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Why I love Jon Corzine…but hate his campaign

While having dinner with a friend and former colleague tonight, he presented me with the following statement: “[W]e can both agree that Jon Corzine has been a bad governor.” I immediately disagreed with that statement. Predictably, he asked me to defend my position.

At the end of my answer, he seemed to change his mind on Corzine. And he wondered why the Corzine ’09 campaign had never made the arguments I suggested.

I wondered the same thing, too. I’m not an expert in campaign messaging or polling models or television ads…but I think Corzine has a compelling case to make — and I don’t think he’s making it.

The Andy Unanue/Rob Andrews Bill

With the recent news from PolitickerNJ that Congressman Rob Andrews will seek re-nomination to the NJ-1 Congressional seat, I feel I have no choice but to oppose his decision. As a supporter of Andrews during the primary, I am disappointed he didn’t win the Senate primary. but even more disappointed he appears ready to go back on his promises and return to the U.S. House.

I’m left wondering, “How on Earth can he be allowed to do this?” Well, election law permits him to do this. So, in the long-term, what we need to do is clear: Change our election law.