses grow and putting Americans back to work.”

Recently current congressman, Rodney Frelinghuysen voted against the ‘Small Business Lending Fund Act.’  Doug spoke about this saying, “Rodney talks about how he supports small business and how he wants to help put people back to work.  However, when he has a chance to act, a chance to actually help small business, Rodney Frelinghuysen votes against their interests.”

Doug created three approaches in order to help small businesses gain access to the resources necessary to grow.  These three approaches are as follows:

1. I will fight to provide payroll tax credits for small businesses that hire and rehire Americans currently unemployed.  Many small business owners that I have spoken to have told me that they would put this credit back into their business and into hiring new employees.

2. I will fight to expand government guaranteed loan programs and credit lines to small businesses.  As a small-business owner myself, I know that access to capital is a primary concern for many small business owners now.  We cannot sit back and allow small businesses to suffocate while Congressmen like Frelinghuysen approve billions of dollars in big bank bailouts.  Bills like the one last week [Small Business Lending Fund Act] are crucial to ensuring business can survive this recession.

3. Lastly, it is time we have a Congressman in the 11th district who will support innovation and high-tech job creation.  Through investments in research and a tax credit so that business can innovate, I will work to bring new, high-tech jobs to the 11th district.  I will not accept the status-quo; there are real steps we can take to create new high-paying and secure jobs here.

Doug also said: “Now is not a time to play politics with people’s lives.  I would have voted to allow small businesses to rehire and reinvest.  By putting money in the hands of those who will use it, we can and will create an economic recovery one dollar at a time.”

Here is a candidate that wants to represent the people in the 11th district, not special and political interests.  At the end of his speech, Doug stated: “Small-businesses drive our economy, and I will make sure that their interests and the 11th District’s interests are represented in Congress.”

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IF you live in the 11th district please remember to go place your vote for Douglas Herbert on November 2nd.

“Let’s get America working again!”

For The Children

This morning, the morning of October 1st, 2010; the New Jersey Education Association’s 125-member political action committee voted to endorse Douglas Herbert.  Douglas Herbert is running for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district against 8-term incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen.  The NJEA only endorsed one congressional challenger, that lucky candidate is Douglas Herbert.  

Mr. Herbert had a great response to this endorsement: “I am pleased and honored to be endorsed by the NJEA, an organization that has always fought for New Jersey’s students, teachers, and families. If elected, I will be the strongest advocate to make New Jersey’s public education the best in the world. The fact that I am the only challenger endorsed by the NJEA is a testament to the movement we have built in the Eleventh District.”

Doug also said a statement about his opponent and his views; “My opponent has neglected his responsibility to the students of this District by consistently standing against programs, which would have helped them. As a father of three, I know that it is vital that we keep our educational system strong. I will not make a political gamble or place personal ambition above our children’s well-being and America’s ability to compete in the global marketplace.”

The NJEA President, Barbara Keshishian, said: “Each of our endorsed candidates has distinguished himself or herself by advocating for great public schools, public school employees, and for the 1.4 million New Jersey schoolchildren our members educate.”

As a student in the public schools of New Jersey, I feel in a time when the people that greatly impact our lives and our future (teachers, educators and administrators), are being targeted; we need to stand strong for what is right.

Please remember to go place your vote for Douglas Herbert on November 2nd if you live in the 11th district.

Debate for the people!

50 days.  That’s how long it took for Congressman Frelinghuysen to answer to his debate challenges.  He will be debating his running-mate Douglas Herbert a democrat.  Why did he take so long to accept the challenge to show the people of the 11th district what he stands for?  When he received the invitation of the debate he claimed to have to check his busy fall schedule.  Supporters of Herbert for congress, or anyone concerned with the issues facing us, the people of the 11th district had placed phone calls to Frelinghuysen’s  office in DC and to his campaign HQ in Morristown, most of them unanswered.  Douglas Herbert even went far enough to hold a press conference in front of the Republican HQ on Schuyler Pl. in Morristown.  This was attended by some roughly 20 people, including Mr. Herbert’s family, reporters, people working on his campaign, and supporters; including republicans.  These debates between Herbert and Frelinghuysen will be on October 17th and the 29th.  The debate on the 17th will be at the WMTR studios in Morristown at 11am.  While the second debate will be in Hackettstown at the WRNJ studios at 11am also.  Students at Roxbury High School have also invited both candidates to speak on the night of September 28th, Congressman Frelinghuysen will be unable to attend this event, so it will not go on.  Who do the people of the 11th district need? They need a congressman to represent the interests of the normal hardworking American. Not special and political interests.  Please remember to go place your vote for Douglas Herbert on November 2nd if you live in the 11th district.


