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Marriage Equality Does An Economy Good

(From increased tourism and spending on wedding businesses, to the ability to attract a 21st century workforce, marriage equality is an economic no-brainer-promoted by bytheshore73)

Last week, the New York state Senate denied marriage equality to same-sex couples. And now it seems New Jersey’s might, too.

The opponents of equality are using the bad economy to make legislators appear out of touch, saying that they should be focused on “jobs, the economy and the budget deficit.”

That’s laughable. Not because one can always find a reason not to do something, but because marriage equality is perhaps the most painless, inexpensive way for the New Jersey legislature to grow the state economy.

The most recent study of New Jersey’s economy from Williams Institute at UCLA said that marriage equality would inject $248 million of direct spending into the state economy over the course of 3 years. Resident couples and those from out of state would get married and spend. Especially couples from New York (Cynthia Nixon, I’m looking at you), whose wedded status would be recognized by their home state.

Passing marriage equality is the right thing to do because it is the right thing to do. But it is also an economically sound decision.

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Stand: Lobbying for Marriage Equality

Some thoughts on today’s event and a look at how pathetic the opponents of equality looked in comparison. There are votes on Monday and Thursday. Keep the momentum going.

An aside: I hadn’t been to a GSE event like this since 2006 and it was the most uplifting, fun experience I’ve had in months. I highly recommend going on Monday and Thursday, when there will be votes.


Here’s a brief clip from a little before noon today, a weekday in December.

I’ll weigh in with some more thoughts later, including some video that puts today’s lobbying event — where pro- and anti-marriage equality groups went head-to-head — into perspective.

Can Paterson Learn From The Secret Race to Replace Jon Corzine?

Promoted by Jason Springer: Here is JRB’s take.

The White House wants David Paterson out of the running for New York’s 2010 gubernatorial election. Paterson hopes they’ll reconsider.

Because hey — it worked for Jon Corzine.

In early August, David Axelrod and Patrick Gaspard met at a New York City hotel with Corzine’s campaign staffers, asking whether or not the incumbent governor could actually win. Corzine’s people assured them that he could. Obama’s pollster became a top level adviser and it was settled. Corzine would remain the nominee.

This is patty-cake compared to what the White House did to Governor Paterson — planting a story on the front page of a Sunday edition of the New York Times saying they wanted him gone.

Or so you would think.

Gubernatorial Debate #2 Live-Blog

Promoted by Jason Springer: If you’re around, feel free to join us for some live blogging of the 2nd debate starting at 7pm. Jeff and Rosi will have something later as they are at the debate itself. Here is a live stream for your enjoyment, I can’t seem to find an embed.

I planned on going out tonight, but who am I kidding? With the fireworks of the last week and the tightening of this race, how can I not watch this thing?

There are a lot of good things to do tonight, but if you’re not busy, feel free to join in. 7 p.m. at

How Breasts (and Health Care) Swung a Governor’s Race

Poor Chris Christie. The New Jersey Republican’s gubernatorial campaign is being run by the same brainiacs who thought hiding Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 presidential bid in Florida was the way to the GOP nomination. Maybe the third time’s a charm for these wayward strategists? Unfortunately for Christie, this is only their second go-around.

Like Giuliani’s doomed campaign, Christie was the early (and late) front-runner in New Jersey, sitting atop a double digit lead for a long stretch of 2009. Now the race is neck and neck — not even ‘margin of error’ close; one point close according to the two latest polls.

New Jersey hasn’t re-elected a Democratic governor since 1977, but if the new polls are correct, the long-unpopular Jon Corzine will pull it off. Pollsters never seem to get the state right — the Democrats’ superior turnout operation is good for at least another 3 or 4 points. That means Corzine wins.

How did this happen?

The Star-Ledger Chooses Daggett

Promoted by Jason Springer: Here’s JRB’s taken on the Star Ledger Endorsement of Chris Daggett.  What do you think and what influence will it have on the race?

The Star-Ledger has endorsed independent gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett.

Only by breaking the hold of the Democratic and Republican mandarins on the governor’s office and putting a rein on their power will the state have any hope for the kind of change needed to halt its downward economic, political and ethical spiral.

This is essentially how I feel, too. Republicans are reckless in running state government. Their only care is for the politics of the moment, kicking the financial can down the road. Not acceptable. The Democrats have turned a blind eye to the rampant corruption and self-dealing for so long, they’re walking into walls. They’ve made it tough to give someone on their line a vote of confidence.

For me, the question is whether Daggett is capable of corralling the Democrats and Republicans in the legislature? Actually, I think it’s very possible. Without being under the thumb of any one party, I think Daggett could make the kind of changes that Christie won’t and Corzine is too timid to. Though I could still change my mind.  

Christie’s Campaign Contradicts Christie Part One

Promoted by Jason Springer: JRB reminds the Christie campaign just what they said about rejecting stimulus funds.

A new Christie web-ad says that Jon Corzine is a liar when he says that Christie would reject stimulus funds and layoff teachers.

Um, hey guys… here are a couple of things Christie said about the stimulus just a few months ago.

Maybe it’s time the left hand and the right hand of the Christie for Governor operation got together and talked?

Live-Blogging the Gubernatorial Debate

POST-DEBATE: Thank you everybody. If you missed it, you can catch up on the meat and potatoes by reading Jason’s excellent answer summaries.

POST-DEBATE #2: The debate will be broadcast again at NJN Sunday, Oct. 4 at 12 noon, and 6pm. It will also be archived at,but I’m not sure how fast. – – – Rosi

Meet here at 8:00. See you then.

The debate’s being broadcast live on NJN, and is taking place at their studios in Trenton. It’s also being broadcast live at NJN Public Radio and webcast and archived at – – Rosi

Moderator: Jim Hooker, NJN News Senior Anchor

Panel: Michael Aron (NJN), Bob Ingle (Gannett) & Cynthia Burton (Philadelphia Inquirer)