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Washington Township Student Needs Your Votes

 My student, Jessica Levy, needs your help.  She is one of 27 national finalists, and one of only two from New Jersey in the Lead360 Challenge.


She needs your votes to make it to the final five.

Jessica Levy is not your  typical 17 year old.  Her father, Steve Levy was a policeman killed in the line of duty when she was very young.  That tragedy helped forge a young woman fiercely committed to community service and helping to improve the world.  She, and our Students in Action Leadership team conceived, planned and implemented an amazing event, the Celebration of Service Gala this March, recognizing unsung heroes throughout the community.  Please vote for this project and help support not only Jessica Levy, but recognizing those who serve the community in so many ways.


You can vote once a day through May 21.  Thank You!

Good Things Come in Threes: a Thank You, an Update and an Invitation.

The Thank You

To everyone here at Blue Jersey who has already contributed to our campaign for change  , thank you!  As I’ve been saying all along, we’re funding our campaign through contributions from real people, not businesses looking to get a better deal. The only thing that those who contribute to our campaign for change are going to get is good government that takes into account the needs of all the taxpayers.

If you haven’t already, I sincerely hope you’ll consider making a small contribution to our Campaign for Change.  Every dollar will help us create a local government that is open, transparent and responsive to the needs of the people of Washington Township and will help us show that progressives can challenge the status quo and win.

The Update

I also want to give you all an update on some of the latest news from our Campaign for Change in Washington Township.

Things are going great!  Our message for change is really resonating with our neighbors, and there’s a real buzz of excitement around town and the region.  In fact, our campaign made the   front page of the Gloucester County Times   this morning.  And just yesterday there was another article in the Courier Post.  

I’m running for Mayor to bring about much-needed change for my hometown of Washington Township.  For far too long, politics in Washington Township has been about who can get rich at the tax payers’ expense and who can hurl the best negative insults, rather than who can work together to solve our problems.  I really believe we need a clean break with the politics of the past.  People hunger for open, honest transparent government at all levels.  Our campaign is about engaging people and having a discussion on what we should to do to come up with solutions together.

This is a really exciting time.  And I’m especially proud to be running alongside two incredibly talented council candidates.  These dynamic women both bring unique and complimentary traits to our ticket

Trish Pisauro has been deeply engaged in her community, her church and her neighborhood.  Last summer, we worked together to strengthen Washington Township’s ban on pay-to-play.  Today, Trish is running for council to bring change to the town in which she and her husband are raising their three children.  Trish will bring a strong combination of governmental experience and passion for public service to town council.  She worked closely with Ed Rendell and his administration when he was mayor of Philadelphia in the 90’s.  Trish will work with me to fix our town’s broken political system, end the culture of pay-to-play and make sure our tax-payer dollars are put to efficient and effective use.  

Debbie Cherella is our other council candidate.  I could not be more proud to be running with her.  Like Trish, Debbie was instrumental in getting pay-to-play reform enacted last year.   Debbie serves as PTO President of Thomas Jefferson Elementary school – my “alma matter”.  As an active fundraiser for her daughter’s pre-school, Debbie also has a ton of experience in forming the kind of public private partnerships that Washington Township needs going forward.  She’ll make sure that families and government will work together to build upon some of the great programs we already have in place around town.  Debbie also works with our town’s Anti-Drug Task Force

So, I’m sure you can see why I am so proud to be running with these two council candidates.  Together, I know we can really change things in Washington Township and make our home an even better place to live.

The Invitation

This Sunday, we’re having the Families for Change Kickoff Rally – our official campaign kickoff event at 2 pm at the Whitman’s Square Men’s Club in Washington Township.  Please come out and join us. (And as for the Whitman name – it’s definitely not Christie, but rather from the name of the address: 158 Whitman Drive!)  

I hope to see some of you this Sunday.  It’s going to be a really exciting day!

Please don’t forget to contribute.  Your donation of as little as $50 will enable us to purchase 306 walk pieces to hand out door to door after the rally.

Thanks so much for all you do!


Join the Campaign for Change

I’ve known Josh since high school so maybe I’m a little biased, but this is a campaign I can really get behind. Promoted from the diaries. — Juan

The Cliff Notes:

I’ve been a member of Blue Jersey since the middle of 2006, “de-lurking” in response to Juan’s invitation the day before the 2006 general election.

Now I’m following Paul Wellstone’s advice that “if you can’t find the right candidate, run yourself,” and running for Mayor of Washington Township.

I would love your help, financial or otherwise.

Much more after the jump.

Happy Birthday Juan!

I have known Juan for almost ten years, since he started highschool.  He has always been thoughtful and intelligent, but I never would have guessed that he’d start a political blog, let alone one that would be this successful and interesting to read. 

I am confident that the bluejersey community will join me in wishing the happiest of birthdays to our fearless leader, the one, the only Mr. 17,

Introducing Democracy for Gloucester County

We’ve just formed a Gloucester County chapter of DFA.  If you are anywhere near South Jersey, we’d love to have you!  Our first event is going to be Thursday March 1st.

Among other issues and projects, we’ll be working on banning pay-to-play.  I’ve been coordinating with the Citizen’s Campaign to develop an effective pay to play ban for my home town of Washington Township.  If the town council doesn’t want to join us in ending legalized bribery, we only need 1311 signatures to get it on the ballot in November.

We will also be looking into an important local issue, the County’s plan to move the courthouse from Woodbury to somewhere else.  Washington township and 3 other towns have expressed interest, but many are worried that this would devastate the economy of Woodbury, and provide little to no benefit to the town that got the new courthouse.  We will be exploring the pros and cons, and deciding if we should, and if so how we would, oppose the plan.

Longer term, we will be actively engaging our neighbors on issues and informing them of what is going on.  Our goal is to make the grassroots more organized and more effective than the machine.  Please join us, if not in Gloucester County, by working with (or starting) a DFA chapter in your own county.

To join, go to Democracy for Gloucester County