Let’s see. In the last 217 years, the Frelinghuysen family’s sent 6 members to Congress. And Rodney Frelinghuysen’s been representing NJ-11 for 15 years. He ought to be able to stand for a debate against a challenger not of his party. – promoted by Rosi

This afternoon, 1 pm to be exact; a group of people marched to the front the Republican Headquarters in Morristown for a press conference.  These people weren’t just democrats supporting Douglas Herbert for Congress, they were Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.  They all had one thing on their minds…to call on Rodney Frelinghuysen to accept his debate challenge and to respond to invitations from the League of Women Voters, the NAACP, and Sparta United for Education.

With our current economic crisis on his mind Doug emphasized the stakes in this years election in November, could not be any greater.  He is quoted saying: “I am here, today, to let my opponent know that the people of this District care about who represents them in Congress. They deserve a leader who will offer answers to their questions and who will represent their interests in Congress.” “For their sake, I once again call on you to appear at a series of debates with me so that the people of our District will know where each of us stands on the issues facing them, our State and our Country.”

Doug is the leader that will offer answers to our questions, as shown by answers to the debate opportunities; and he will represent OUR interests in Congress. NOT special and political interests.

Not only people involved in his campaign were at this press conference.  Doug was also joined by his family, reporters from newspapers all over the 11th district, representatives from the Morris County Chapter of the NAACP, Sparta United by Education as well as Republican voters from the Eleventh District.  Doug then reiterated his concerns and called out Frelinghuysen; “Representative Frelinghuysen, I stand in front of your campaign headquarters today united with people from all parties and groups. For their sake, I once again call on you to appear at a series of debates with me so that the people of our District will know where each of us stands on the issues facing them, our State and our Country.”

The clear choice for congress in the 11th district is no other than Douglas Herbert; please remember to go place a vote for him on November 2nd.

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“Let’s Make America Great”

November 2nd.  That is the day where all voters in the 11th district should go elect a new person for congress.  This person should care about the needs of the people of New Jersey and America.  This person should be aware of the growing number of un-employed, especially in New Jersey where the number grew to 9.7% this past month.  This person’s interests should also satisfy the people he is serving.  The right man for this job is Douglas Herbert (D).

Doug is running against eight-term incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen (R).  On July 28th Doug challenged Rodney to a debate about the issues facing the hardworking people of New Jersey and America.  Rodney still has not responded to this offer.  This debate is even supported by newspapers across the 11th district. Overall, In a Democracy don’t we debate?  What is Rodney so scared of that he will not respond to this offer?  Maybe, he doesn’t want to show that he doesn’t agree with Doug’s plans to fight un-employment, and help small businesses create jobs and new opportunities.  After all isn’t that what is really needed in this economic climate?  Maybe he is against fighting to reduce our deficit and return our country to its economic prosperity; which is another goal of Doug’s.  With all of the budget cuts to education in New Jersey; the funding of education has become a big topic of discussion.  Doug believes creating greater educational opportunities for students in New Jersey and across America will allow for long-term success. To properly educate the leaders of tomorrow the educators cannot be looked down upon and have jobs eliminated, adding to the un-employment.  Frelinghuysen recently voted against saving 3,900 New Jersey teachers their jobs.  

With our country and state in such a huge debt (in America approx. 13 trillion and NJ approx. 30 billion) we need a deficit reduction, and fast.  Doug believes in “putting common sense behind every cent of our tax dollars.” He also believes that real reform means real fiscal responsibility.  Unlike his opponent, Rodney, who spent money we clearly do not and did not have and continues to spend taxpayers’ money on earmarks totaling $101.5 million in the past two years.

The candidate for this election needs to be Douglas Herbert. We need to “Get America Working Again” and to start turning Washington around.  We can only do this if we change the people being sent there. If you are in the 11th district remember to go put your vote out for Douglas Herbert on November 2nd!

Let’s start changing the problems we are facing now with a new choice for congress!

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