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New Poll: Anyone Else Interested in Phonebanking?

I’m going to be phonebanking tomorrow in New Brunswick, and here’s the reason why:

1. If the election for United States Senator was held today, whom would you support Robert Menendez, the Democrat or Tom Kean, Jr., the Republican?
Tom Kean, Jr. 46%
Robert Menendez 41%
Undecided 13%

. . . . .

4. Do you approve or disapprove of President Bush’s overall job performance?
Approve 36%
Disapprove 57%
Undecided 7%

Meet the Press Debate: Downsides, Please?

I wanted to know more about why Kean Jr. is ducking the League of Women Voters’ debate, and found that he wants a debate October 22nd on Meet the Press.

Kean’s campaign released its letter to the league. The letter, from campaign manager Evan Kozlow, said it would “not be accepting any further debates” until Menendez debates Kean on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” Menendez had declined that debate, saying he wanted to concentrate on debates hosted by local media outlets and organizations.

Why not? Kean Jr. got owned by Bob in the debates.

I do not see a downside for Kean getting his ass kicked in front of a national audience (not to mention one more time in NJ). Who knows, maybe Republican donors around the country will actually see this wet noodle of a candidate and have second thoughts about where the NRSC is sending their money?

The Best Swiftboating Since Kerry

I was a Clark supporter in 2004, and one of the reasons I most admired him was his sense of commitment and duty to our country. He was a champion athlete, first in his class at West Point, a Rhodes Scholar, and a war hero — he could have retired and had any high-paying, cushy job he wanted. Yet he chose to spend more than three decades of his life in the humble service of our country, even training himself to walk without a limp to continue to serve.

That’s the kind of leader I want in Washington D.C.

It’s the same reason I’m supporting Bob Menendez. He came from a working class background in Union City and went on to college and law school. Because he’s smart, industrious, and a hard worker, he could have gone into another, more lucrative field. But instead, he has devoted his entire life to public service. In my opinion, this is his greatest asset.

Which is why New Jersey and Beltway Republicans are taking Menendez’s background, twisting it, and wielding it against him. What’s even more disappointing is how many Democrats, locally and nationally, are accepting it rather than fighting back.